Knit booties knitting. knitting bootees for beginners

The appearance of a baby in the house is not only a great joy, but also a lot of trouble. Of course, now all the clothes and accessories for child care can be purchased in numerous stores. Nevertheless, many mothers prefer to make at least some little things for the little ones with their own hands. Booties - a product that does not take you much time, but, undoubtedly, will bring joy and comfort to your baby.

Remember that the size of bootees directly depends on the age of your child.

Knit booties knitting. Knitting bootees for beginners

  • 0-3 months - 8-9 cm
  • 3-6 months - 9-10 cm
  • 6-8 months - 11 cm
  • 8-10 months - 12 cm
  • 10-12 months - 13 cm
  • 12-18 months - 14-15 cm.

The size of loops depends on the number of loops that you need to dial. The thickness of the yarn also affects the number of loops to be dialed. The thicker it is, the less loops you need. In addition, the size may vary depending on the density of knitting (how tight you will be tightening the loop). Knitting loops are best not to tighten too much. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to knit.

If you are an aspiring needlewoman, do not strive to immediately make multi-colored booties. This can cause you some difficulties when replacing the thread. Better practice first knit monochrome products. They will turn out not less beautiful.

Knitting bootees for beginners

One of the easiest to knit model booties, suitable for both boys and girls. This model is designed for children aged 10 to 12 months. She knits in a circle with five knitting needles. For the manufacture of such bootees you need 100% acrylic and needles No. 3. Knitting is carried out in 2 threads. Scheme knitting bootees knitting needles is simple.

  • First you need to tie the booties cuff. Type 37 loops on the needles. Distribute the collected loops to 4 needles (9 loops each). After knitting two extreme loops together, join the knitting into a circle. Knit 12 circular rows with a 1x1 rubber band.
  • For lacing or ribbon, tie a row of holes: * 2 loops face together, 1 nakid *, repeat the pattern from * to *.
  • Then knit 2 circular rows with the front satin stitch. The loops should be distributed as follows: 11 loops on one spoke, 7 - on the second, 11 - on the third, 7 - on the fourth.
  • Now you need to tie the booties toe. To do this, knit 11 loops with the third knitting needle knitting needles in reverse rows. Knit 18 rows this way. Do not use the remaining loops.
  • Go to knitting the side of the product. From each edge loop, located on the sides of the toe, dial 1 loop. Put into work temporarily not involved loops. Knit a garter stitch 10 rows.
  • The next step is to knit the sole of the booties. It is necessary to knit the front of the satin, connecting with the sides. To do this, knit only 11 middle loops, and knit the last of 11 loops at the end of each row together with the side loop. Carry out knitting according to this pattern, until the side needles run out of loops. Transfer all the loops to one needle. This should be done as follows: 1st loop from 1st needle, 1st loop from 2nd needle, 2nd loop from 1st needle, 2nd loop from 2nd needle, etc. in order. Thus translate 11 loops from the 1st spoke and 11 from the 2nd. Close all loops by tying 3 loops at once: closing loop, loop from the 1st needle, loop from the 2nd needle. Stretch the tip of the yarn in the last loop and tighten. Put the tip inside the booties and fasten.
  • Trim booties can make crocheted with a small cord or ribbon. The lace must be threaded into the previously connected holes, and then tie it with a beautiful bow.

Knit booties knitting. Knitting bootees for beginners

Knitting bootees for newborns with needles

This model booties knit polyacrylic. The manufacture takes about 50 g of yarn.

  • Dial 34 loops. 1 row knit completely face loops. 2nd row: remove the 1st loop, one knit the front, make a nakid, 14 face, nakid, 2 face, nakid, 14 face, nakid, 1 face, 1 edge. Knit all loops on the seamy side with facial ones, cross the loop with a crossed loop so that there are no holes.
  • 4th row: edge, 2 front., Nakid, 14 front., Nakid, 2 front., Edge. Thus add on the sides in the beginning and in the middle, until the needle does not get 54 loops.
  • You can choose a further pattern yourself (honeycomb, English gum, 1x1 rubber band or just facial). Tie so 2 cm, then go to the toe. You need to knit it like a heel, but only 10 middle loops. On the sides of the loop you need to gradually reduce. To do this, knit 2 loops together until you get 34 loops again on the spoke. Now knit the cuff to the height you need. You can decorate the product according to your taste.

Knitting booties is not at all difficult. You can give space to your imagination in the selection of colors and decorative elements. Simple knitting patterns open up possibilities for experimentation. Start small and then try to include more and more new motives.

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