Knitting from mohair

Mohair is one of the sweetest and softest kind of yarns.The things connected from mohair are gentle and pleasant to the touch, they are just weightless, but they are warm in that way perfectly protecting the body from the cold. From mohair you can tie almost everything: a hat, a scarf, and a beautiful sweater.

There is a huge amount of colors and types of this yarn. Therefore, any fashionista will be able to choose for herself the knitting scheme that she likes most. Most often for knitting products from mohair use knitting needles, because they are more convenient to use and open up a wide scope for fantasy. Before you start knitting from mohair, select the desired thickness of the needles.

How to tie knitting mohair beads?

  • From mohair you can knit not only things, but also beautiful accessories, such as beads, which will perfectly complement any knitted cardigan or dress. Such beads will not leave anyone indifferent, especially their mistress. You will need multicolored mohair yarn, acrylic paints, large beads and knitting needles.

How to tie knitting mohair beads?

  • On knitting needles, tie small square garter stitch (all in rows with loops).Paint the beads with colors to match the yarn. When the paint is dry, wrap them in connected squares, gently pulling them off.
  • String beads on a thread folded in two and fasten them from two sides with knots.
  • The length of the beads should be such that it is freely worn over the head.
  • Once the beads are ready, you can tie the thread.
  • Instead of beads, you can use cotton wool or padding polyester with which balls tied from mohair are stuffed. The only disadvantage of such beads is their lightness, because of which they can behave in an unexpected way.
  • Another way is to use foil for food needs. Cut small squares out of it and make balls and make holes with an awl.

How to knit mohair style "bat"?

  • Such a product should knit one cloth. Start from the back, sleeves, or bottom of the shelf. Type loops on the needles and knit the bottom of the product, as decided, but the main thing is not an elastic band, becausebetter looking lace knit.
  • Knit straight fabric right before the armhole.
  • At the end of the row of sleeves, add a loop. Tie to the outermost loop and make a set of loops at the rate of future sleeve length. Do the same on the other side of the next row. Or try adding loops on both sides, not adding up to the bottom of the armhole 5 cm, at the same time adding loops on both sides, making reverse or straight nakida before the final and after the initial edge loop. Add loops through a row either odd or even.

How to knit mohair cut

  • Next, think about what form you want to make a sleeve. If straight, knit it without diminishing and adding up to the middle of the shoulder. To knit the sleeve, which narrows in the cuff, dial first not all the loops needed for the entire length of the sleeve, but only up to the elbow. First knit 2 rows, and then take some more loops on each side until there is a back or 2 full sleeves on the needles.
  • Do not make it to the middle of the shoulder, close the hinges on the neck. Mark the middle of knitting. In both directions, set aside ¼ the circumference of the size of the notch, which is needed in the end and also tick.
  • Start the row from any sleeve, tie up to the mark at number 1 and close the loops that are needed for the neck from the middle on one and the other side. Their number remember and tie a row on the second sleeve. If you close the neck strictly along the middle line of the shoulder, take loops in the next row.
  • Tie to the neckline from the beginning of the sleeve, then dial the loop and continue to knit on the second sleeve.
  • On the sleeves, lower the loops in the same way as they were added. If the sleeve is straight, knit to the bottom of the armhole, then close the loops on both sides, only the ones that knit the shelf should be left on the needles. When the sleeve with the cuff loops close gradually, not forgetting new sections of the sleeves to try on existing ones.
  • The bat product does not have to have a horizontal cutout.. It can also be tied with a V-shaped neck, and with a clasp. In this case, start to knit the product with a piece on which there is no fastener. Until cut, continue to knit, as in the previous method. But then tie the first half to the end of the buckle, one half, and after - the second.
  • From the cuff, you can knit a sweater or a bat dress. Tie a cuff, then knit the sleeve, adding gradually from both sides. Then tie up to the side seam and at the same time from the back and shelf add loops. When you get to the second side seam, turn down the hinges in the same order as you added. Try to observe symmetry.

Mohair knitting patterns

Mohair knitting patternsMohair knitting patterns

  • Begin to knit the sleeve with a set of loops. The number of loops depends on the size of the clothes. For example, type in 44 loops and knit in 6 cm with a relief pattern, which is equal to 12 rows. After from the edge of the dial add a loop on both sides.
  • Dial 94 loops on each side through the 94 rows; a larger number of loops depends on the size of the clothes. After 122 rows, divide the work into 2 parts and knit the back, then in the same way knit the front.
  • The loops on the front and back of the product are added on each side by 10. The total number of loops equals the length of the back + sleeve width; when calculating, add to the sum the length of the front.
  • Knit neckline, closing the loop in the center. First, close 2 loops on each side, then 3 until you reach the required neck size.
  • To tie the second sleeve, close all the loops of the back and front. Sew the sleeve with a relief, dangling a loop in each row on each side.

From mohair you can link any product of your favorite color, which will delight you on cold winter evenings and even a bat-style product from the country of the Rising Sun. You can knit such a mohair product with knitting needles without even using a pattern. The pattern of the product can be any, but the mohair fits to it as best as possible.Knitting mohair with knitting needles will help to create beautiful things that will please any craftswoman with her beauty and gentleness..

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