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Knitting jacket

In the wardrobe of every fashionista just have to be a jacket. In addition to models made of cotton, tweed and other materials, it is worth acquiring a knitted version of it. There are types of jackets that run in just a few days. The simplest ones become unique due to the right yarn and additional accessories.

Which model to choose?

Knitting jacket: a master class with a job description

Knitted version assumes that the thing will be fastened in front. Therefore, jackets do not fit in a circle, but in separate parts. On the straight needles are made back, front shelves and sleeves. Sometimes circular needles are used. In this case, knitting does not close into a ring.

Jackets should choose a yarn of medium thickness. Another option is thick threads. Knitting in this case, the result will be voluminous, which fits perfectly into the trend of winter seasons. When knitting a jacket of thick yarn, it is not necessary to choose patterns in the form of braids and their weaves. This will add a couple of centimeters to your figure.

Jacket can be knitted at any time of year. For fall and winter you should choose woolen yarn. So that it does not roll, you should pay attention to the superwash options. Summer jackets look great in cotton, linen and bamboo. You can buy viscose yarn. In this case, the thing will turn out to be evening due to the brilliance.

Female jacket knitting: model description

We offer you a simple women's jacket, made in the form of hosiery. Its zest is an unusual cut and a pair of original buttons.

Knitting jacket: a master class with a job description

You will need:

  1. Yarn - 700 gr. (140 m. In 100 gr.)
  2. Spokes number 6 and 6.5
  3. Buttons - 2 pcs.

Manufacturing instruction:

  • We start knitting from the front shelves. Recruit needles number 6 28 loops. We knit the 1st row with the front ones and go to the spokes of a larger diameter and perform 3 rows of stockings. In 4 we add 1 loop from the right. We continue to knit facial in all ranks. In each 4 we add 1 more loop 9 more times, and in each 6 - 12 times. After 3 cm. From the first row we make a decrease to the left - 1 loop 4 times in each 10 row. We continue to knit straight, making additions - 1 loop in each 10 row 4 times.
  • We knit straight until the part is 34 cm long. We remove 3 loops on the left to form a neck; in each 2 row - 2 loops 1 time and 1 loop 3 times.
  • After 48 cm we form holes. Close the 6th and 7th loops on the right side (on the face), double-fold. Knit 16 loops on the pattern and repeat the decrease and nakida. In the next row we knit nakida front and purl. To restore the picture, knit stocking knit another 3 cm. Close the 14 loops on the right.
  • We form a cutout. To do this, close each 2 row 3 loops 1 time, 2 - 2 times, 1 - 5 times. After 21 cm. From the lowest point of the neckline on the left we close 3 loops 3 times and 4-4 times through the row. The right side is ready. The left shelf fits symmetrically.
  • Knit back. To do this, dial 73 loops. Knit stocking stitched. Through 3cm. we make bevels, as on shelves, adding and subtracting loops in 10 rows. We perform neck and bevels for shoulders in the same way. At the same time with 2 decrease in the shoulders close 15 loops in the middle. Both sides finish separately symmetrically.
  • For the sleeve we collect 37 loops. After 13 cm of stocking knit we add 1 side on both sides 7 loops7 times in each 12 row. We got 51 loops.
  • After 43 cm. We form a sleeve. To do this, we close the row 3 times and 2 loops 1 time through a row, in each 4 - 1 loops 7 times, through a row - 1 loop and 2 times 2 times. Close the remaining 17 loops.
  • Stroking the product with an iron with steam. Sew the sides and shoulders with a knitted stitch. We connect the sleeves and stitch them into the armholes.

Women's knit pullover: how to tie a product with a raglan sleeve?

Some needlewomen are afraid to make products with raglan sleeves. In fact, this is nothing complicated. This model of a simple pullover is a direct confirmation of this. The model is suitable for miniature women with a chest girth of 84 cm.

Knitting jacket: a master class with a job description

You will need:

  1. Yarn (150 m. In 50 gr.) - 400 gr.
  2. Spokes number 3

Manufacturing instruction:

  • Dial 98 loops on the spokes number 3. The first 5 rows perform face loops. Next, knit 10 cm stocking. After that, go back to the front surface. In the first row, you need to evenly reduce 6 loops - in the end, 92 p. On the knitting needles are left. After 8 and 16 rows, lower another loop on each side. It turned out 88 loops.
  • Continue to knit the facial surface of another 4 cm. After that, in each 10 row add 1 loops 5 times.
  • Begin to form a raglan sleeve. For this, we remove 1 loop edge, then we knit 3 with purl, 2 bundles (1 we pull through the other) and 2 more facial ones - together. In the end, we do it all in reverse order. Perform a decrease 30 times, the remaining 38 loops close. Before we knit in the same way, until we have 88 loops on the needles. Then mark the markers on both sides of the central 32 loops. We proceed to the formation of the raglan. On both sides of the markers, we knit 3 purl loops, 2 facial. Strips stop tying through 15 rows.
  • After about 42 cm from the initial row, we form a raglan bevel. To do this, we continue to knit 4 more cm according to the pattern. Then knitting should be divided into 2 equal parts. They will be executed separately. Before and after the edge we knit 2 harness loops.
  • Knit another 9 cm. According to the picture and begin to form the armhole of the neck. To do this, subtract from the inside 1 time 6, 3 and 1 loop. Knit another 9 cm and close the 3 remaining loops. The other side of the pullover is finished in a symmetrical way. Before ready. We collect 66 loops for the sleeve. The first 5 rows of knit facial. Then we go to the stocking surface for 7 rows. In the first row, we perform all the facial ones, at the same time we add 4 loops for expansion. In each 12 row add 1 loop 4 times. After 32 cm. We form a raglan bevel. It is performed in the same way as on the back. Make 30 reductions and close the remaining 18 loops. 2nd sleeve knit similarly.
  • Go to the assembly. We carry out seams of side figures, sew raglan. Tie the neckline with a rubber band or crochet columns.

Knitting jacket can be made of completely different yarn for virtually every season. Its feature is a front, consisting of 2 parts. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think in advance about how the finished thing will be fastened. At the end of knitting, you can perform for this bar with holes for buttons. Women's jacket can be both straight and fitted. The easiest option is to work it with a face finish or garter stitch.

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