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Kitchen design with bay window

If there is a bay window in your kitchen, then consider yourself lucky. Usually this is found in new buildings of the type P-44T, or when the apartment owners themselves alter the kitchen window under the bay window.

What is a bay window?

What is a bay window?

Bay window is a ledge on the facade of a house that has various forms:

  • Round;
  • Rectangular;
  • Multifaceted;
  • Triangular;
  • Trapezoidal;
  • Corner.

However, for the kitchen most often use a multifaceted or semicircular bay window. They perform a number of useful functions:

  • Visually increases the space;
  • Fills the room with daylight;
  • Creates an original and stylish interior of the kitchen room.

Kitchen planning and zoning

Kitchen planning and zoning

You can consider several options for kitchen planning and use the bay window space as:

  • Dining room;
  • Working area;
  • Recreation area.

As for zoning, it is possible to do the following:

  1. Make a clear separation of the bay window and the kitchen itself with a screen, bar, curtains and more. In this case, you can equip a recreation area by the window, make a small room, or place indoor flowers.
  2. Use the bay window, as the central part of the kitchen, which defines the entire design of the room.

How to arrange a dining area at the bay window?

How to arrange a dining area at the bay window?

Regardless of the number of square meters of kitchen dining area at the bay window will always look great. Most designers advise to organize dining space here. You do not need to transfer communications, you free up enough space to install kitchens and other pieces of furniture.

Some practical tips:

  • Give preference to the table-transformer, which opens up and becomes longer if necessary.
  • It is better if you select the shape of the table or sofa to the form of a bay window.
  • To create a visual zoning, make the ceiling in the same shape.
  • Take care of warming the floor and windows in the winter.

Working area at the bay window - is it worth it?

Working area at the bay window - is it worth it?

If you are going to arrange a working area here, then keep in mind that you will have to transfer all communications. This is a very time consuming and costly process.

This zoning option has its positive and negative sides.


  • The working area is well lit with daylight;
  • During business, you can watch the events in the city;
  • It emphasizes the originality of the interior.


  • When redevelopment is necessary to raise the level of the floor. This, in turn, will make the ceilings lower.
  • The transfer of communications must be coordinated with the appropriate institution.
  • Kitchen set will be without wall cabinets, so think of places for storing dishes in advance.
  • Placed hob near the windows will cause their regular pollution and fogging.

Working area at the bay window - is it worth it?

Regardless of what zone you have at the bay window, it is important to follow a few simple rules when creating comfort in your kitchen:

  • Leave the windows "open" - do not overly clutter them with furniture.
  • Use horizontal blinds, Roman blinds or tulle - keep minimalism.
  • Do not separate kitchen areas with a bay window by different designer styles - such cuisines "love" pastel shades.

Experiment, translate your ideas into reality and create the kitchen of your dreams.

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