Knitting hood with knitting needles

Now a cap cap is very popular, which can be knitted independently. Such a hat warms well in severe cold and protects from the wind. It will suit both you and your baby, guarding in cold winter days, giving the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful winter weather outside.

How to knit a bonnet with knitting needles?

Consider one of the options for knitting such a hat (size 58)

Knitting hood with knitting needles

For knitting a bonnet you will need:400 g of yarn of any color, knitting needles No. 3.

  • On the needles, you need to dial 31 loops and tie a transverse strip of any mating that you choose for a 110 cm long frill, so that it has a beautiful and complete look, then make corners on it with shortened rows.
  • In each row, be sure to turn down the knit loops by 2, that is, first you need to knit 29 loops on the front side of the product, then leave 2 loops intact, wrapping the 30th loop and turning the knit on the wrong side, then tying the whole row to the end.
  • In the following row in the front side, also tie 27 loops, leaving 4 loops intact.
  • Twist the 28th loop and turn it to the wrong side again. Thus, knit the whole product.
  • Having stopped underlining all the stitches of the corner, begin to knit the main part, increasing the rows, which will make it possible to change the direction of knitting. First, knit three loops on the front side, and in the following rows increase the number of loops by 2, but only knit.
  • After tying the strip to the corners, on one side, draw around 180 loops on the edge loops and knit the garter stitch. Then in the next row, after every three loops, remove one loop. Such decrease decrease 2 more times. Then knit 5 cm garter stitch.
  • After 5 cm for the main part of the hood, add evenly up to 90 loops and again another 17 cm, knit a garter stitch. Then select in the center 30 loops and knit only them, grabbing and knitting together - and at the beginning and at the end - 2 loops from the central part on each side. After all the central loops are connected to the side loops, close the remaining loops.

Knitting hood with knitting needles

For this option you will need 300 g of wool, knitting needles No. 5,6. The bonnet bonded in this variant is designed for size 54-58.

Knitting hood with knitting needles

  • First, pick a woolen thread, quite thick and soft to the touch. The color of the thread depends on the personal taste of each. A bonnet can be knitted using threads of only one color or alternating several different colors to make it bright. For knitting a hood, you can use several knitting patterns: an English gum, a scarf pattern, or hosiery knitting.
  • Calculate the loops. For an elastic band of 10 cm, 8 loops and 16 rows are needed, for the main pattern of 10 cm there are 12 loops and 24 rows. To determine the density of future mating, tie a sample of 20 rows of 11 loops each.
  • When choosing pattern english gum, Knit it as follows: 1 row, make a straight wrap, remove, without knitting, 1 loop, re-thread the back of the work, 1 loop should be the front one. Second row and do the rest with a straight wrap, remove 1 loop without knitting, and knit the previous loop and loop with the front one.
  • With handkerchief knitting knit one row with facial, and the second with purl loops.
  • With hosiery knitting Knit all rows with face loops only.
  • Now type on the knitting needles No. 5 48 loops and crochet 9 cm with an English elastic band. From the beginning of knitting with a 10 cm knit shawl pattern in a circle, use the needles No. 6. Alternate one row with face loops and the other with loops. For the remaining 3 cm, knit the stocking with face loops only.
  • Knit stripes repeat, alternating the front and garter rows. Knit this part of the bonnet with a strip that knit a shawl pattern. After that, use the English rubber band with a knitting needle No. 5 to knit another 9 cm.
  • Secure the hinges on the last row. Sew the end and beginning of the gum stitches with a knitted vertical seam into a circle.

A bonnet can be decorated with pompons or a clasp - a rose. To knit it, type 100 stitches from white yarn and start knitting with the front satin stitch, adding 1 stitch on each side 6 times on both sides 6 times. After that, start from both sides in each 2nd row to decrease 1 loop 6 times. Close the loop, form a rose and secure. Take and sew a large pin to it.

For finishing, you can use whatever you want, you can tie the hood with a hook with a contrast thread, attach a brooch or a beautiful pom-pom, and decorate a baby cap with funny ears. The original hood-hood is ready!

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