Kalina buldenezh

Kalina Buldenezh is a bush with incredible beauty with big caps of snow-white flowers. The plant belongs to the number of ornamental, and is sure to attract attention with its unusual appearance. However, to achieve lush flowering is possible only with proper and regular care.

Beginning gardeners do not know how to plant viburnum Buldenezh and worry that in the wrong conditions the bush may die. The main feature of this plant is the minimum requirements for lighting, as well as soil conditions.

Kalina Buldenezh

Before planting a bush, you need to consider that too dry and shaded soil, has a direct impact on the number of inflorescences, as well as their size.

As soon as the landing site is determined, a sufficiently deep hole is dug out - about 40x40 cm. The dimple is filled with pre-prepared compost, it is recommended to add manure that has reloaded, as well as mineral fertilizers (in small quantities).

Do not forget to prepare the seedlings. To this end, the shoots are pruned to about 0.25 of its length. If the landing will be carried out in the spring, you can cut off the shoots immediately, and in the autumn period - not earlier than next spring. Carefully cut off the ends of the roots so that they fully fit in the pit. Due to this, the root system will develop much more actively.

Plant Care

Care for viburnum Buldenezh

The shrub is planted so that the roots are a couple of centimeters below the surface of the soil. Kalina must be well watered, pristvolny circle mulched leaves (you can use peat). Under this layer, the soil will maintain the right balance for a long time.


To photo Kalina Buldenezh were not worse than in the magazines for gardeners, it is necessary to ensure proper watering. Adult shrubs are recommended to be watered at least once a year, at the very beginning of the flowering period. If the summer is rainy and cold enough, there may be no watering at all. But in too dry or hot season watering should be constant. When the plant grows in dry soil and hot climates, there will be a significant reduction in flowering time.

Top dressing

Bush viburnum Buldenezh

Taking into account the soil in which viburnum grows, as well as on its condition, fertilizing can be done every 1-2 years, with the onset of spring, after the soil dries out well.

To fertilize one bush of viburnum Buldenezh, you will need to take nutrient compost (4-7 kg), ammonium nitrate (20-25 g), superphosphate (35-45 g), potash salt (15-20 g).

All mineral fertilizers are recommended to be evenly distributed under the bush, after which the soil is gouged. Provided that the mulch layer is used, it should be removed when fertilizing and watering.


Pruning viburnum Buldenezh

Pruning viburnum Buldenezh is a mandatory item, because in this way the formation of the crown, as well as rejuvenation with thinning of the shrub. During pruning, it is important to remember that the formation of all the buds occurs on the shoots of the 2nd year of bush growth. Therefore, if the plant is cut too hard, for the second summer it may not bloom at all. But this will result in the formation of a lush and beautiful floral cascade.


Flowers Viburnum Buldenezh

Viburnum Buldenezh is propagated by an exclusively vegetative method - cuttings, the formation of which occurs from woody shoots of last year, as they are easily bent and do not break.

With a sharp knife, cuttings are cut, the length of which should be 4-6 cm. It is important that the cuts are made oblique, while the upper one is above the kidney, and the lower one is strictly below the kidney.

Cut cuttings should be immediately transplanted into prepared greenhouses, in which a layer of humus is at least 8 cm, and then sprinkled with sand (at least 3-4 cm). Plant cuttings need to a depth of about 2-2.5 cm. It is important to periodically water them, spray them, protect them from the sun. After a few weeks rooting occurs.

You can replant the cuttings already in the second half of August, before the cold weather begins, so that they can settle down. The plant before the onset of cold weather sprinkled with peat or sawdust. After 2 years, the shrub can be transplanted to a permanent place.

Proper and regular care for viburnum Buldenezh will ensure the annual appearance of incredibly beautiful white lumps-like flowers like a snow globe. This plant will be a wonderful decoration for your garden.

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