Knit cardigan for women with needles. patterns and

A great thing for a basic wardrobe is a cardigan. It can be worn in cool weather even in summer. Made from a good yarn, pattern or satin, it goes well with pants, dresses, skirts and jeans. There are models of cardigans that are easy to knit.

A classic cardigan sits on the figure and does not have a collar under the throat. He has a neckline. Usually the cardigan is buttoned. There is such a legend that this type of clothing was invented by a certain cardinal. He was done in order to warm the military uniform. Such jackets on buttons were worn by women for a long time. They are no less relevant now.

In order for you to get a good cardigan, be sure to choose high-quality yarn. It can be mixed - have a different composition. The elastic on the cuffs and on the neck will be more accurate if you knit it on needles of a smaller diameter. Wet technical processing is of great importance. Before stitching it is subjected to all parts of the future product. You can wash the thing in warm water or steam it with an iron. The seams are best performed knit stitch. So they will be less noticeable.

Cardigan Knitting Patterns

Cardigan Knitting Patterns

The easiest way to knit a cardigan is a loose knit jacket. It will suit any woman regardless of her build. In addition, overseas clothing is at the peak of its popularity. Our cardigan will be the same size.

We will need 800 grams. yarn. 100 gr. 220 meters. It is better to use mixed threads. More than half of the composition will be wool, the rest - acrylic. 4 colors can be used. In this case, the cardigan will be striped. For knitting, we need needles №4,5-5. Cardigan will knit in three ways - the front surface, garter stitch and elastic (1 person, 1 wear).

  1. We start knitting by typing 132 loops. Next, we begin to knit with a rubber band a few rows. Knit until the canvas reaches a height of 4cm. In the next row, we knit the facial loops as follows. The first and last 4 loops of a series we knit a garter stitch Those loops that are located between them knit facial. Repeat this action until the part becomes 53 cm tall.
  2. Mark the leftmost loop with a pin or a contrast thread. Knit further to a height of 144 cm. Once again mark the leftmost loop. Knit in this way, 4 face, kerchief, 4 face up to the height of the canvas at 190 cm. We proceed to the vyvyazyvanie gum. We knit, alternating, 1 person, 1 life until the height of the part is 198 cm. We have a huge rectangle. Now turn to knitting sleeves. Dial 48 knitting needles. Next, we knit the cuff with a rubber band. We knit to a height of 4 cm. We turn to stocking knitting. We knit its part until it reaches a height of 10 cm. Next, we begin to expand the sleeve, making additions at the edges. After each first 3 loops we do a nakid, then we continue stocking viscous (facial in all rows). We make additions in every 8th and 10th row. Add 1 loop 7 times. After all the gains we get 62 loops. We continue to knit the front satin stitch until the fabric of the sleeve becomes 37 cm high.
  3. Finish knitting, closing the loop in any convenient way. We knit the other sleeve in the same way: we knit the cuffs with an elastic band, add additions, knit them to the desired height. When the second sleeve is connected, proceed to the assembly. But first you need to hold the WTO finished product. Parts of the cardigan are washed or ironed with steam. After that, proceed to the assembly. Knitting a rectangle folded in half. Outline the location of the sleeves. Sew the sleeves to the top of the hem. After this, perform the side seams of the sleeves. The thing is ready!

Schemes knitting cardigans varied. Sometimes you can tie up the finished thing without any of them. To do this, it is enough to make a rectangle with needles, tie the sleeves separately and sew everything together. In such a cardigan will not be clasps or buttons. It is suitable for everyone and has a free fit.

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