Knitting vests for women. description and knitting pattern

Warm self-made vests are a necessary element of a wardrobe during the cold season. Such a thing will warm in bad weather and emphasize your individual style.

Knitting a vest with a female knitting

Knitting vests for women

Knitting vests for women

Knit vest can be knitted from different yarns, everything will depend on what kind of result you want to achieve. Will it be a miniature thing that can be worn under a fur coat and which will not be hot in the office. Or do you want to tie a voluminous vest that can be worn even on a warm sweater. You can make an original vest with a hood, so you will create a sporty image. If you have never knit yourself big things, start knitting with a waistcoat, especially if you choose a model made of thick yarn, then an excellent result will not keep you waiting.

Having learned to knit jackets with needles, you can not only pamper yourself with the original new clothes, the cost of which will not be burdensome for the family budget, but even, if necessary, earn extra money by making vests to order. There will certainly be those who want to have in their wardrobe a stylish handmade knitwear item.

When you start to knit, carefully choose the length of the product, since only a few extra cm can change the vest almost beyond recognition. The same can be said about the cut.

Warm vest - a universal thing in the wardrobe. It is appropriate for a walk, in the office, meeting friends, etc. Even a beginning knitter can learn to knit a vest with knitting needles. To do this, you must select the appropriate model yarn and choose patterns for work.

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