Knit crochet tippet

Crocheted shawls and tippets return to the peak of popularity. But this does not mean that they are immediately worth buying in fashion stores. If you can crochet, then try to tie the tippet yourself.

Crochet stole crochet

Knit crochet tippet

  1. Before you start knitting, prepare the hook and your favorite threads. After that, decide how you want to knit the thing: in the form of a solid canvas or using the patchwork technique, when the tippet is connected from separate connected motifs. Whichever type of knitting you choose, first tie a 10 by 10 cm pattern, to be able to calculate the number of loops.
  2. You need to crochet the pattern from the threads selected for the stole. After the sample is connected, count how many loops fit in 10 cm and calculate how many need to dial.
  3. Then pick up a knitting pattern, patterns and determine the number of threads. The easiest way will be to purchase a large number of threads, set the width of the stole with air loops and knit its rows with a pattern in length.
  4. If you plan to knit a tippet from different motifs, then first crochet different patterns, then connect them with each other with a hook or needle.

How to crochet a tippet?

  • Prepare 400 grams of thick wool and a hook.
  • Choose a knit for the stole that looks good on all sides. A great option would be openwork mesh. She has a purl and front side that look very elegant. Yarn is best to take a new and immediately a big tangle.
  • Before knitting, determine the width of the stole. Tie a sample of the main pattern and kerchief. But the calculations should not be too accurate, as the tippet is worn on the shoulders, extra inches will not spoil the overall appearance of the product.

Knit crochet tippet

  • After that, enter the required number of loops and knit the first row with the front ones. Then turn the job and decide where the holes for the brushes should be. At the beginning and end of the series will be located the first and last tassels. Divide the other loops into equal lengths and mark these places with threads of a different color.
  • Having tied up the first knot with facial loops, make a nakid, and after 2 loops, knit together. Do the same with other holes.
  • 6 rows tie garter stitch. Then go to the main pattern. Knit a garter stitch along the long sides of the product. Begin and end each row with an equal number of facial loops. The width of the strip should be equal on the short side to the width of the border.
  • Knit the main pattern according to the following scheme: 1 row - wrap, 2 front loops together, 5 simply facial, 2nd row and all even ones knit with wrong loops, 3 - front, nakid, 2 facial loops together, 4 front ones, 5th row - 2 front, nakid, 2 loops together front, 3 front, 7th row - 3 front loops, nakid, together 2 loops front, 2 front, 9 row - 4 front, nakid, together 2 front, front, 11th a row of 5 facial, nakid, together 2 facial. From the 13th row, the whole picture needs to be repeated.
  • Tie up the tippet to the desired length. Finish knitting flat garter. Make holes in the last row for future brushes. Try to face the brushes in the front row.
  • The total number of loops can be divided into equal parts and mark the holes with bright colored threads. Tie them using single knit stitches and related stitches together. Loops close, stretching the loop in the previous one.
  • Now make a brush. Thread length of 20 cm in a bundle. Tie it in the middle with a thread 12 cm long and fold it in half. Tie another bundle from the bend at a distance of 1.5 cm. Trim free tips. Thread the long threads that tie the folds into the holes, then fasten and hide the ends between the threads.

Crochet tippet: schemes

Scheme number 1

  • For knitting stole according to this scheme, you will need 4 skeins of primary color, 1 skein of auxiliary color, hook No. 5,7. The density of knitting itself is 9 crochets without crochet or with crochet length of 4 cm; 8 rows 4 cm long, crocheted No. 7.

Knit crochet tippetKnit crochet tippet

  • Use a large crochet to add 41 a loop of yarn from the main color. Tie a single crochet into the 2nd air loop, followed by a single crochet into each air loop, a total of 40 non-crocheted posts. Then knitting need to flip.
  • In the 1st row - 3 air loops, until the end of the row in each column without nakid with double crochet 1 column. Then turn knitting over again. 2nd row - 1 air loop, until the end of the row in each column with a double crochet 1 column without single crochet. Repeat the 1st and 2nd row until the length of the rectangle from the beginning reaches 42 cm, after which the thread is cut off.
  • To complete the finish of the flap, cut 2 strands of 16 cm each. Fold them together in half. Enter the center of the bend of the threads with the help of a hook between the three air loops on the edge of the web and pull the resulting loop through the loop. Thread thread through the loop, then tighten, you should have a fringe with 2 threads. Repeat this step until both edges of the web are framed by a fringe. Align the edges if necessary.

Scheme number 2

For knitting with this pattern, prepare 700 g of yarn and hook number 1.25.

Knit crochet tippetKnit crochet tippet

  • This stole consists of 2 lateral and 3 fragments of medium size. Make a pattern of stole of natural size. To make a tight braid, make a chain of air loops.
  • 1st row knit with 2 single crochet with an air loop. 2nd - 3 columns without nakid in 1 column of the 1st row, in the 2nd - without nakida 1 column and again 1 air loop, then turn knitting. The 3rd row and all the rest fit in as the 2nd row. Ribbon sweep to the pattern.
  • The seamy side of the stole will be the front side of the work. Tie ovals and circles, tack them up the seamy side. Divide the main thread into thin threads of which it is composed, and make brides with them; connect the braid with other palatine motifs. In the first row, make nodules on the edges of the tape, in subsequent rows and on the previous one. Then connect the fragments, steal the stole, then remove from the pattern.

The palatine is a beautiful, warm and very comfortable thing, especially when it is tied with its own hands..To knit it, you need to have patience, good yarn and crochet the right size.

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