Knitting socks on two knitting needles. a cozy gift with

Many beginning knitters are afraid to knit socks. It seems to them that this is too difficult. But you can perform them in different ways: with the help of 5 stocking spokes, using a hook. There is another way you can tie a pair of wonderful socks easily and quickly.

First you need to take 2 measurements. We will need a measure of the foot length and the diameter of the ankle. Next, you need to use samples to figure out how many loops you need to recruit. We collect on the spokes 10 loops and knit 10 rows. Then we look, how many loops in 1 cm. Such preparation is necessary for knitting of any type of socks on two knitting needles.

Next, knit according to the scheme. Usually start from the top. It is performed in the form of an elastic band. Next, go to the heel, knit the bottom, form the toe. Knitting socks on two needles ends up knitting the upper part and returning to the elastic band. If when knitting on 4 needles, the fabric is knitted in a circle, then when knitting socks on two needles, everything happens differently. Socks, as it were, consist of two halves, which ultimately merge.

Sock knitting technology has its secrets. So that the typesetting edge was elastic enough, but not too stretched, use Italian gum. Before tying the gum loop type Italian set (crossed). It fit in the following way. In the first row alternate 1 facial and nakid. So knit until the end of the series. In the second row, the first loop is removed as purl, the second loop is knitted facial. In the 3rd row, the first loop is knitted face, the 2nd is removed as purl. The fourth row is knitted as the 2nd, and the 5th as the 3rd. Next, knit a normal elastic 1 on 1.

Another trick - the first rows knit needles a size smaller than those that will be performed product. So the cutter will turn out better and more accurate.

If you do not have the opportunity to try on socks, then you can make a paper pattern. For this you just need to circle the foot. In this case, do not forget about the correct measurement of the volume of the ankle. It depends on how the socks will sit on the foot. Product height depends entirely on your preferences. The longer the elastic, the higher the finished socks will be.

It is worth remembering that this product is better to knit from a special, as it is also called, sock yarn. Usually such a yarn consists of a mixture of wool and artificial yarn. Good sock yarn and its colors. Many manufacturers put patterns in it.

Some skilled workers strengthen the heel and toe with the help of an additional thread. It should be especially durable. Thanks to the extra thread, the socks will last much longer.

Sock pattern on two knitting needles

  • One of the simplest options is knitting socks without stitching. For this you need to determine the number of loops of the dial-up row. The length of the row is equal to the volume of the leg. Then on the knurled dial half of these loops. Next, knit the upper gum. To do this, alternate 1 face and 1 purl loop. Gum knit until it reaches the desired length. After you need to reduce the hinge on both sides. Subtractions do, provyazyvaya canvas facial surface. To do this, we knit the 1st loop in the front rows of the front loop, and knit together the 2nd and 3rd loops together - we subtract one loop. Knit gum to the last 3 loops. From the end we knit the 3rd and 2nd from the end together - we subtract one more loop. Last knit facial. Purse knit knit by drawing. We continue to reduce the loop on both sides in each front row. We turn down until the 3rd part of all loops remains on the spoke.
  • We begin to form the heel. To do this, add a loop. They are formed by combining the heel and those sides of the toe, in which we have done subtraction. We knit the canvas with the front surface. We knit a loop near each edge, then we knit the edge band itself. Knit to the end of the row facial. Near the last loop, we knit another extra loop. It turns out that we added 2 loops. We continue to add loops in the same way in the front rows. We knit the wrong side without change. We add loops until their number becomes equal to that which was at the beginning of knitting. It was a voluminous heel. Sew it unnecessary. We continue to knit the front satin stitch until the canvas reaches the lateral bone on the foot. We make the reduction of loops, as described above. The total number of loops is 1/3 of the original number. We form the toe, just as the heel was formed - adding loops along the hem. Loops, at the same time unite a toe and lateral part of a sock. Thus, the top and bottom of the sock become one. We knit the front surface of the elastic to the gum, which is knitted at the very beginning. Go to the gum. We knit it so that it connects with another part of the originally bound gum. Sock without seam ready. The second knit is similar.

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Scheme socks on two needles with a seam

In this model, the seams are located at the top. If desired, it can be decorated with decorative. Such socks are knitted very simply. We start by determining the number of loops. They must match the circumference of the leg. Next, knit 5-6 cm. Rubber band. Then go to the front surface or any other pattern and knit another 7-8 cm in the chosen way.

We proceed to the formation of the heel. First you need to divide our loops into 4 parts. The heel will get involved in the middle. It is formed by 2 middle parts of the loops. Knit the first third of the loop. Further knitting will continue with turns. Turn the canvas and knit 2 parts of loops. We turn again, we knit 1 part and one more part minus 1 loop (for example, if you had 10 loops in each part, then in this turn we knit 10 + 9 loops). Turn the work. We knit for 1 loop less than in each part of the loops 2 times - we knit with shortened rows. We continue to turn the canvas and knit 1 loop less. We cut rows until 8 loops remain on the spoke. Now, on the contrary, we add 1 loop each. To do this, we knit a previously removed loop. Turn the work and add another 1 loop in the same way. We knit it until the initial number of loops is on the needles. Knit the selected pattern canvas. It should reach the middle of the thumb.

We form a toe. To do this, all the loops again divide into 4 parts. Begin to subtract in each 2 row. We knit the 3rd and 2nd loops from the end of the 1st and 4th parts together. We do this with facial loops. The 2nd and 3rd loops of the 2nd and 4th parts, on the contrary, are knitted simultaneously with a broach. We make such reductions in every 2nd row until we have half of all the loops. Then we make reductions in each row. We turn down to 6 loops on the spoke. Tighten them with a thread. Cut the thread. Its length should be sufficient for stitching. Sew a sock over the top. For beauty, you can make a seam with another thread.

The advantage of knitting socks on two knitting needles is obvious. Knit this way much faster than 4 stocking knitting needles. All socks on two knitting needles fit in approximately the same way. The only difference is whether they will have a seam or they will look like single cut. Even an aspiring skilled worker will be able to master this method of knitting socks!

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