Knitting needles

At its core, the LIC is a scarf connected in a circle. You can also imagine that both ends of the scarf were sewed, and it turned out to be a dud. Now such a scarf is at the peak of fashion. Actually, LIC is an extremely practical thing. Perhaps someone this miracle scarf resembles children's spacesuit hats. Indeed, LIC is not only a scarf, but also a hat in combination.. Combining the benefits of two whole irreplaceable things, LIC is able to easily protect you from the cold weather.

Knitting needles

To tie such a scarf with knitting needles is not at all difficult. Even an aspiring needlewoman is able to provide herself or her friend with this beautiful thing.

Scheme knitting snud Polish elastic

Before you start knitting a snood, you need to pick up yarn and knitting needles. If your yarn is thick enough, you should arm yourself with needles No. 4, 5 or 5. You will need circular needles. First, determine the length and width of the future product. Then knit a small fragment of the product with the stitch you choose. This way you can calculate how many loops you need.

Knitting needles

So, on the circular needles dial the required number of loops. Knit proposed LIC need to Polish elastic. This is not very difficult mating, which you quickly learn.

The chain of loops you got is joined into a circle and knit.

  • 1st row:3 front loops, 1 purl loop.
  • 2nd row:2 face loops, 1 purl loop, 1 face loop.
  • 3rd row:fit in exactly the same way as the 1st.
  • 4th row:knit the same as the 2nd, and so on.
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Remember that the larger the width of the scarf, the more beautiful it can fit on the chest.

Facial knitting pattern

Knitting needles

In order to knit such a dream, you need a yarn of dark green, turquoise, blue-green, green and yellow. Also need to work circular needles number 8.

Knit scarf need to face the surface.

  • 1st row(facial) knits completely face loops.
  • 2nd row(purl) need to knit completely with purl loops.

To knit such a snood, type 80 loops of dark green yarn on the knitting needles, fold them into a ring. Then you have to knit the front of the satin 40 cm of yarn of each color. When you finish the work, the loops are free to close.

The scheme of knitting snond faceted rubber band and garter stitch

Knitting needles

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In order to tie such a LIC, you need needles number 5. When knitting products used faceted gum and kerchief knitting.

Faceted elastic band:1st row:2 front loops, 2 purl,2nd row:1 purl loop, * 2 face loops, 2 purl *, repeat from *, 1 face loop.

Shawl knitting: the front and purl rows are knitted completely with front loops.

To tie a snood, you need to dial 80 loops and 2 edge loops. First knit 80 rows with a faceted rubber band. Now proceed to the garter stitch. Tie 6 rows. At the end of the loop, close without tightening them. Loose need to sew knit stitch.

Scheme of knitting snud with details

You will need a mohair yarn of gray and white color, besides, a bobbin thread of gray color and circular needles No. 5.

Snud two-color

Work is performed by a thread in two additions. On the needles dial 120 loops of gray threads. It is necessary to knit in circular rows with the front satin stitch, i.e., knit all the rows with facial loops. Knit 55 cm this way, and then loosely close the loops.

Next detailNeed to knit yarn of two colors. Need to knit gum. Such a pattern assumes both the front and seamy sides. With gray yarn, knit only the front loops, and with white - remove one face loop, so that the thread remains on the wrong side of the work, knit one face thread. On the knitting needles type 120 loops and knit in a circular row of the pattern described. Knit so 50 cm, and then freely close the loop.

Snud: Idea for creativity

Knitting needlesKnitting needles

lick knitting

How to tie a snoot: video

To achieve the frill effect, which gives some some romanticism to the dream, process the edges of the snood on the overlock. The detail of gray needs to be enclosed in a two-color detail.

Snud is a very fashionable accessory, practical and useful. Linking it is quite easy. In addition, it does not take you much time. Surely this thing will become one of the main things in your wardrobe. From the variety of scarves, caps, choose the model that suits you and do not be too lazy to tie it at your leisure.

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