Knitted women's sweater knitting

Sweaters can be worn not only in winter. A variety of models allows women to choose a sweater or jumper for spring walks or cool summer evenings. Skillful needlewomen create knitted masterpieces on their own. Believe, the sweater you personally associated will be unique. Today we will talk about how to create a trendy knitted women's sweater with knitting needles, the scheme of which is quite simple and accessible even for beginning needlewomen.

Knitted women's sweater knitting needles: schemes with the description of models of large knitting and with braids

Popular models

Each season, fashion designers offer new models of sweaters to representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. They differ from each other in shape, cut and, of course, colors. Want to be in the trend this season? Then choose only new or familiar classic models.

There are several fashion models of knitted sweaters, in particular:

  • bulk binding;

Knit sweater

  • with stand-up collar;

Stand Collar Sweater

  • with collar;

Sweater with a collar

  • with a deep neckline;

Low Cut Sweater

  • uniform and shapeless;

Shapeless sweater

  • bat;

Sweater bat

  • sweater dress;

Sweater dress

  • with belts and various patterns;
  • lace;

Lace Sweater

  • jumpers


Each girl can choose a model that will maximally emphasize all the charms of her figure. For several seasons in a row on the catwalks of the world, models in sweaters of bulk knit shine. You can create such a knitted masterpiece yourself.

Women's sweaters, knitting: photos with diagrams and the best workshops

Many of the fair sex can not find a guide on how to knit a women's sweater with a description. In this article you will find only the best workshops on knitting bulk sweaters and models with patterns-braids. Step-by-step instructions and charts allow you to quickly and effortlessly knit a warm and beautiful sweater.

Knitted sweater

Before you start knitting a sweater, choose a yarn. Cashmere, cotton or wool yarns are very good for large-knit patterns. Spokes should also be voluminous. According to the description below, you can knit a sweater of 44 sizes. First you need to take all measurements.

Knitted sweater for women

Necessary materials:

  • yarn;
  • knitting needles number 12 and number 15.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Dial the required number of loops (34 or 38). The density of knitting is 10x10.
  2. Knitting starts from the back. The first row must be knitted by the algorithm: 2 face loops, 2 purl. This rapport should be observed until the end of the knitting series.
  3. In the second row you need to knit 2 purl loops and 2 facial to the end of the row. Thus, the gum should turn out in 2x2 pitch.Step by step description of knitting sweaters
  4. Subsequent rows should be knitted according to this algorithm: 4 purl loops, 2 purl together, 4 purl, 2 purl together (repeat this repeat 4 times). The needles should remain 29 loops.
  5. Next, take the needles number 15 and continue knitting with the front row pattern "stocking knitting." So you need to continue to knit to a height of about 31 cm. In the purl row, the work should be finished.Pattern
  6. Then you need to start vyvyazyvaniya armhole. In each knitting row should be reduced by 1 loop on both sides. So you need to continue mating until 23 needles remain on the needles.Slackening loops when knitting a sweater
  7. The next 22 cm should be knitted with a stocking. Need to finish knitting on the seamy side.
  8. In order to make bevels on the shoulders, you should close 4 loops, knit 14 facial loops and close 4 more loops. Secure the remaining hinges with an auxiliary pin.
  9. The front shelf is knitted in the same way as the back.
  10. On the needles number 12 need to type 22 loops. The sleeves are knitted with an elastic band, as described in knitting the back, about 12 cm high. Finish knitting should be on the front row.
  11. The next row should be knitted with purl loops and subtract 3 loops evenly in the whole row.
  12. Next, take the needles number 15 and start knitting with a front row. On both sides in each 3rd and 6th row, one loop should be added. On the needles should be 29 loopes.
  13. In order to perform a sleeve dummy, one loop must be diminished in each row on both sides, until 23 loops remain on the knitting needles. After that you should knit one row and close it.
  14. To make the neck, you should take the loop left on the pins and knit them in 2 rows: one purl, the other - the front.
  15. All loops should be closed, and the product should be stitched along the edges.
  16. The knitting pattern of a volume sweater looks like this.Knitting pattern sweater
  17. In this sweater you will feel comfortable and elegant.

Fashionable sweater with braids

Let's try to knit a sweater with knitting needles with braids. By the way, you can decorate only the front shelf with patterns in the form of braids, and take the above model as a basis for knitting.

Women's sweater with braids: a description scheme

Necessary materials:

  • yarn;
  • knitting needles;
  • needle.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Start knitting with a set of 62 loops.
  2. Then knit each row up to 71 rows on the following rapport: 3 purl, braid (4 loops), 4 purl, braid (4 loops), 4 purl, braid (4 loops); 4 purl, braid (6 loops); 4 purl braid (4 loops); 4 purl, braid (4 loops); 4 purl, braid (4 loops), 3 purl.
  3. To knit the armhole, in 71 row, lower three loops on both sides. Next, in each 2 rows, lower 1 loop twice so that 52 loops remain.
  4. Front shelf fit in the same way.
  5. To knit the neck, close the middle 10 loops, then double in two extreme loops and four times in one extreme loop. So, on the needles should remain 13 loops.
  6. In the 105 row, all loops should be closed. The other side of the shoulder is knitted in the same way.
  7. For knitting sleeves, you should collect 30 loops and knit, observing rapport: 3 purl, braid (4 loops); 4 purl, braid (6 loops); 4 purl, braid (4 loops); 3 purses.
  8. Up to 6 rows should be knit in such a pattern.
  9. Then follow the addition of 1 loop on both sides 9 times to make 50 loops.
  10. To perform a retractable line in 71 rows, 3 loops should be closed, then 2 loops in each second row once, 9 times one loop in subsequent rows.
  11. All loops should be closed and separate parts of the sweater sew.
  12. The scheme of knitting such a sweater is as follows.Scheme knitting sweaters with braids
  13. The finished product will certainly delight you with its beauty.

As you can see, knitting a fashionable sweater is a snap. Even novice needlewomen can safely take up the knitting needles to soon be pleased with new clothes.

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