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Kosmeya is one of the most beloved and popular varieties among summer residents and gardeners. This flower is not only extraordinarily beautiful, but also helps other plants, hiding them from the heat. It easily takes root in the northern areas, despite the fact that it prefers heat.

Cosmea: plant features

Cosmea: growing and care

Kosmeya (space) loves heat and light very much. She is not afraid of drought, because this plant has a well-developed root system. As for the stalks, they are quite thin. Therefore, it is worth planting and growing cosme in more closed areas, protected from strong winds. If you comply with these conditions, the result will not take long! You will receive abundant, high-quality bloom.

Cosmos easily takes root with other plants, such as carnation, chamomile, marigolds. With these flowers you can decorate walls and fences and, of course, use them in the interior, put in a beautiful vase! It is necessary to show a little imagination and cut the plant, forming some beautiful and original figurines out of it.

Kosmeya is ideal for the garden. It brings absolutely no harm to other plants, but rather covers them from the heat, creating a favorable shadow.

This flower is almost not prone to disease. Its nectar is very fond of various beneficial insects, which, in turn, help to get rid of aphids.

Most often, a double-dyed cosmea is grown in vegetable gardens. This is the most famous view. Another most common variety is the sulfur-yellow kosmeya.

Growing seed cosme

Cultivation of seeds can be grown in 2 main ways: by planting into the ground and through seedlings. In the first case, the seeds are sown immediately in the ground. It is advisable to do this in spring (end of April - beginning of May) or, conversely, before winter. It is better to plant 3-4 pieces at once. at a distance of about 40 cm. With this method of planting the plant will begin to bloom in late July - early August.

Cosmea: growing from seed

When grown through seedlings, it is best to sow in late March - early April. First you need to disinfect the grains in a solution of potassium permanganate. This will reveal seeds that are unsuitable for planting. Usually they float. Then the seeds are put in a damp cloth and put in a warm place to germinate. It can take from 3 to 10 days. After the first sprouts appeared, you need to prepare the soil and the capacity for seedlings. You can use store soil or a mixture of garden soil, which is preheated in the oven. As containers suitable boxes, pots or individual cups. It is better to choose the latter. So the plant will be able to settle down better when landing. Since Cosmea is sensitive to light, you should slightly push the seeds into the soil, then be sure to moisten and cover with film. Your plant will begin to peck around 2 weeks after planting. Some time before transferring to the ground, the seedlings should be hardened. To do this, it is left in the fresh air, increasing the residence time. First for 10 minutes, and at the end for the whole night.

How to care for a plant?

For planting a cosmea in open soil, the beginning of June is best suited when stable, warm weather is established and the threat of frost disappears. Otherwise, the plant may simply die from the cold. The landing site is pre-excavated.

  • Prepare not very deep wells and spill them thoroughly with water. Then put your seedlings there and shed as well
  • Cosmea is picky and does not require special conditions. The main rule is to periodically break through and weed the soil. Watering is necessary only during the growing season and in case of drought. If stable dry and hot weather sets in, do it every 10 days. When kosmeya grow too high in height, use wood and stakes, which will serve as a support.
  • Cosmeyu must be cut. This will help improve the formation and growth of the plant, the flowers will begin to bloom more and better.

Cosmera Terry: cultivation

Cosmea: growing and care

Terry kosmey looks very decorative and can elegantly decorate your garden or home interior. This type of plant loves loose soil. In addition, it must be fed about every month.

If you use the seedling method for growing, then you will be able to admire the bright blossoming flowerbed at the beginning of June. Plant should be planted in March, slightly pressing the seeds into the ground. In this case, it is not necessary to sprinkle them on top of the ground, because This plant loves the light. Keep the distance between the bushes. It should be about 30 cm.

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In winter, safely transfer the terry cosme to a house or a specially designated greenhouse.

There is nothing difficult in growing cosme. You just need to know the basic rules and show a little imagination. Cosmea does not require special complex care, so not only experienced gardeners and flower growers, but also beginning gardeners will cope with its cultivation.