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Knitting sweaters for girls of different ages

All parents want their child from a very early age to look beautiful and stylish, especially - mothers of girls. This is where they come in handicraft skills. After all, nothing diversifies the wardrobe of little fashionable girls like knitted sweaters with knitting needles. If you look at the description, you can create very original things for the little ones.

Clothes for every occasion

Knitting sweaters for girls

The jacket is a very comfortable clothing for children. The traditional model involves a fastener in front, so that it is convenient to wear, easy to remove and can be undone, zip as needed. This thing goes both to boys and girls - as well as a blouse, which by definition is somewhat different from a sweater: such a piece of clothing can be with buttons and without, without a fastener and with zippers or buttons. But in any case, advice on the selection of yarn and patterns will be the same.

Recommendations on the choice of threads and patterns

Knitting sweaters for girls with a description

To knit sweaters, yarn should be chosen according to two principles: the thing should be comfortable and according to the season. Of course, everyone has their own concept of convenience. In this case, we mean that knitting clothes for children, in particular, sweaters for girls, requires the selection of the "right" yarn. If you are making a thing for summer, then it can be acrylic, cotton thread. For autumn and spring, you can use wool, but the winter options are knitted, usually from wool and mohair.

According to the same criteria, the design is chosen: the thing that you plan to wear during the hotter season, the more delicate it needs to be done. In the case of jackets, there are very wide possibilities for choosing patterns. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable from the point of view and ideas, and experience knitters.

Models from 1 to 3 years

Knitting blouses for girls from 1 to 3 years old require consideration of several nuances in the manufacturing process:

  • All parts must be free so as not to hinder the movements of the little girl who has just stood up on the legs. Therefore, it is recommended to knit them in the form of rectangles;
  • a hooded sweatshirt is very convenient: if the little tot wants to walk, and mom has a backache, you can always grab the "tied" headgear and, holding on to it, to drive the child;
  • the pattern is not recommended to be made too “perforated”, so that the baby does not have the temptation to stick fingers into the cells. Otherwise, you can spoil a thing or damage a finger.

Blouse- "marshmallow"

This spring and autumn model looks very expressive on pink or mint shade.


  • 200 g of acrylic yarn;
  • Knitting needles number 3;
  • scissors.


  1. For the back you need to dial 72 loops.Scheme knitting blouses knitting
  2. Making a rubber band 1 x 1 by 3 cm.
  3. Go to rapport. We knit 6 facial loops, 2 purl, knit 2 together facial, 4 facial, nakid, 3 purl and again 6 facial.
  4. Even rows knit on the figure.

    Knit jacket for girls
  5. Next row Repeat the previous step, only do nakid after 3 facial.
  6. Again knit by drawing.Knitting pattern
  7. For the next row, repeat step number 5, but the shift is done after 2 facial.
  8. We finish the back, securing them on the hook.
  9. For the same pattern we knit a shelf and sleeves.
  10. We bind or we scratch the details.

Jacket with a collar

For this model, it does not take long to delve into the description: the pattern for the blouse in this case is taken as the simplest.

Knitting sweaters for girls of different ages: descriptions and diagrams


  • 150 g of cotton thread;
  • Knitting needles number 3;
  • hook number 3.5;
  • buttons;
  • scissors.


  1. We start from the back. We collect 70 loops, knit 3 cm with an elastic band 2 x 2.
  2. Making "stars". We knit 1 facial eyelet, from the following we make 3 facial ones, we form a nakid and again a facial one.
  3. A purse row is knitted as the picture “looks”.
  4. Repeat to the desired length and fasten loops hook.
  5. For the shelf we collect 40 eyelets. Repeat steps 1-4. We make two parts. On the right shelf through the same distance form the loop. To do this, do a nakid in an odd row, and in the even we knit it in the wrong direction, the next 2 loops are combined.
  6. For sleeves recruit 36 ​​loops. Knit 3 cm gum.
  7. We knit 9 facial, 3 purl, 12 facial, 3 purl and again 9 facial.
  8. Next row of knit knitting.
  9. Next, do 3 purl.
  10. Then we remove 6 loops, 3 we start for work, we tie the following 3, and then we return the first three and we also make them facial.
  11. Repeat the previous step, only 3 shot leave before work.
  12. After 9 rows of the front surface, repeat steps No. 9-11. After completing the knitting, we fasten the loops and sew the details.
  13. We crochet the collar with crochets, grabbing the loops on the neck. You can use the thread in a contrasting color.
  14. Knit with crochets (even row) and bleed (odd rows) 4 cm.
  15. Sew all the details. Steam iron through a cotton fabric. The jacket is ready.

Model from 3 to 5 years

Schemes and descriptions of knitting patterns for girls for jackets 3-5 years old are based on the same principles as for younger children. Only for this category it becomes possible to make striped blouses, because the growth of children already allows you to make 3-4 noticeable alternations.

Knitting sweaters for girls


  • 120 g of acrylic yarn 3 colors;
  • Knitting needles number 3;
  • hook;
  • buttons;
  • scissors.


  1. For the back of the dial 71 loop. 3 cm knit gum 1 x 1.For the back of dial 71 loop
  2. Knit the front satin with alternating colors - 8 rows, 2 rows, again 8 and 2.
  3. After 25 cm we close the eyelets for the armhole.
  4. After 35 cm we close 3 loops in each 3 row for the neck.
  5. For the shelf, we collect 33 loops. We knit on the principle of the back.Knitting sleeve pattern
  6. For a sleeve we throw 37 loops, we knit with the same stripes.
  7. We tie a rubber neck.
  8. Sew the parts. Steam the product. The jacket is ready.

If you are at least a little familiar with the knitting needles, then knitted sweaters for girls can fit you when you work with the description and layout and make time for a soothing activity. Then your little princess will shine with a new stylish outfit, blinding everyone with her charm. For the sake of such a result, it is worth working a little, isn't it?

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