Knitted hat for a newborn with knitting needles

The appearance of a child in the family is a great joy. Of course, every mother wants the baby to have only the best. And what could be more beautiful than things related to motherly love and soul? If you do not have professional knitting skills, do not despair - at first you can learn simple models. Try to tie a hat. It will become a must-have item for the newborn. How to create a knitted hat for a newborn with knitting needles will be discussed in this article.

Knitted hats for newborns with knitting needles: diagrams and master class from experienced needlewomen

Knitted hats for newborn knitting needles

It is so funny to watch young children and be touched by how interestingly they are dressed! Look, what only loving mums will not think up! Caps of newborns are real masterpieces. On the street you can meet a tiny ladybird, Mickey Mouse, and a princess in a white cap.

Let's look at several models of knitted hats for newborns. You should always go from simple to complex, so if you do not have any knitting skills, try to tie the simplest hat to begin with. Provided schemes with step by step description will help you with this.

Model number 1: a simple hat

Before you start knitting, be sure to perform the necessary measurements, namely the girth of the head of your little treasure. If you are only waiting for the addition in the family and want to tie the cap in advance, then dial the loop with an average length of 34-37 cm.

Experienced needlewomen are advised to choose only soft yarn for knitting. The main thing is that it is pleasant to the body and does not cause irritation. The choice of colors depends solely on your preferences. It is not necessary to pay tribute to established traditions. You can experiment and tie a hat of bright green or saturated red.

Simple knitted hats for new-born knitting needles

Necessary materials:

  • thread (yarn) - 200-300 g;
  • decorations (sequins, applications, beads);
  • Knitting needles - size number 2.5 or number 3.

Process description:

  1. As already mentioned, you first need to perform all measurements. The approximate volume of the head of a newborn varies from 34 to 37 cm. Type the average number of loops so that their total length is equal to the volume of the head of the baby.
  2. On the selected needles (best to take the needles more, for example, No. 3), type the appropriate number of loops.How to loop
  3. Knitting hats for a newborn, like any other product, begins with a rubber band. It should not be too tight.
  4. You need to knit along the length of a row of elastic band in a classic pattern. You can alternate two loops of the front and two purl. Each subsequent row start with the edge, and then the front loops. The length of the gum should be about 4 cm.Knit gum
  5. Next, knit the main length of the cap. To do this, it is best to use the "stocking" pattern, that is, you need to alternate the back and front rows. So knit about 6 cm.Knitting stockings
  6. Remember: when in front of you face, knit purl loop. If before you seamy side, then, on the contrary, the series should be the front.Knitting Hosiery
  7. In order for you to tie a beautiful and symmetrical top of the cap, you need to master the skills of reducing the eyelets. Count the total number of loops, and then divide it by six. Further, in each row, which you knit with facial loops, it is necessary to evenly lower six outer loops from both edges. The subtraction is performed by tying two loops into one.

    Diminishing loops
  8. When the needles you have a total of six loops, they need to close.Closing loops
  9. The bound fabric must be sewed along the edges with a thread of the same color. Make the seam hidden and neat so that it does not crush or create discomfort for the baby.
  10. You can decorate the finished hat for a newborn with flowers, beads, appliqués, and embroidery.

Model number 2: cap

As soon as your child was born, he needs to wear a hat at any temperature. Very often, mothers prefer to wear kids caps. This hat sits well and fits snugly to the back of the head. You can independently bind your baby cap, and the diagrams and detailed description will help you with this.

Knitted baby hats, caps for newborns knitting

Necessary materials:

  • any yarn - 200-300 g;
  • needle;
  • hook;
  • knitting needles.

Process description:

  1. You need to start knitting a cap for a newborn with a set of loops. Take measurements from your baby's head. If you take the average, for a child aged 1 to 3 months, you can dial 78 loops in a row.
  2. Knitting need to start with a rubber band. Choose any pattern cutter and knit it at least 6 rows in length.
  3. Next you need to proceed to the main part of the cap. It can be knitted with a pattern, alternating the front rows and purl, for example, 3x3. Such rows should be 15-18.
  4. After that, you need to start vyvyazyvaniya occipital cap. To do this, the needles 78 loops are divided into three parts in this ratio: 25-28-25.
  5. Vyvyazyvanie need to continue on the pattern, only the last middle loop should be knit simultaneously with the first side, that is, begin to decrease.
  6. After each knit row of the product you need to twist and continue knitting.
  7. The back of the head will be connected when no more than 14 loops are left on each side, that is, there are a total of 28.
  8. The remaining 28 loops need to close. For this you can use any convenient technique.
  9. Along the edge of the closed hinges, you should gain a new width and a pair of centimeters to knit a classic elastic band. It is necessary for the cap to sit well.
  10. After this, the loops should be closed, and stitches should be sewn to the side parts (they can be knitted with needles, crocheted or buy tape).
  11. The scheme of knitting a cap for a newborn looks like this.Scheme knitting cap for a newborn
  12. You should have such a cap for a newborn.

Model number 3: knit baby hat with ears

As you have noticed, there are a huge number of models of knitted baby hats for newborns with knitting needles. A model with earflaps is considered very popular. In such a hat your baby will always be warm and cozy.

Hat with ears for the baby

Necessary materials:

  • thread (any yarn);
  • Knitting needles of the right size;
  • decorations;
  • hook.

Process description:

  1. On selected needles, for example, size number 3, dial 65 loops.
  2. Tie this number of loops in three rows. You can use the pattern "gum" in increments of three, that is, the alternation of facial and purl loops through three.The scheme of knitting hats for a newborn
  3. Unleash the next 10 cm of the product according to this scheme: 5 purl loops, and then 1 face. Facial loops must be in the middle of the three loops of the bound elastic band.
  4. Then start decreasing. It is best to turn down the loop when knitting a purse row.
  5. Turning off the loops evenly in each row, knit another 4 cm in length.
  6. When about 17 loops are left on the needles, cut the thread. Only the end of the thread should be moderately long.
  7. Fix the remaining loops with this thread or pin and set this part of the product aside.
  8. Separately tie the ears for the cap. To do this, type in 14 loops for each ear and knit with any pattern in a height of 1.5-2 cm. After that, start reducing the loops and close the ear. It should make a small triangle.
  9. Tie stitches with crochet or knitting.
  10. Sew strings to the knitted ears, and they - to the cap.
  11. Carefully pull off the remaining thread and sew the hat along the edge with it.
  12. A hat for a newborn with ears can be decorated with a pompon or appliqué.

A few tips from experienced needlewomen

Tips experienced knitters on knitting

If you first started to create a knitted product, then read the tips of experienced needlewomen. They will help you to tie a warm and beautiful hat for a newborn:

  • choose only soft and warm yarn;
  • threads should not cause irritation;
  • no need to knit loops too tight;
  • use the needles of the size range No. 2.5 or No. 3;
  • It is best to give preference to a cap or cap with ears, because in it the child will be not only comfortable, but also very warm;
  • so that the cap fits snugly, make ties;
  • You can sew a hat to your cap at your discretion;
  • Do not forget about the size - it must necessarily correspond to the volume of the head.

To tie a hat for a newborn is quite simple. A detailed description and diagrams will help novice needlewomen to create their masterpiece. Please your child and tie him the most beautiful, warm and original hat.

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