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Jumper for women

Each of us knows that nature has no bad weather. In order not to freeze in the cold season and enjoy what happens outside the window, it is worth getting a soft and warm jumper. This clothing is indeed indispensable in the fall and winter. Therefore, every woman of fashion is to knit a jumper with a needle Even a beginning needlewoman can master simple models that will become the base of any wardrobe.

Knitted jumper with knitting needles: models and knitting methods

Women's jumper: how to tie knitting?

A jumper or sweater can be knitted, even if you have never held knitting needles in your hands. The main thing is to choose a model that will be easy to manufacture, and choose the right style. To get started is to pick up the yarn. Summer jumpers knit from cotton, silk and linen. If you like soft flowing clothes, then you should choose a mixture of silk or viscose with some natural fiber.

For the cold season, of course, you should choose the yarn, which includes wool. Modern manufacturers make many interesting kinds of threads. So, a superwash yarn is fine if you don’t want the jumper to roll. Such a thing can also be washed in a washing machine. For sensitive people, a jumper is better to knit from a kind of baby alpaca.

Take into account the thickness of the thread. The thinner it is, the more plastic the knitted fabric will turn out. The downside of such threads is that it will take a long time to take from them.

It is also worth considering the features of the figure. For thin girls fit almost any pattern. They can experiment and use thick yarn to create a large knit. With large volumes it is not necessary to choose patterns from the braid. Arans visually increase the shape. It is necessary to stop the choice on flat patterns. This may be, for example, diamonds, pattern "rice". For light spring and summer women's jumpers fit openwork.

Remember that according to each type of pattern you should choose the appropriate thread. For braids - wool or cotton, which keep their shape well. For Azhur - silk, fine yarn with angora and viscose.

Women's jumper: photo models and necessary tools

Women's jumper: how to tie knitting?

Women's jumper: how to tie knitting?

Consider the examples of basic models that easily fit and fit almost any woman. For lovers of casual style, you should opt for free oversized models. To give a zest to such a thing will help a wide neck, slightly opening the shoulders.

If you do not like or do not know how to knit patterns, then it is worth saving your time with the help of certain effects of yarn. So, thanks to the tweed thread, you can get a knitted fabric in the English style with specks of other colors.

To create simple jacquard patterns, use special sock yarn. Despite the name, from such threads you can knit any things. An interesting effect is obtained due to the fact that the yarn is dyed using computer technology. Thus, in the finished canvas, it folds into a jacquard pattern. To do this, you can use the threads "Alize supervosh" or "Lanosa ethnics".

As for the tools, you will need straight and circular needles. The first is used to knit the front and back, and the second is used to complete the sleeves. Also circular needles can be replaced with a stocking kit. When tying braids worth stock up additional needle for Aran. For all types of patterns you may need markers. They will help mark the beginning and end of the pattern.

Free jumper for a woman knitting: making

Women's jumper: how to tie knitting?

You will need:

  1. Half-woolen threads, 210 m. 100 gr. - 5 skeins
  2. Straight needles number 9 and 10
  3. Circular needles number 9
  4. Markers

Manufacturing instruction:

  • We start knitting with the backrest. Fold the thread in 2 times and dial on the needles number 9 59 loops. Tie a rubber band 1 on 1 4 rows. Go to the spokes of a larger diameter and begin to knit a scarf. From the last row of gum you need to knit 35 cm. Canvas with this pattern. Put markers at the beginning and end of the row. They will mark the armhole. From them, we knit the main pattern with another 21 cm.
  • For the shoulders at the beginning and end of the row, we reduce 5 loops 1 time and 5 more loops 2 times. At the 1st decrease, close the central 19 loops. We got the neckline. Then connect the thread and run both the resulting parts from 2 balls. Round the neck. To do this, on the sides near the closed loops we reduce 3 loops 1 time and another 2 2 times.
  • To perform the forehand, repeat all actions to the markers. Then knit garter sticking another 16 cm. Then close 13 central loops and attach an additional thread. To round the neck inside it, 1 loop down 3 loops, 1 fold 2 loops, and 3 times 1 loop. Shoulder bevels knit, as on the back on the same level.
  • For sleeves dial on the spokes number 9 27 loops. Then tie 4 cm. Rubber band. In the last row add 2 loops at the end. Knit knitting needles with a larger diameter garter stitch. In each row of 6 we add in a loop and in each 8 9 times. We got 49 loops. At a distance of 43 cm from the gum finish knitting. Do the 2nd sleeve in the same way.
  • Assemble the product. To do this, a women's jumper with needles is sewn on the sides with a knitted stitch, and then the sleeves are stitched. At the end of the neck tie a rubber band.

How to tie dgirl's needles?

Women's jumper: how to tie knitting?

You will need:

  1. Melange yarn 380 m. 100 gr. - 100 gr.
  2. Spokes number 2.5 and 3

Manufacturing instruction:

  • This jumper is designed for a girl of 2-3 years. Knitting begins with the front. On smaller needles we type 76. 2.5 cm. We knit with a rubber band. At the same time, we perform the first and last loop edge.
  • Then we go over the spokes more and knit with the front surface of 23 cm. Then close the 4 loops on both sides, and then in each 2 row 2 times and 1 loop 2 times. It turned out 60 loops.
  • We knit right up to 31 cm. Canvases. Close the neck 14 central loops. We attach a thread to one of the parts and knit both sides synchronously from different balls.
  • To round out the armhole cutout, in each 2 row we reduce 2 loops 2 times and another 1 2 times. At a height of 17 cm. Need to close the loop.
  • We knit the back in the same way. At the same time, we make a cutout at a height of 35 cm and diminish 22 central loops. For rounding the armhole on each side close 1 loop 2 times.
  • We carry out the sleeves. To do this, on the small knitting needles dial 42 loops. Then 3 cm. Knit a rubber band. We continue the facial smoothness. In each 8 row add 1 loop 9 times. At a height of 30 cm. Perform okat. To do this, close on both sides 2 times 3 loops in each 2 row, then 3 times 2 and 3 loops. Finish knitting, closing the remaining loops. 2nd sleeve is performed similarly.
  • We perform the assembly. We connect the sides of the front and back, then sew the sleeves. At the end we tie the neck with a rubber band. You can decorate the ready-made jumper for the girl with knittings using crocheted flowers or appliqués.

Women's jumper: how to tie knitting?

Whatever cardigan you would not knit, remember the rules of care for knitwear. The finished product is subjected to wet heat treatment. To do this, it is washed with the help of special equipment. Sweater allowed to drain without deforming it. Then it is laid out on a towel. The jumper should lie so that it does not stretch out. Subsequently, all the washings are carried out manually or on the appropriate mode of the washing machine. For a delicate item, it’s better to get a powder for wool items.

Knitting cardigan: video

Jumper knitting needles can be knit for any season. The main thing - to choose the right yarn. As for the model, the easiest way to knit is not a fitted loose thing. For beginners, it is worth choosing patterns in the form of garter knitting and facial smoothing. In this case, a knitted product can be made unique by the effect of threads. Even the simplest model will look unusual if knitted from blended or sectional yarn.

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