Knitted hat for a newborn girl with knitting and crochet

Knitting is a magical process that allows you to create unique patterns and clothes. Especially nice to knit things for your baby. Let's give our daughter a unique, funny knitted hat, because even a beginning needlewoman can do it. Moreover, a knitted hat for a newborn girl is necessary both in the warm autumn and in the cold winter.

Your attention presents master classes from experienced craftswomen in knitting children's hats with knitting needles and crochet.

Knitted hat for a newborn girl

How to knit a hat for a newborn girl: tips masters

If you are just starting to learn the basics of knitting, then the advice of experienced needlewomen will help you in this interesting and difficult matter:

  • High-quality yarn is a pledge of a beautiful and well-made thing: you need to choose threads from the children's series, which in no case should prick.
  • You should not be seduced by cheap and bright thread. For us, the main indicators are the health of the child, his comfort. Examine the label indicating the composition of the yarn, as well as the recommended size of knitting needles or hook.
  • It is necessary to correctly select the needles: each has a certain number, which is equal to the diameter in millimeters. Make sure that the diameter of the knitting needles is twice the thickness of the yarn. Remember: incorrectly chosen needles will lead to the fact that the mating will be either too dense or, conversely, loose.
  • The hat for the newborn should be without internal seams, so as not to harm the delicate skin of the baby.
  • Choose models of simple-style hats, so that there are fewer ruches, strings, ribbons, and rubber bands.

Knit a hat for autumn: master class

So, the yarn and knitting needles were chosen; we can proceed to the knitting process itself. Let's knit a hat for a girl with autumn with the beautiful name “Pink Fairy Tale”. Our hat is suitable for girls aged 4 to 9 months.

Knitted hat for a newborn girl with knitting needles

Abbreviations used in the description:

  • a row - r .;
  • front loop - individuals. P.;
  • purl loop -. P.

Materials for work:

  • pink yarn - 200 g (acrylic 100%);
  • some yarn in different colors;
  • Needles №2,5.

Description of the knitting process:

  1. Dial 91 loop.Knitted hat for a newborn girl with knitting needles
  2. Knit for 3 cm gum: 1 front crossed loop, 1 purl loop.Knitted hat for a newborn girl with knitting needles
  3. Now we knit with white threads 2 rows of facial loops.Knitted hat for a newborn girl with knitting needles
  4. We perform knitting patterns according to the scheme: 1 p. - 10 persons. P.; 2 p. - 10 out. P.; 3 p. - 10 persons. P.; 4 p. - 1 out. p., 9 persons. P.; 5 r. - 1 persons. n., 9 out. P.; 6 p. - 2 persons. n., 7 int. p., 1 person. P.; 7 r. - 2 out. p., 7 persons. n., 1 under; 8 r. - 3 persons. n., 5 out. p., 2 persons. P.; 9 p. - 3 out. p., 5 persons. n., 2 out. P.; 10 p. - 4 persons. n., 3 out. p., 3 persons. P.; 11 p. - 4 out. p., 3 persons. n., 3 out. P.; 12 r. - 5 persons. n., 1 out. p., 4 persons. P.; 13 r. - 5 out. p., 1 person. n., 5 out. P.

    Knitted hat for a newborn girl with knitting needles
  5. Now we knit 9 cm with a satin purse and close the loops.Knitted hat for a newborn girl with knitting needles
  6. We carry out seams on the product.
  7. At the top we sew a pompom pink color with a diameter of 6 cm.
  8. You can decorate our model with embroidered flowers.

This model of a hat for a newborn girl is very easy to knit, and the result is an original thing.

Knitting is the ability to create dense beautiful embossed patterns, lace and delicate things resembling lace. Crocheted things have the effect of attractiveness and refinement, they are comfortable, elegant, warm and cozy. If the main thing in knitting is the execution of facial and purl loops, in crochet work, these are single crochets and single crochets.

Knitted hat for a newborn girl

Knitted hat for a newborn girl

Consider a complete description of the process of knitting hats for a newborn girl crochet.

Crochet baby hat: a description scheme

Materials for work:

  • acrylic yarn;
  • hook number 2.5.

Description of the knitting process:

  1. We collect a chain of 92 air loops.Crochet hat for newborn girl
  2. We knit in a circle in accordance with the scheme.Crochet hat for newborn girl
  3. At a height of eight centimeters, you need to knit 2 loops together throughout the entire row: a total of 46 loops.
  4. Knitting need to continue with 1x1 elastic (relief): one column of the front with double crochet, one column of wrong with double crochet. So we knit 3 rows.Crochet hat for newborn girl
  5. In the next row, we tie 2 loops together throughout the row, we get 23 loops.
  6. We cut the thread, thread it into the loop of the last row and tighten it.
  7. Decorate our cute hat for a newborn princess with spirals - flagella.
  8. Now it is necessary to dial a chain of 10 cm air loops, then execute a spiral on the first eight loops, knitting from each of three double crochets, and then finish the row with connecting bars.
  9. Perform three cords with spirals and sew them on top.
  10. Moisten the product and allow it to dry.

Crochet hat for newborn girl

Crochet hat for newborn girl

Learning to knit is easy, there would be a desire and patience. Having mastered the knitting needles, your fingers will acquire the necessary dexterity and dexterity, and as a result it will be quite easy to learn crochet techniques. Be sure to tie a warm hat for your girlfriend, and she will warm her in any weather. We hope that our models will attract you and inspire creativity. Light all the eyelets!

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