Keep your hands

Protect their existence from ancient times. Our Slavic ancestors firmly believed in them and believed that these objects have great power. Wards were made by hand, and carried with them or stood in the house at certain places. Each amulet was meant for a specific purpose.

Charms have not lost their popularity in our time, and now, just as before, they are best made by ourselves.

How to make a charm of the test with your own hands?

If you want to make durable amulet, which will be with you for a very long time, it is best to create it from flour, salt and water. To do this, take flour and salt in a 2: 1 ratio and add enough water to make the dough thick, but elastic.

Keep your hands

When the dough is ready, proceed to making the desired figures, constantly thinking about what is meant to give you a talisman. When the charm has the desired shape, it should be dried. To do this, put the charm in the oven and dry it at 70 degrees for about 3 hours. You can dry it in a natural way - on the windowsill, for several days. Paint the dried figurine with paints and cover with transparent varnish. Your charm is ready!

Slavic amulets do it yourself

When making a figurine of a talisman from dough, you need to know what a symbol means, from what your talisman is meant to save you, or vice versa, what to give you. Slavic amulets tested in action many centuries ago, so you can be sure that such charms will really help you.

  • Whisk, rooster or bell - this symbol is designed to protect its owner from all sorts of ills.

Keep your hands

  • Key or bear - is responsible for the safety of the home and the wealth of the owner.
  • Horse - is an assistant on the way.
  • Lapti is an excellent guard against the evil eye.
  • Spoon - designed to protect against hunger.
  • Squirrel - is a talisman from quarrels in the family.
  • Chicken, duck, stork - this figure is best fashioned for the woman who dreams of children.
  • Two swans - will help a lonely woman find a soul mate. For married help to strengthen relationships.
  • Butterfly - attracts men or helps to keep an existing man.
  • The bull - such a charm has a positive effect on the performance and potency of men.
  • Swallow - is responsible for the creative process of its owner.
  • The beaver - a charm provides assistance in any work.
  • Dove - brings its owner good, happiness and peace.
  • Horseshoe - a favorite Slavic amulet - for good luck.

Dolls amulets do it yourself

  • Dolls amulets were no less popular among the Slavs than amulet of flour. Puppets are much easier to do, they are lighter, so you can carry them around. Our ancestors carried with them small pupae, which were designed to protect the owner from the evil eye.

Keep your hands

  • Making such a doll is very easy.. To do this, take a church candle, melt it, and from a soft wax mold a four-pointed star. This star will denote 4 parts of the world. Then take a bunch of straw and make a doll out of it. Parts of the body - head, hands and so on should be done with the help of the same straw. On the neck of the doll-charm hang a star made of wax on a red thread. And put the doll in a canvas bag, and always carry with you.
  • Do not forget to give the doll a name, and periodically talk to her. Only in this case, your charm will work in full force.
  • The doll charm can be made with your own hands from ordinary fabric. Make the details of her torso separately, and then sew it all together. Stuff the doll amulet best medicinal herbs. Plant such a doll as a charm at home, and it will protect your home from all sorts of troubles.
  • You can make a doll charm of braids. To do this, purchase in the store the thread average in thickness. From these threads you should weave 21 braids. Then you need to twist these braids together so that you get the body parts of the charm doll. When the doll is ready, place it in the holy water, let it lie there. In this way, it will be cleansed of all the negativity that it had to face (with the release of threads in a factory, in a store).
  • After all these manipulations, dry the doll with a charm and decorate it at will. You can always carry such a doll with you, or you can choose a place for it at your home. However, do not forget to periodically wash off the dust from it, and before every Christmas to change clothes.

Embroidery charm do it yourself

Keep your hands

Have you ever thought why the national dress of our ancestors of the Slavs was always decorated with embroidery? What did cross stitch mean on the hem of sarafans and shirts? All embroidery was applied not only for beauty. Its main function was the function of protecting the owner of clothing from all sorts of misfortunes and misfortunes.

Here are the main ones. characters that are used for embroidery-charm.

  1. Various crosses and crosses - designed to protect from evil.
  2. Tree - symbolizes a long life.
  3. Red flowers - add to the attractiveness of the owner of the dress.
  4. Circles - symbolize abundance.
  5. Triangles - symbolize communication.
  6. Spirals - symbolize wisdom.

Why not take advantage of the experience of ancestors, and not embroider small amulets on your clothes? In addition to the functions of the charm, embroidery will still look very nice and diversify your clothes.

The rules of the implementation of talismans

  • In no case can not do the guardian for himself. It can make you close and dear people. However, you can not force or force relatives to make you a talisman. You can ask, but not beg. Made charm should come from the heart.

Keep your hands

  • In the process of doing the talisman, you must be pure thoughts and completely calm. Do not allow yourself to be distracted, or think about something bad. If it does not work, leave work for another day.
  • Approach deliberately to the choice of the material from which you want to make a charm. After all, every material - whether it be straw, flour or cloth, has its own symbolism. And the right choice of material will help you quickly reach the goal.
  • When you start making a talisman, think for whom and for what you are doing it. Do not forget about it throughout the work.
  • In no case shall the talisman be made on the conveyor. From him will not be confused. Charm must be made by hand and in a single copy.
  • Having made a talisman or received it as a gift, immediately determine whether you will carry it with you or it will take a certain place in your home. Communicate more often with your amulet, think up a name for it, and also indulge in a treat. Let the treat lie down near the amulet for half an hour, and then feed it to the birds. If you take care of your symbol of good, he will always answer you with his care!
  • As a talisman can serve not only a hand-made figure, but also a precious stone. About which the stone will suit you, depending on your zodiac sign.

See also: The choice of stone according to the sign of the zodiac.

Good luck to you in all your endeavors!

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