Jumpsuit for york and other dogs do it yourself

Caring owners want their beloved four-legged pet to have everything they need, including a wardrobe for any weather. To do this, it is not necessary to buy pants - skirts - overalls for dogs. In the presence of a pattern, such clothes are quite easy to sew with your own hands, even if you only have elementary skills in handling threads and needles.

Canine fashion: a whim or necessity?

Pattern overalls for dogs do it yourself

Among the owners of large breeds of dogs and those who have no animals at all, quite often you can meet people who are quite skeptical towards the owners of small and medium-sized pets: they say, they dress up animals like dolls! Meanwhile, this approach is not quite fair. Artificially bred small rocks are very cold, and in the warmer months, they are more prone to insect and tick bites. Therefore, dog fashion is more a necessity than a whim of loving owners. The most popular and comfortable outfit for a dog is a jumpsuit, and cutting and stitching it is easy even for an ordinary person.

Recommendations for choosing fabric

Fabric for overalls is selected depending on the season. If you are sewing a demi-season outfit, then the material should be:

  • ventilated (so the skin can breathe);
  • durable (then no branches of bushes and high deadwood are not terrible);
  • waterproof (wet tissue adhering to the body of a dog is a guarantee of pneumonia).

Ideal for such tasks suitable membrane cloth. On the canvas of such a fabric pasted a thin film. For the winter version, you will also need a lining - preferably not on a mesh basis, otherwise the wool will fall into the perforation, and dressing for the dog will be painful. It is better to take viscose, satin, twill, etc. As for summer overalls, they can be sewn from thin raincoat fabric or microfiber.

A little bit about fasteners

Pattern overalls for dogs do it yourself

Comfortable fit patterns for dogs - this is only half the success. The second part depends on the correct fastener. For fastening are used:

  • buttons (comfortable on demi-season and summer things for small breeds);
  • Velcro (suitable for any season, but require additional fasteners);
  • ties (stand decorative fasteners, and only for small dogs);
  • elastic bands (the fastener is universal, because depending on the thickness it can be used for "clients" of different weight categories).

Basic pattern jumpsuit

Any step-by-step instruction describing how to sew a dog jumpsuit with your own hands is based on the basic model, that is, without sleeves and legs.

Basic pattern jumpsuit


  • newspaper or pattern paper;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • the cloth;
  • sticky tape;
  • elastic;
  • thread needle.


  1. We measure the length of the dog's back (from the collar to the beginning of the tail).
  2. We measure the half-grip of the widest part of the chest.
  3. On paper, draw a rectangle for these measurements.
  4. In the second third we make a hole for the paws, departing from vertical lines of about 5-10 cm (depending on the size of the pet).
  5. Draw the neck, cut out the pattern.
  6. We put the paper on the double folded fabric, draw it and cut it out, not forgetting the allowances.
  7. Sweeping shelves, try on. If necessary, increase the armholes.
  8. Spare parts.
  9. We process cuts by turning.
  10. Sew Velcro for fastener, in armholes retract gum.

This model can be supplemented with sleeves and pants. To do this, we cut out 4 rectangles, slightly round one narrow part, and, having stitched along the edges, sew in armholes. We strengthen the cuffs with an elastic band.

We cut and sew clothes for York

Do-it-yourself overalls for York require special attention, since the parts to be cut are very small. Such calculations should be especially accurate.


  • a sheet of wallpaper with a smooth seamy side;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • the cloth;
  • accessories;
  • scissors;
  • thread needle.


  1. We measure the length of the back and divide by 8. The result is the side of the square into which we divide a piece of paper.
  2. Mark the line of poluobhvat breast.
  3. We postpone a length segment, we draw a mouth.
  4. We measure the length and width of the paws and draw the detail on the drawing.
  5. Separately draw the inside of the "pants". Their length will be equal to 2/3 of the length of the foot.
  6. Rounding the corners under the legs and tail.
  7. Cut the template, draw on the fabric, leave allowances and cut.
  8. We stitch details, try on and sew.Jumpsuit for YorkJumpsuit for YorkJumpsuit for York
  9. We process the seams (we simply hem or grind with an oblique inlay).Jumpsuit for York
  10. We sew buttons on neck and cuff sew on elastic. The outfit is ready.Jumpsuit for York

If you want the suit to sit better, then you need to cut out the top and bottom parts separately.

Jumpsuit for York


  1. We measure the length of the back, put off the horizontal segment on the drawing.Jumpsuit for York: Pattern
  2. Make a neck, a small transition (about 5 cm) on the armhole and the hole itself under the front paws.Jumpsuit for York: PatternJumpsuit for York: PatternJumpsuit for York: PatternJumpsuit for York: Pattern
  3. The back part is made in a semicircle for the tail cutout.Jumpsuit for York: PatternJumpsuit for York: Pattern
  4. Measure the length equal to the length of the hind legs.Jumpsuit for York: PatternJumpsuit for York: Pattern
  5. Separately we cut out the lower part of the shirt: we draw a trapezoid, the upper base of which is equal to the distance between the paws, and the lower one - the width of the sternum.Jumpsuit for York: Pattern
  6. We finish the desired length of the sleeve. Connect the lines.Jumpsuit for York: PatternJumpsuit for York: PatternJumpsuit for York: Pattern
  7. We build the pattern of the inside of the pants, based on the distance between the hind legs and the length of the legs.
  8. We transfer the pattern to the fabric.Jumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoringJumpsuit for York: tailoring
  9. We grind down the details, paying attention to the fact that the boy’s belly remains open. For the girl we sew a shirt and pants between each other.

Do you want to warm and decorate your pet? Then sew a jumpsuit for the dog with your own hands. Patterns of these products are simple and clear even to novice amateur fashion designers. And having added clothes with funny pockets, buttons or a hood, you will make your four-legged friend a real trendsetter in the area.

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