Knitting scarf clamp needles

To date, a scarf clamp is a very fashionable part of women's wardrobe. Such a scarf is not only a very stylish accessory that helps to give the image of a woman charm and elegance, but also a warm thing that can warm up on cold winter days.

It is not necessary to buy an exclusive scarf tie, created under the brand name of famous brands,if desired, it can be knitted at home. At observance of recommendations about knitting a scarf of a collar, you will be able to connect the real masterpiece, it is not worse at all than any design product.

How to tie a scarf clamp?

To knit scarf clamp create a pattern on paper. Before the back of the neck of the scarf on the pattern deepens and expands. When knitting the front and back of the loop at the neck are closed, only then sewn shoulder seams. This unusual scarf is usually knitted with a "gum" pattern.

How to tie a scarf clamp?

Special chic gives the scarf a collar knit English elastic band. Getting started knitting scarf, type the required number of loops. Tie a web about 15 cm wide. Use a colored thread to mark the middle of the web, counting the loops to either side at a distance of 6 cm.

Then tie the central part of the scarf, keeping the main pattern. Knit the first front row to the mark. Again, continue to knit the central part. Tie the last and the next loop together with the front one, and then turn the work to the wrong side. Remove the first loop from the central part and knit the loops of this part only. Last purl and next purl. Turn the job over again.

Tie the middle part of the scarf, catching the loops at the end of each row of the loop. Similarly, knit another 8 cm. And finish tying the end parts to the end. After that, tie, in order to connect, with the neck, a double cattle strip. In the process of knitting, be sure to adjust the length of the clamp. Try on a half finished product. Do not forget, the connecting seam on the scarf of the yoke should be in the middle of the back.

Knitting scarf clamp with braids

For another option of knitting a scarf clamp, prepare 450 g of gray yarn, hook No. 6, circular and stocking knitting needles No. 7 and 2 pins.

Type 126 loops on the circular needles and close them into a circle.. Then distribute the loops as follows: tie 9 loops with a garter stitch, and 33 loops - as a pattern with braids. This scheme should be repeated 2 times. In the middle of each row, on the 14th row of garter stitch, 2 loops are knitted with a purl together, after which 123 loops should remain on the needles.

Knitting scarf clamp with braidsKnitting scarf clamp with braids

To give the desired shape to the upper part, in circular rows of garter knit No. 108, 112, 116, 118, twist 2 loops together with a purl. The remaining 108 loops close for 63 cm from the typesetting edge through 120 circular rows.

To assemble, tie the upper and lower edges of the first circular row with a single crochet column, and another row with non-crochet columns, only from left to right.

How to finish knitting a scarf clamp?

After you have mastered the knitting of the main fabric and tied your scarf with a strap, it's time to close it. Measure the length of the finished scarf, if it turned out the desired length, you can proceed to closing the loop.

You can finish the scarf in many different ways. For the rear threads of the front, knit the edge and second loops together. At the same time, only one loop should remain on the right spoke.

Remove the resulting loop on the left and also knit the front. Continue to knit as well, until the row ends, and the last loop does not remain on the needle. Now cut the thread, leaving a long tail. Enter it in the last loop, this is easiest to do with a hook, then firmly tighten.

If you want, you can choose another way to close the scarf clamp. To do this, remove the first loop and knit the second one according to the basic pattern of the scarf. Enter the left needle into the removed loop, stretching it a little, drag the knit loop through it. Then tie the third loop and drag it into the loop located on the right needle. You can hook the loop, it is much more convenient for this than knitting needles. Thus, knit until the scarf cloth is running out. Pull the loop off the thread.

How to make a fringe for a scarf clamp needles?

How to make a fringe for a scarf clamp needles?

To make your scarf clamp quite unusual, different from all the others, and look like a real masterpiece of a designer, make a fringe on it. Initially, prepare bundles of wool thread of the desired length. For a scarf scarf, tufts 30 cm long are best suited. This length will be enough to fold them in half and leave a small margin for the knot.

To make it easier, use the crochet, threading them, woolen tufts through one loop left earlier, along the edge of the finished scarf of the yoke. Fold the threads in half and make a neat, strong bundle. If necessary, trim the tips of the resulting beams. Your designer scarf is ready!

How to tie a scarf tie: video

A scarf clamp has one definite plus: thanks to its unusual shape, it can combine two things at once: a hat and a scarf.To make an elegant headpiece of it, expand the scarf over the entire width. This fashion accessory will be a great addition to a winter jacket or cardigan. It will decorate a cashmere coat and transform any winter clothes. Its unusual shape and mass of virtues made world designers make it a trend of modern collections. But you don’t have to buy a scarf in the store, you can knit it at home. At the same time in your wardrobe will appear an exclusive thing, having a lot of advantages.

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