Kanzashi do it yourself

We all want to have our own flavor, emphasizing our style and natural beauty. For this it is not necessary to buy expensive jewelry. Just your imagination and desire. Everything else you can do with your own hands. One of the most beautiful and stylish jewelry that you can make with your own hands is kanzashi, flower decorations.

What can decorate kanzashi?

Using satin ribbons for making various colors, you can decorate their clothes, handbag, shoes, headbands and hairpins or make them an independent decoration. If desired, kanzashi can decorate the box or picture.

How to make kanzashi with your own hands?

To get started, you will need satin ribbons of various widths, from about 2.5 to 5 cm. You can even take a satin fabric, making it into 2.5 and 2.5 and 5 by 5 squares. These pieces will make a satin flower with 9 petals. From the tools, take a lighter or a candle, which is more convenient for you, tweezers, super-glue or momentum, rubber bands, clips and beads, rhinestones, beads for decoration. Do not forget also about needles, threads in the color of ribbons and glue gun, it will be more convenient to work with it.

For convenience, you can not immediately cut the tape. Fold a petal of tape, and only, then cut. Fold the wide ribbon in half. Narrow or medium tape is usually not folded. Connect the ends of the ribbons to form a cone. The tips can be bent away from you or towards yourself. Then burn them, quickly pressing your fingers. By adding a ribbon of a different color, you can get a game of color. If you place the tape of a different color along the edges and in the middle, then the petal will have a completely different look.

Kanzashi do it yourself twisted

There are several types of kanzashi, so you can make it twisted. To do this, the tape must be twisted, folding the tips to each other. Fasten the resulting flower with a lighter. You can make several of these petals. Then cut a circle out of felt or cardboard, and attach petals to it. To get a flower from one row, 6 petals will be enough. Glue them to the base. Center the flower with rhinestones, beads or a bead.

Kanzashi in the form of a rose do it yourself


You can make a rose from a satin ribbon. To do this, take the ribbon, fold it at an angle. Then roll up into a small tube. Wrap a rose in a circle to form petals. The next petal, fasten with a needle and thread. If you make a few turns, you can form a bud. If you take a long ribbon, you can make a lush flower.

Kanzashi do it yourself wardrobe decoration

Using hand-made kanzashi, you can drastically change a simple knit dress. Make loops of different lengths from satin ribbons of different lengths and form petals. After that, along the neckline we wash them.

Picking up ribbons of different colors, whose shades will smoothly move away from each other, you can make a beautiful, stylish necklace. To do this, fold the accordion into a ribbon, make a hole in them, and thread a beautiful chain.

To make Japanese-style kanzashi, take any thin fabric. It can be silk, satin, crepe-chiffon, nylon ribbons, and organza. You will also need glue, a lighter, a pencil or a piece of chalk, a ruler, a stencil ruler and tongs, preferably 2 pieces. Do not forget about the various decorations that will give the final charm to your kanzashi.

How to make Japanese kanzashi?

Cut 5 squares of fabric approximately 4 by 4, for the lower petals, leaflets and 6 each for the flower. Fold the brown square in half, and so again. Trim the edges so that the petal is flat. After singing and squeeze, so that the edges are stuck together. Now you can turn the petal. Petal ready. Make 5 pieces. Now proceed to the lower rim of the future flower. Fold the fabric in the same way as the petals before. Folded triangles must be straight. If necessary, expand and align the edges. Unscrew one of the double edges on the other side of the petal. The edges must be cut a little diagonally so that the petals do not turn out too high. Scorched edges, cast a petal on the edge. And so make 5 petals.

Another way: fold the base for the flower itself diagonally. Repeat all previous steps in the manufacture of the main flower. Cut the petals of the main flower evenly, set them on fire and glue along the entire edge. After that, straighten the petal inside. You should have 6 petals. Now take a small rectangular piece of cardboard and wrap it with a cloth. The fabric can be collected on a thread and tighten or just stick. Fan the leaves onto the finished base. Thread the petals of the flower itself. Cut a circular base out of cardboard so that the petals do not fall apart, glue to it. Now paste to the flower the petals collected on a thread, and the petals on the base. After that, you can start decorating the resulting flower with rhinestones, stones, beads and everything that you like. Finally, cut a circle out of cardboard as a base, which will cover the whole flower from the bottom, and wrap it with a cloth. Now take the flower and glue it to the base, then glue the invisibility.

Kanzashi do-it-yourself: video

When making kanzashi with your own hands, remember that if the petal has opened, do it all over again if you could not fold it back. The edges must be burnt so as not to crumble. In order for the petal not to be bent outward and to hold better, put some glue inside and press it for 7 minutes.

Kanzashi will look very nice, wherever it is, and by decorating kanzashi clothes, dress, bag or even shoes, you can change your image beyond recognition.

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