Knitting socks for beginners

Knitted wool socks are associated with warmth, care and attention. In order to knit socks, special skills are not needed. They fit in very easily and quickly. It is enough to learn how to perform purl and facial loops.

How to knit socks knitting?

Consider the easiest way to knit.

For this you will need: a yarn of your favorite color, 5 knitting needles for socks. Before you start to knit socks, you need to measure the girth of your foot. Then knit a small piece to find out how thick the product will be. The length of the leg circumference should be multiplied by the thickness, so you can determine the required number of loops.

Knitting socks for beginnersKnitting socks for beginners

  • We collect loops on the spokes and distribute them into four spokes equally, close the circle and begin to knit with a rubber band. You can change colors, but only so that the width of these strips is the same, then the sock will be neat, or you can knit some pattern, for example, braids. Knit the gum until we get the desired height. Then go to the knitting heel toe height. To do this, we leave the loops on two knitting needles, and on the other two knitting needles we knit the height of the heel of the sock, try on the toe on the foot and check the height, usually it is 6-7 cm.
  • Then we begin to knit the heel of the sock. To make the heel work, the loops should be divided into three parts. Knit the loops of the central part further, and gradually reduce the loops of the side parts, connecting them to the central part. Knit the last loop together with the loop of the middle part and turn them over to the other side. On the front side, knit the last loop of the middle part with the side loop of the front loop and turn it over again, and knit it like this until you have formed the heel to the end.
  • When you wear a toe, the heel tends to wipe quickly enough to prevent this from happening, you need to knit it with a double thread, so it will turn out to be more dense and reliable.
  • After the formation of the heel, from the two sides of the edge we collect loops on the needles, and we begin to knit the sock in a circle, but already with garter stitch. We knit until the loop will need to be reduced. Periodically try on the sock to see how long it turns out. Sock begin to subtract in the little finger. Turn down the loops until the very end, until 4 remains and close the sock.

Knitting socks for beginners: scheme

How to knit socks knitting for beginners?

  • Prepare 150 g of wool or any other yarn, 5 pieces of knitting needles, their number depends on the thickness of the knit sock. Before knitting socks, calculate the number of loops. Dial the number of loops equal to four. Consider the size of the foot and the age of the person to whom you decide to make such a nice gift.
  • To determine the number of loops, measure the leg circumference along the rise and at the pit. Calculate the average leg circumference. To do this, add both sizes and divide the result by 2. For example, the circumference at the stone is 25 cm, and the height of the foot is 29 cm. It turns out: 25 + 29 = 54; 54/2 = 27 cm. So, you need to determine the number of loops for 27 cm. After that, select the knitting density for the elastic and type the number of loops included in this length - 64 loops (16 loops for 4 needles).
  • Start knitting a sock with a rubber band. Usually use elastic for tight binding with a ratio of facial and purl loops 1x1 or 2x2. The length of the gum is about 10 cm. The main part of knit facial loops. When moving knitting from a rubber band to the main part of the loop, you need to subtract from the whole row, knitting them 2 together. Up to the heel of 8 cm toe knit garter stitch.

Knitting socks for beginnersknitted socks

  • After knitting all the loops on the 2 needles, start knitting the heel. Knit it from the loops, located on the 3 and 4 knitting needles, of the 32 remaining loops. First knit them with only one knitting needle, then move on to knitting on two. Knit heel height with garter stitch. If you knit children's socks, then their height is about 4 cm with 35 shoe size, from 35 size - about 6 cm.
  • When you tie the height of the heel, begin to reduce the loop.To do this, divide all the loops into 3 parts. In the 2 extreme parts, leave the same number of loops, in the middle part you can leave them a little.
  • Start loops from the purse row by tying together the first loop of the middle part and the last loop from the side. 4 loop the central part of the knit, and then knit together 1 loop from the side and 5 loop from the center. Knock the front side without any reductions. After that, subtract again, using the purl loops. Knit it until 6 loops remain in the center.
  • Go now to the knitting foot. From the edge of the heel, use the spokes to add new loops, then start gradually knitting all the loops on 1 and 2 needles. After this free knitting needle from the other edge of the heel, type as many loops as from the first edge. On the 4th knitting needle, tie half loops from the central part. On the 3rd and 4th spokes, the number of loops should remain the same. Reduce excess loops through the circle, knitting 2 together with the front loop. Before the base of the thumb knit in a circle, starting to reduce the loop.
  • Turning off the loops should have a rounded shape, so knit them on the front loop together on each spoke on the front loop in the end and middle of the main part. When the sock is finished, iron it through a damp cloth. The number of rows that do not decrease must be equal to the number of loops that are knit on each spoke between 2 decreasing loops.

Knitting socks: video

Warm sock ready! Using such rules when knitting socks with knitting needles, you can quickly and beautifully knit socks and please your loved ones with such useful and warm things. Socks knit from any kind of yarn that suits you best in price and quality.. For winter, socks knitting needles are best to knit from wool.

Socks can be knit and very little children. Read about this in the article Socks for newborn knitting.

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