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Knitted hats for newborn boys knitting and crochet

When a small miracle appears in the house, mothers, grandmothers and aunts want to give the child only the best. The most beautiful things are hand-made. Knitted hats will become an excellent gift option for a baby, because fashion for such things does not pass with age. Skillful needlewomen knit whole masterpieces according to the proposed schemes, decorating products with embroidery or drawing. Today we look at how knitted hats for newborn boys are created.

Tips for knitting hats for newborn boys

Tips for knitting hats for newborn boys

Before you start knitting a hat directly, you need to calculate the required number of loops. To do this, you can knit a small pattern and calculate on it the density of knitting. Wash the sample lightly in warm water and let it dry. Count how many eyelets were per 1 centimeter centimeter. Next, measure the volume of the baby's head and multiply the resulting figure by the mating density. If you want the cap to fit the head of the child tightly, dial 5 loops less than the amount received. But note that the children's hat should fit perfectly on the head. If it turns out to be small, it will constantly expose the ears of the child, and the big hat tries to get off his eyes.

When choosing a scheme for knitting, be guided by the time of year when the hat will be worn. For summer, perfect crocheted openwork, light and breathable. Thicker knitting would be a better option for winter. To make the winter version of the cap warm and tight on the head, give preference to products with ties and knitted in several threads. It is also worth considering the materials used. For the winter option is better to take hypoallergenic yarn with the addition of wool.

The main rule that is worth knowing is that the cap should fit the baby’s appearance and emphasize its beauty and uniqueness. We offer you 2 options of a knitted hat for a newborn boy with knitting and crochet.

Tips for knitting hats for newborn boys

Knit a cap for the baby with needles

Materials for work:

  • children's yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic) - 2 skeins of different colors;
  • circular needles - 4 mm;
  • hook;
  • stocking knitting needles.

Process description:

  1. First determine the diameter and height of the cap. To do this, you should take measurements of the baby's head and use the table.Cap for the newborn knitting
  2. Type on the short circular needles 52 loop cable tying method.Cap for the newborn knitting
  3. Make a sliding knot from the first loop, enter the needle into the loop, grab the working thread and knit the second loop. At the same time, the main loop should be left on the spoke, and knotted - transferred to the working needle.
  4. Next you need to enter the knitting needle into the gap between the eyelets on the working needle and grab (as when knitting persons. Sec.) The working thread.
  5. Now you should take a loop on yourself and translate into a working needle. Repeat the action to the required number of loops.
  6. Having gathered the required number of loops, knit the main pattern "front surface" 2 cm according to the scheme.Cap for the newborn knitting
  7. Next, 2 cm need to knit the same pattern thread of a different color. In order to introduce a second shade, you should start knitting rows of a different color from the new row.
  8. Then you need to tie the ends of the threads of both colors and cut the tip of the first yarn, stepping back a little from the knot. Fold the thread into a crochet knit.
  9. Thus it is necessary to knit 10 cm of the product, changing color every 2 cm.

    Cap for the newborn knitting
  10. Next, go to the stocking needles and make a uniform decrease, tying all the subsequent rows in 1 color.
  11. Knitting should be reduced in the following way: 1 face row: 10 loops face, 2 loops together, 10 loops face; 2 purl row: all purl loops; 3 front row: 8 loops front, 2 loops together, 8 loops front.
  12. Continue to knit until 4-5 loops remain on the needles. They need to be pulled off with the tip of the cut string and hidden behind the seamy side with a hook. It should turn out like this.Cap for the newborn knitting
  13. Draw stitches from the remaining yarns, twisting them with a pigtail. Sew them to the cap.
  14. The finished product must be washed and dried, spreading out on a flat surface, and then otparit, without touching, with a hot iron.Cap for the newborn knitting

Crochet Caps

Necessary materials:

  • yarn Ceam Hawai blue 100% cotton;
  • hook number 2.

The knitting density is 24 loops for every 10 cm.

During the work you need to use these types of loops:

  • air loop;
  • single crochet;
  • column and 1 cap;
  • column and 2 nakida.

Process description:

  1. The cap should start to knit from the crown on a simple pattern of a flat circle and using the columns with nakida.Crochet baby hat
  2. If the volume of the head of a newborn is about 35 cm, then you need to dial 96 eyelets.
  3. Next, continue knitting loops in a circle, ending a row of connecting sticks. For convenience, use the scheme of the main pattern.
  4. After knitting the main pattern 10 cm, finish the cap with ruffles.
  5. To do this, tie several rows with crochets. To ryusha turned volumetric, the hook should be threaded into 1 link eyelets several times.
  6. The scheme for ruches looks like this.
  7. Knit ruffles in a circle caps, close the loop and tear off the thread.
  8. Thread the satin ribbon in the finished cap and sew the stitches.
  9. The strings can be tied with 5 air loops with double crochets.
  10. Rinse the finished product in warm water and dry it on a flat surface.

Having spent a bit of your free time, you can make unique things for your baby without additional monetary expenses. In the new cap it will look not only beautiful, but also very stylish and fashionable!

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