Knitting baby knitting needles. the scheme and description

Despite the fact that now there is no shortage of clothes for babies, many mothers continue to knit for their children. Self-made thing is not just saving money. This is creativity and the ability to choose material, pattern, color. With minimal knitting skills, you can create an original warm and beautiful baby cap.

Knitting pattern baby hat knitting needles

Before you knit a hat, you need to think over all the details. First of all, the type and quality of the finished product depends on the yarn. You should not choose a prickly thread. Even the majority of adults can not tolerate such discomfort, what to say about children with their delicate skin. On the other hand, wool is more suitable for winter hats. You can soften it in several ways. Many needlewomen in order that it is not pricked, hide the finished thing wrapped in a bag in the freezer.

You can protect your baby's skin from irritation by making a warm lining. In this case, contact with prickly material will not.

Knitting pattern baby hat knitting needles

Now in stores for needlework presented a large number of children's acrylic. This yarn is hypoallergenic. It does not prick at all, but it is not very suitable for winter. You can warm it with a fleece lining. But even in this case, such a children's hat with knitting needles will be less warm than a wool one.

Next, you should consider a model. For winter, it is better to knit hats that protect the child from the cold wind, snow. Ideal for this hat-cap and various hats with ears.

It is also worth thinking about patterns. If the baby is small, then you should not do something voluminous and even more so leave the seams. Such a thing will be uncomfortable to wear, and it can cause irritation on the skin due to constant friction.

The most common children's hat knits knit simply. We take two measurements - girth and head height. It is also important to know at what height you need to reduce the hinges. This technique will allow the cap to be rounded and better to sit on the head of the child. First you need to tie the sample and calculate how many loops will be in 1 cm. Then dial the number of loops on the spokes, which will be equal to the volume of the head of the child. Edging we do not take into account, because knitting will be seamless. Recruit the required number of loops on the circular needles. Close the knitting in a circle. Next, we knit a rubber band 2 by 2 or 3 by 3. It all depends on your personal preferences. Knit until the fabric reaches the desired height for the gum (5-8 cm). Next, go to the front surface. Knit a couple of rows to the place where you should start to make a decrease. We divide all the loops into equal parts. In the adjacent parts we knit 2 loops together in each 3 row. We knit and gradually reduce the loop almost to the crown. Next, we knit every 2 loops together. Remaining on the needles loop strings. We fix the thread and gently hide it. Cap ready.

Usually the cap goes up to 100 grams. yarn. When knitting is better to use circular needles. It should be remembered that in this case we knit only the front rows. To make the hat warm, you can make the lining of fleece or other material. Decorate the finished accessory can also be different. It can be pompons, buttons, beads.

Knitting a baby hat with knitting needles is no different from an adult knitting. We take the same measurements - girth and head height. More responsibly it is necessary to approach the choice of yarn and model. Threads should not be prickly. This may cause skin irritation. You can solve this problem by making a lining. For very young children it is not recommended to knit hats with seams and bulk coarse patterns. They can also rub delicate skin.

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