Kusudama for beginners

Kusadama - various balls, which consist of certain details, assembled together (for example, colors). Details are called "modules". This is an ancient Japanese art, many centuries ago the Japanese placed medicinal herbs inside such balls, and it was believed that they were beginning to radiate positive energy. Today, this art has become a favorite hobby for many people. Anyone can learn the technique of creating interesting crafts.

Kusudama for beginners: schemes

Kusudama for beginners: schemesKusudama for beginners: schemes

The process of creating kusudama

The process of creating kusudama is conditionally divided into 3 main parts. First, the individual modules are folded. The most important thing is that all of them should be made very carefully, because the appearance of the finished crafts will depend on this. Also correctly folded modules are much easier to connect with each other, and there will not appear ugly slots.

At the next stage, folding of the individual modules of the ball itself takes place. And the third part - finished kusudama is suspended from the ceiling or to any other place. To do this, take a simple lace, attached to the craft (you can use colored floss floss, decorated with beads or a simple plain lace).

This art is among the origami. At first it was considered the predecessor of the creation of modular origami, but was not its subsection. A special feature of Kusudam is that all models and other components are glued together or stitched together with threads, but they will not just be invested in each other, because this scheme is used in modular origami. But, becoming masters of kusudama, some balls can be collected without using threads or glue.

We make flowers: master class

Kusudama for beginners

To make a beautiful flower ball, you need to take a simple glue (preferably a pencil, since it is easier to use) and paper squares measuring 7x7 cm (60 pcs.).

According to the following scheme, all the squares are added:

A square of paper is taken and folded in half so that the result is a triangle. Do not rush, all the bends should be clear, because the beauty of the finished crafts depends on it.

Kusudama for beginners: module

A triangle is taken, and the right one with left angles is bent upwards - a regular rhombus is formed.

Kusudama for origami beginners

Then the sides of the diamond are folded, as shown in the figure.


Then all sides gently open and carefully smoothed by hand.

Kusudama master class

The upper corners are bent up - they should be aligned with the paper.

Kusudama scheme

In the previous fold, the triangles are bent backwards. Further outside triangles stick together.


According to the above scheme, exactly 5 petals are made, which are glued together and as a result a beautiful flower is obtained. Do not rush, you need to wait until the glue dries out properly, so that the craft is neat.

Kusudama for beginners: flower

Modular ball scheme

Kusudama for beginners: ball scheme

To create the ball will need a lot of details (modules):

  • Paper of any color is taken and exactly 60 squares of equal size are cut out of it - each side is 7 cm.
  • To get one color, take exactly 5 petals (created according to the scheme above), which are interconnected.
  • The result is exactly 20 identical parts, which will be used to create the ball.
  • All made modules are taken and are folded in the shape of a ball. It is convenient to form 6 parts, after which two large ones are glued together.
  • Before two parts of a flower ball are glued together, a beautiful ribbon or cord should be placed inside, on which the product will be fastened.
  • Decorative beads, tiny cells in which miniature multicolored birds, butterflies, tassels, etc. are placed at the bottom of the ribbon.
  • The decorated ribbon or cord is placed in the center of the flower ball and the two parts are coated with glue. It is necessary to use only PVA, since other glue can cut the paper and the craft will lose its attractiveness.
  • If desired, the central part of the flower can also be decorated - rhinestones, beads, sequins or miniature insects are used for decoration. It all depends on your imagination.

For the manufacture of such a ball, you can use paper of the same color, or you can make each module of different colors, you get an interesting and unusual decorative ball, ideal for decorating the interior.

Video tutorial to help

Kusudama is a very ancient Japanese art. Today, such beautiful and unusual balloons are often used to decorate the room, but they can also be a wonderful gift. If you follow the old Japanese tradition, fragrant flower petals, various medicinal herbs or incense can be placed inside the finished bowl.

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