Knit crochet caps. how to tie a beautiful hat

For many years, knitted things remain at the peak of popularity among needlewomen. They are very practical, beautiful and allow you without any difficulty when knitting with your own hands to choose the pattern and color that you like exactly.

The knitted cap will be a subject that will easily refresh not only the winter but also the summer wardrobe of any fashionable woman, regardless of age. Crocheting a hat in time will take no more than 3 hours, but the result will pleasantly surprise you.

How to start crochet hat?

  • Begin to knit a cap from the top, making the first circular row of small size. The type of future product depends on the connected bottom and the chosen model.

Knit crochet caps. How to tie a beautiful hat?

  • For knitting, you need to prepare the hook number 3, scheme, meter, wool, wool blend or cotton thread, the choice here depends on the season. You can decide on the size of the cap, focusing on the chosen pattern, and start knitting by making 3 air loops.
  • Using the connecting column, close them into a circle, and then without a single crochet around the circle make 6 columns. This knitting method turns out quite dense. You can create a flat bottom at the cap, if you divide it into 12 wedges. After that, at the end of each row add on the pillar, tying 2 new from the lower arm.
  • For knit light hat with a surface similar to a mesh, 5 loops are taken. To climb the next row, you need to make 3 loops, then make twelve round circles with a double crochet. Next, the bottom of the cap, if made in the nakida, fit with the addition of 12 columns in the next circular row, and when moving to the next row - lifting loops are made.

Knit crochet caps. How to tie a beautiful hat?

  • You can start crochet knitting with a mug, whose diameter is 10 cm. Then gradual and equal reductions of the posts are made. In every second row, at the beginning or in the middle, 6 posts are not knitted.
  • As soon as the bottom is ready, knitting continues according to the chosen pattern. Until the top does not get the desired shape, you need to continue to increase, then knitting is done without declines. The size of the cap can be clarified by trying on a loose piece. Ends knitting stripe-rim.

Crochet hat knitting scheme

Take a centimeter tape and measure the circumference of the head. Type in air loops to make a chain, and tie 3 cm with an elastic band. Knit double crochets on the 1st row, on the 2nd row, make 3 air loops for lifting, double crochet embossed front column, double crochet column, again a raised front crochet column. This order is repeated until the end of the series.

Crochet caps: scheme

On the 3rd row, knit to lift 3 air loops, a relief crooked double crochet column, just a crochet column and again a raised crooked crochet column, repeat to the end of the row. If necessary, repeat the 2nd and 3rd row.

Next, knit to lift 3 air loops and double crochets. Knit turn over and again make for lifting 3 air loops and again double crochet. Continue to knit the hat to the desired height. Determine the right, from time to time trying it on.

As soon as knitting reaches the mark just above the top, pull off the top part of the headdress. Then sew the back seam. You can knit a hat in any color, pattern or even striped.

Knit crochet caps. How to tie a beautiful hat?

Crochet summer hats

  • To crochet summer hat, Prepare 100 g of white yarn, satin ribbon and hook No. 3. Using a crochet hook, tie a chain from 5 air loops and complete each successive row with a connecting column. Start a new row with 2 air loops, they will be needed to lift. Then tie up 7 semi-columns with the circle and close the circle. Future 2 rows knit to expand the hat.
  • At the beginning of the row type 2 air loops, then crochet 2 semi-columns from all the loops of the previous row. Begin the third row with 2 loops for lifting. Then for all the rows from the 1st loop of each row, tie up 2 half posts with a double crochet, then for each row of 2 subsequent lower half posts, 1 half post.
  • Repeat the knitting until the row is finished. 4th row knit, loop without adding. On the 5th and 6th row, dial 2 air loops, then knit the first half post for every subsequent 4 lower polubic columns. Knit 2 semi-columns from one loop on 5 semi-columns of the lower row. Repeat everything until the end of the series.
  • 7th row knit without adding anything. The 8th row is the same as the 6th row, increasing the interval between 2 semi-columns, which are connected on the bottom loop from 4 to 5. Knit from the 9th to the 15th row without additions. The 16th row is like the first: with a double crochet of 2 semi-columns from all the loops of the lower row. Having connected all the rows, just like the last one, up to a certain size, you will get a frill on the cap. In its lower part, you can insert a satin ribbon, hiding the ends of the ribbon inside or tied with a bow.

How to tie a beautiful hat?How to tie a beautiful hat?

To replenish your wardrobe or daughter’s wardrobe with an interesting novelty, it’s not at all necessary to buy an expensive designer item. You can freshen it up just by allocating a little time to crocheting the cap. This will not require a lot of effort, but will allow you to show and develop your hidden creative abilities, and, in addition, to have a good rest. Crocheted hat will be a wonderful gift for both adults and little princesses.

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