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Knitted hats for newborns

With the advent of the baby, the life of the parents becomes bright and joyful. Every day, the little one wants to give something extraordinary and the best. And as you know, we create all the best with our own hands. If you want your baby to be healthy, surely he needs to wear a hat. And if you bind it yourself, then your child will also be unique. How to create knitted hats for newborns with your own hands, you will learn in this article.

What are the models of knitted hats for newborns?

Knitted baby hats for newborns represent a whole masterpiece. Childhood is like a fairy tale, and the headdress, respectively, should be fabulous and bright. And so that the knitted hat for newborns is warm, you need to choose the right yarn. Some needlewomen even knit hats lined with various materials.

There are many models of hats for newborns, and they are classified not only by the method of manufacture and appearance, but also by the material. There are such basic types of hats for kids:

  • caps with strings;

Caps with ties

  • bonnets;


  • no caps with an eraser;
  • woolen
  • cotton;

Cotton hat

  • silk-wool;

Silk and wool hats

  • fleece;
  • fur;
  • helmets

Modern mothers are trying to create a unique image for their child, which is why today you can see a large variety of creative and exclusive products, for example, knitted hats with ears for newborns. Agree, the baby in a cap with bunny ears looks very cute.

Warm hat with ears: a scheme with a description

The needlewomen know that you can crochet or knit a newborn cap. Every mother should take care of the baby's health, so for newborns it is best to knit warm hats with ears that fit snugly. In such a hat, the child is not afraid of any bad weather.

Necessary materials:

  • yarn (wool is best combined with baby angora);
  • circular needles;
  • needle for stitching parts.

Process description:

  1. First you need to take measurements. Measure the tape should be the volume of the head and its height. By making the appropriate measurements, you can correctly calculate the number of loops.
  2. A simple hat for a baby knits in a garter way. The average density of knitting is 2 loops per centimeter.
  3. Knitting begins with the ear. Each of the ears should be knitted separately.
  4. Type 4 loops on the knitting needles and knit about 16 rows with a face stitch.Knitting hats with needles
  5. In the next two rows on both sides, add one loop.
  6. In the next row, you need to add two loops on both sides, and in one row add three more loops.
  7. The following 5 rows knit without the addition of loops on a standard shawl pattern.Shawl pattern knitting
  8. After you knit 5 rows, in the next two rows you need to make an addition according to this scheme: one loop on both sides.
  9. On one needle, leave the tied eyelet and dial an additional 10 loops.
  10. Transfer the second ear to this knitting needle and make another set of 25 loops.
  11. Circular knitting continue to knit 6 rows on a standard shawl pattern.Knitted hat for a newborn
  12. If you want to make a hat unusual, then a scarf pattern can be varied pearl. 24 rows knit in this way.The scheme of knitting hats for a newborn
  13. Next, you need to knit another 15 rows with a shawl pattern. In each odd knitting row, make a uniform decrease of 8 loops.Diminishing loops
  14. The remaining loops are closed. It is necessary to tie or tie stitches to the ears. To do this, you can tie them or use the tape.Closing loops
  15. The general scheme of knitting a warm hat for a newborn with small ears looks like this.The scheme of knitting hats for a newborn

Knit a crochet baby hat

Most often crocheted knit caps that are perfect for newborns as a headdress in hot weather. Caps are obtained by openwork. If you tie a lace edge to your cap, then a beautiful hat for a girl will come out. For a boy it is better to choose the classic version without strapping.

Necessary materials:

  • yarn of any color for knitting crochet patterns;
  • hook (best number 3).

Process description:

  1. Crochet necessarily starts from the bottom of the product. To do this, wind the yarn on your fingers (make two turns). Through the resulting ring begin to knit loops. It is necessary to do without nakidov 16 columns.Knitting crochet hats for newborns
  2. Next you need to knit a circle, the radius of which will be 5 cm.

    The scheme hats for the newborn
  3. Approximately 5 cm of the bottom of the cap should be knitted without a pattern with classical columns. After you have connected the circle, proceed to the dressing of the main pattern.
  4. Do not forget to knit air loops in the 7th and 11th row: between 3 columns with 4 and 5 eyelets, respectively.How to make crochet air loops?
  5. According to this pattern, you need to knit the product approximately 11 cm. The bottom should be processed in one column using nakida.
  6. Sew a ribbon or crocheted chains that will serve as ties.Crochet baby hat
  7. The crochet hat for newborns looks like this.Crochet hat for a newborn

Ideas of modern needlewomen

All mothers want the child's childhood to be unforgettable. And to capture every moment of the life of a newborn, we use a camera. Some parents approach to photo shoots creatively and try to create whole masterpieces, and photo albums resemble a fairy tale book. In order for the photo session to be bright and unusual, various costumes of fairy-tale characters are used, but parents pay special attention to headdresses.

Mother needlewomen knit hats that can truly be called fabulous. With your own hands, you can create a unique attribute for a newborn photo shoot. This will require some skill, patience and desire.

Let's look at what could be knitted hats for newborn photo shoots. They can be connected in the form of various berries, fruits, based on fairy tales or even come up with something unusual. Most often for photo shoots use hats in the form:

  • pilot;

Pilot's cap

  • Pinocchio;

Pinocchio cap

  • strawberries;

Strawberry hat

  • raspberries;

Raspberry hat

  • ladybugs;

Ladybug Hat

  • Mickey Mouse;

Mickey Mouse

  • little mouse;

Little mouse cap

  • cockerel;

Rooster cap

  • hares;

Bunny cap

  • Umki;

Cap Umki

  • emoticon;

Emoticon hat

  • duckling;

Duckling hat

  • frog;

Little frog

  • bear cub;

Little bear cap

  • piglet;

Piglet cap

  • penguin;

Penguin cap

  • zebras, etc.

Zebra cap

To make the photo session unique, you just need to show a little imagination and ingenuity.

All parents are well aware that little children need to be more often in the fresh air. To stay on the street was comfortable, crumbs need to wear a hat. Create an exclusive masterpiece with your own hands is quite simple. If you are just learning the basics of knitting, then choose simple models of caps. Openwork caps are easy to crochet: it is enough to carefully study the pattern and follow clear instructions. Do not forget to take measurements, so that the finished cap would fit the baby.

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