Lace bracelets

Bracelets are a beautiful piece of jewelry worn by both men and women. Bracelets are very different - and expensive massive, made of precious metals, and the most simple, made with their own hands. Now simplicity is returning to fashion, both in clothes, and in hairstyles, and in accessories. therefore a bracelet that you weave from ordinary laces without any difficulties will emphasize your taste and style.

Silver bracelet of laces

Take an average thickness of black lace and 4 thin silver laces.The length of the black lace should be such that the future bracelet does not fall down and does not squeeze your wrist too much.

Leave space for the clasp, which hold the 2 parts of the cord. Put the black lace in the middle and 4 cords, 2 on each side. Begin to weave a pigtail, using only silvery laces, around black.

2 laces start under the black, cross with each other and tighten, then do the same with the other two. Now cross the silver laces one on each side together over the black lace and tighten again, do the same with the remaining laces. Scour so until the very end. When you finish the weaving, silver will remain free at your two ends of the black lace.

Take a piece of black leather, cut a square out of it to fit a small button on it. Then place it on one edge and press it with your finger. Make 2 holes in the square and pass 2 silvery laces into each one, tie them straight on the black cord. Cut off the remaining parts of the laces. Now sew a button on the front side.

At the second end of the bracelet, weave the tips of the silver laces and make a buttonhole of them. It is better if it is not very large, otherwise the bracelet may open. The bracelet is ready.

Weaving bracelet-baubles from laces

To begin with, pick up the laces of the desired color, you can even use laces of different colors. Some combinations of laces have their own specific meaning: red and yellow means strong love, and pink - romantic love and passionate feelings. Then determine the length of the future bracelet, multiply it by 4 and pick up the laces of that length (about 1 m). Tie the chosen laces together with a strong knot, leave some part free after the knot, then to make a tie.

The number of laces depends on the thickness of the bracelet that you want to make. After that, attach the laces to the side back of the sofa so that the bracelet does not twist during weaving. It is best to weave a bracelet stripe diagonally. Take to the right end lace, tie to the main lace, then tie to the second, third and so on in turn. So you get a strip diagonally, which will consist of nodes. Also begin to weave a diagonal strip of the second row. Then undo the laces from the pins, make a pigtail from the tips that remain.

You can vary the bracelet a little, for this weave the laces with a diagonal stripe, only to the middle, and then start to weave from the other end in the same way. You get 2 arrows, when the laces meet in the middle, tie them in a knot.

Bracelet bracelet of two laces

Take 2 favorite laces and a few beads. Align the laces and, stepping back from the ends, tie them together. Attach the knot with a pin to the pillow. Split the laces, and with your left hand pull the main lace, then with the second lace that will be the worker, wrap the main lace from left to right. In the resulting loop, pull the cord and the knot a little pull up. Similarly, make the second knot, pushing it tightly to the first, and tighten it easily. The main has become another lace. Make the left knot exactly the same, just as if in a mirror.

Now do the knot from right to left. On the right side, first make a knot on the right, then on the left, on the left side - first on the left, then on the right. After the bracelet is finished, tie the remaining ends in a knot and trim them with scissors.

Leather bracelet bracelet

Leather bracelet looks very beautiful and noble. If you change the size, color and shape, it can be worn not only on the wrist, above the elbow, but also on the ankle.Prepare 2 thin leather laces and 3 leather laces that you will weave. The buckle of the bracelet can be a thin leather tie, and even a silver carabiner. The number of leather laces depends on the thickness you want, the more they are, the bracelet will be thicker. Connect the ends of the laces on one side. Then wrap them with a thin cord tighter and tie a knot. Skip the end of the thin cord in the laces so that it is not visible. So the bracelet will be neater.

Weave laces, as the most simple braid. Make 3 parts out of the laces, then put the right part on the middle one, then put the left part on it. Weave until you get a bracelet of the desired length. Then you need to cut the ends so that the laces become the same length. Tie the end of the lace with a thin cord. Cut thin laces so that they are not very long. Now tie them, and the bracelet is ready.

Weaving lace bracelets are a very exciting and creative process. In it you can show all your imagination and sense of style.

There are several ways to weave such bracelets, but who knows, maybe you, having tried one of them, can add something new and unusual. Fashion shows show again a return to the simplest materials that create the image of a modern woman and such a simple accessory made of laces, like a bracelet, will be a great addition to your everyday style or a symbolic gift for your lover.

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