Knitting needles with knitting needles

Tie bright and soft foot pads for yourself or loved ones, creating comfort for the legs and keeping the warmth of your hands and hearts. In order to master the knitting technique of heels, it would, of course, be good to learn the knitting technique of the simplest socks. There are several different ways to knit a little heels.

Ways knitting needles heels

  • With this method Knitting the heel begins with the heel, which is knitted in the usual classical way. For knitting a straight heel, you need to type on the needles the number of loops that you need, and at the height of your heel you should begin to knit a straight web. On the side edges should form a heel, for this purpose, pre-loop the needles on both spokes. Then tie the trail in two directions: in the opposite direction, and forward to the very toe, then dial the number of loops for the upper part of the trail toe. Then on four needles to tie a toe.

Knitting needles with knitting needles

  • With the next knitting method knitting products start from the center of the heel of the front surface. To do this, four needles dial 8 loops and begin to knit the heel in a circle, and in each row add a loop on the second and fourth knitting needles. The product is knitted with an air loop, making a turn before the last loop. In the same way they knit on the first and third knitting needles, and again make a turn. Thus, all the loops are added, until there are 13 of them on each. On the third and fourth knitting needles weave a straight web to the toe, and on the other knitting needles close the loops. When there are 10 loops on the upper part, they begin to knit in a circle, knitting the toe in the classical way.
  • With the third method sublimate knit facial smooth. On the spokes they gather 33 loops and knit them in two rows, then they begin to knit a direct canvas to a height of 11 rows. Then form the heel by tying two loops together in the final and initial place of the central part. On the side edges of the looped loops and begin to knit 22 rows of smooth canvas. Then they collect 11 more loops in order to form the upper part of the toe and again continue to knit 11 rows in a circle. Having reached the limit of knitting toe, they begin to reduce the loop, after that you can insert a rubber band into the heir-liner or treat the edge with a stripe.

How to quickly knit the heels of the needles?

  • Prepare 5 pieces of stocking knitting needles and 100 g of yarn.
  • On the knitting needles, type 30 loops and knit 15 rows with a front knit.
  • Then divide the resulting work into 3 spokes equally. At the same time, the middle part should remain constant, and the side parts should be reduced, using the extreme loops from the middle one. Thus, knit several rows. If you knit 37 size, then do so 4 rows. Thanmoresize, the larger must be rows.

How to quickly knit the heels of the needles?

  • After that, dial another 10 loops on the 4th knitting needle. Knit so 7 cm and again begin to reduce.
  • Now divide the work into 2 equal parts. From the edge of the loop with each second knit together 2 loops.
  • The remaining loops at the end of the work close, tying them in two together. Secure the end of the thread from the inside. In the sole for stability, add a strong thread, and crochet the armhole.

How else can knit the heels of the needles?

  • For this you need needles number 3 and yarn of two colors.
  • Type on the spokes 43 loops. Knit a garter stitch a few rows. If you want to knit high soles, then knit 5 cm with a 1 in 1 elastic.
  • Divide the work into 2 parts and mark the center loop. On the front side, knit the front loops, on the back - purl. Change color one by one. After and in front of the center line do a cape. On the front side, knit the center line with the purl so that it stands out. Knit to the desired depth with the additions, from time to time trying on the foot.
  • From the central loops from 9 to 11, tie the sole. To do this, tie up to the middle, knit the central loop and 4 more loops, and tie 5 with the next loop together, then turn the knitting over. Now tie the wrong side, using 4 loops and the next loop together with the 5th. The sole of the subarea knits in the same way as the heel, use the loops on the sides. Knit it until only the loops of the sole remain.
  • Tie on the heel, grabbing the side loops with the extreme.

How to knit the heels of the needles?

Which way of knitting is more suitable, only you choose. Having mastered such simple and visual ways of knitting the footpaths, you can quickly and easily knit very warm and beautiful products, please your household, and make them gifts. After all, nothing better than a gift made by hand.

Such footprints can be decorated when knitting with any pattern, ornament, ribbons and beads, it all depends on your imagination. Footstops fit in very quickly: after spending only two hours, you will be able to tie a couple of charming footsteps.

Especially for Alenka, Julia

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