Laminate or linoleum

When repairing in your own house or apartment, not the last place is given to the floor, but one of the first. It's so desirable that the floor was beautiful, durable, and at the same time in harmony with the general style of the apartment and the rest of the furniture. A very common question asked by people who make repairs - which is better: laminate or linoleum?

Features of installation of laminate and linoleum

  • Laminate should be laid only on a perfectly flat floor. Therefore, if you have it uneven, you have to hire a professional so that he poured the screed before you lay the laminate.
  • Linoleum is suitable for any surface. In order to lay this cover on the floor, not necessarily achieve a perfectly flat floor. Besides, floor coveringlinoleum does not require any special skills and knowledge, so you can handle without the help of a professional.

The appearance of the laminate and linoleum

The appearance of both one and another floor covering will depend only on the quality of the material itself, its price and manufacturer. The more expensive the one and the other coating, the more beautiful the appearance it will have. In addition, today's assortment involves a large number of colors, and also high-quality imitation of a wooden covering, a tiled, granite crumb, a natural stone and others.

In short, the question of the appearance of these two floor coverings is a question of taste and individual preferences.

Wear resistance of laminate and linoleum

For laminate, sharp heels, as well as the claws of domestic animals are not at all terrible. In addition, it is impossible to leave dents and marks from furniture, heavy household appliances on the laminate. And also, the laminate does not fear constant exposure to high temperatures. In turn, linoleum can also melt if it has constant contact with high temperatures, and besides, dents from furniture remain on it rather easily.

In contact with water, linoleum will not suffer in any way. Laminate floor is afraid of contact with water, which can destroy it. However, there are moisture-resistant types of laminate, which is not terrible contact with water. But, nevertheless, it is not necessary to lay it out in rooms with constant high humidity. There is linoleum, which is undesirable to contact with water - linoleum on a felt basis. Subject to frequent contact with moisture, the felt base will start to rot.

Caring for laminate and linoleum

Laminate flooring is a very demanding coating for cleaning and maintenance. This material requires the use of special detergents, intended for cleaning the laminate. In addition, you need to very often clean the joints of laminate plates from dirt.

Linoleum is very unpretentious in this regard. It can be cleaned using ordinary water or water with the addition of ordinary detergents.

Insulating properties of laminate and linoleum

Linoleum has a lower thermal conductivity than laminate. Therefore, it is considered a warmer material. Laminate, in this matter is inferior to him.

Fire resistance of laminate and linoleum

Linoleum is an extremely combustible material, therefore it is considered non-fire resistant.

In turn, laminate is very flame retardant.

Prices for laminate and linoleum

To date, the prices for these two coatings are not very different from each other. Or rather, it can be said that they practically do not differ. Quality material of a famous manufacturer will be the same for the price.

The advantages of linoleum

  • Low price. This factor will be relevant only if we compare the cheapest types of the two coatings.
  • Easy installation and installation.
  • Large selection of various colors and textures.
  • The floor covered with linoleum is quieter.
  • Linoleum retains heat better.
  • The material does not rot, except for the linoleum, which is made on a felt basis.
  • Linoleum is not slippery.
  • The service life of linoleum is quite long - from 30 to 50 years.
  • Linoleum perfectly maintains long contact with hot water.
  • This coating is fairly simple to clean and care for.

Disadvantages of linoleum

  • Linoleum is not an ecological material (with the exception of very expensive linoleum, made from natural materials).
  • There are dents on it from contact with sharp heels, furniture and heavy appliances.
  • If linoleum is constantly exposed to high or low temperatures, it can crack or deform.
  • Linoleum absorbs all the grease that gets on it, dust and dirt. In addition, there are stains on it after exposure to chemicals.
  • This coating can burn out much in the sun.

The advantages of laminate

  • This coating has a rather low cost compared to the flooring it mimics. But the look is absolutely identical.
  • Laminate has a huge selection of different colors and textures.
  • This cover is quite convenient to lay.
  • Laminate is able to withstand exposure to high temperatures. At the same time, it is not burned.
  • Laminate does not let dust through itself, which means that it will not accumulate in it.
  • On the laminate does not remain dents from heels and furniture.
  • On the laminate does not remain stains from fat and chemicals.
  • This coating is resistant to fading in the sun.
  • Laminate is a more durable and environmentally friendly material than linoleum.

The disadvantages of laminate

  • Laminate can not be repaired. In short, if it collapsed, you will have to completely change the floor covering.
  • This coating categorically does not tolerate constant wet cleaning, because of this white spots appear on it, and over time, it collapses.
  • Laminate cannot withstand hot water flooding.
  • This coating is quite slippery.
  • Laminate - covering voiced.
  • Laminate has a much shorter service life than linoleum.

Having considered detailed description of floor coverings, You can make the right choice, guided by your needs and taste. And if your renovation has just begun, you will most likely be interested in reading about how to choose a tile for the bathroom, or how to decorate the walls in the kitchen.

Good luck with your repair!

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