Land turtles at home

The tortoise is the best option for a pet if you want peace and solitude, as animals such as a dog or cat require a lot of attention. When purchasing a land turtle, you need to make sure that its health is normal, these animals often enter the shops of our shops illegally. They are transported in inappropriate conditions, so this turtle can not last long at home. In general, it is desirable to buy such animals in pet stores, where they create more or less optimal conditions for life, for example, heat.

The turtle is a very sensitive pet., she loves to be petted, and with good care she can become a friend to man.

Land Tortoise Hut

Turtles very rarely get sick and live more than a dozen years. In order for the tortoise to feel normal, it needs to create home conditions that are close to natural ones. First of all, you need to decide where the turtle will live. To do this, use an aquarium or a terrarium without water. But if at the moment you do not have this, then you can get by with the usual cardboard box. The turtle can not live on a simple floor, it can catch a cold or dry, clogged in a battery.

For the turtle house necessarily needed priming. Soil can serve as sawdust, but preferably un-flavored, hay, stones or pebbles, which will be together with hay or sawdust; earth or ordinary sand is not suitable for the ground, as the turtle can swallow them; cat litter is also not suitable for priming. Cleaning the dwelling of a turtle should be done once a week, water should be changed every day

For the land tortoise, special lamps are needed. One lamp serves for heating, the other is ultraviolet. In the terrarium should be a house for a turtle, in the daytime it will hide in it from the sun and from human eyes. The house should fit the size of the turtle so that it can freely enter and enter it. For the feeders use the usual lid from under the jar.

Tortoise: home care

  • Usually land turtles are fed with greens, fruits, vegetables, dandelion leaves, carrots, zucchini, apples, etc. Turtle drinks through the skin.
  • Tortoises are washed once a week. Bathe for 20-25 minutes minutes Typically, in stores, turtles are sold dehydrated, so when you buy a pet, you need to wash it every day for a week, until the turtle gets drunk, and then - once a week. Read more in the article How to care for a turtle at home ?.

  • Mostly in our stores are sold marsh, domestic, red-eared and Central Asian turtles. These are the most common types of turtles, as other types of turtles do not adapt well to the human home. For water turtles carry red-eared turtle and marsh. For a snail turtle you need a large aquarium with clean water and, of course, with a small piece of land. And for a marsh turtle, water is especially important, this turtle is also a predator, and it will not be full of greens, therefore it needs to be fed with worms and fry.

The tortoise does not cause much trouble at home.

With careful care, the turtle can be very benevolent and will last more than a dozen years. Love your pets, and they will thank you.

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