Knitting an "star" pattern with knitting needles

Fans of settling their wardrobes with cozy knitted things know that the warmest products are those that are connected by a relief pattern. Among those, the star pattern is considered to be the most popular. The scheme of his knitting is quite simple, and most importantly, does not require a large consumption of yarn.

Exquisite simplicity

Knitting asterisk pattern: scheme and description

Patterns for knitting needles invented hundreds. However, not all of them are available to beginners, which cannot be said of such a refined and elegant ornament as stars. It is not too big, so you will not have to do complicated calculations and overruns. Such a picture will look very harmonious on:

  • dresses;
  • sweaters;
  • caps;
  • accessories (cases for mobile, handbags);
  • blankets;
  • cushions.

If you carry asterisks on dark threads, the texture of the pattern will be seen even more clearly. From the same considerations, it is better to take acrylic yarn or wool without a pile, otherwise the pattern will simply be “lost”. By the way, the ornament looks great on products for men.

4 star ornaments

There are several options for tying up the pattern with asterisks. They differ in the number of loops in the repeat and can be monochrome and bicolor.

Monochrome pattern

The principle of making stars is based on tying a few loops together. Consider the rapport example.

How to knit a pattern


  1. We throw on the spokes 25 loops.
  2. 1st row - edge, make the front, from the next we knit 3 front and repeat to the end.
  3. 2nd row and all other purl knit by drawing.
  4. 3rd row - hem, 2 loops together make the front one, then one on the face and 3 knit one, stretching the working thread through them and making a cap loop with the front one.
  5. For the next odd row, repeat step # 2.
  6. The subsequent rows are also repeated. Rapport ready.

How to knit a pattern

Openwork stars

On cotton threads of medium thickness, a star pattern with holes is very original.

Knitting asterisks


  1. Throw in the number of loops, a multiple of 6, with 2 edging.
  2. 1st row - all loops purl.
  3. 2nd row - hem, front, knit 5 loops, making each nakid, front.
  4. The 3rd row - 1 front, 5 loops removes a separate needle, lowering the cap loops, we wind them twice with a working thread, transfer it to the right-hand knitting needle, front.
  5. Up to 7 rows we knit according to the picture.

Bicolor pattern

Schemes and descriptions of the "asterisk" pattern are especially easy to embody with needles on a yarn of two colors, since the relief of the pattern appears immediately.

Bicolor & quot; Asterisks & quot; knitting needles


  1. Throws 25 loops for rapport.Bicolor & quot; Asterisks & quot; knitting needles
  2. 1st row and all odd knit purl.
  3. 2nd row - edge, make one loop through 3, leave the left. We throw in the air loop and from the 3 loops we make the front loop, transfer it to the right knitting needle.Bicolor & quot; Asterisks & quot; knitting needles
  4. At the end of the row we fix knitting knot.Bicolor & quot; Asterisks & quot; knitting needles
  5. 3rd row - change the yarn and knit by drawing.Bicolor & quot; Asterisks & quot; knitting needles
  6. Repeat steps 2-5, changing the thread every 2 rows.Bicolor & quot; Asterisks & quot; knitting needles

Jacquard pattern

The jacquard ornament also refers to multi-colored, that is, a pattern in which the pattern acquires texture by alternating threads of contrasting shades, and there is no looping manipulation in it. For such a picture you definitely need a visual scheme in which you can cross out knitted rows.

Jacquard star pattern knitting needles


  1. We knit the 1st row with purl loops. Subsequent purses should not be tightened, otherwise the item will not look elegant.
  2. 2nd row knit facial (like all even)
  3. 3rd row - when changing colors, the threads are “screwed” to the worker, and a new one comes into operation.

Knitting pattern

Knitting pattern

The pattern of the star pattern knitted is simple, understandable even to inexperienced knitters. In this case, the products are obtained completely "clogged" pattern, which gives the impression of hard work on tying the ornament. By choosing the most suitable description for yourself, you can create a practical and original thing with stylish little stars.

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