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Jeans torn do it yourself hands

For several years in a row, you can see torn jeans at fashion shows of world famous names. This particular wardrobe item is considered a unique base item. With various combinations and additions, such jeans can be put on for a party or a walk. Today, good, high-quality denim is considered one of the most expensive. And if you buy torn jeans in a fashionable boutique, unfortunately, not everyone can afford it, then any girl can make them on her own.

As you already understood, this article will focus on how to make ripped jeans with your own hands.

Needlewoman tips

Fashionable ripped jeans do it yourself

Before you start creating a new thing for your wardrobe, think over every detail and prepare the necessary materials and tools. Tips from experienced needlewomen will help you not only not to spoil the existing jeans, but also to create a truly original and beautiful outfit:

  • For modeling, choose old jeans. They must be of medium density fabric.
  • It is not recommended to use jeans on the warmed basis or from too thin fabric.
  • All suture elements and main parts must be intact and fit to wear.
  • When making holes on jeans, be sure to put a wooden board or thick cardboard inside the leg so as not to damage another part of the fabric.
  • For modeling, take a sharp blade or a stationery knife. Be sure the cutting object must have a sharp tip.
  • Before turning into torn jeans, make sketches and chalk out the locations of holes and scuffs.
  • Do not make cuts in the buttocks and knees, as this looks ugly.
  • You can add additional wear to the fabric with a chlorine-containing substance. For example, bleach treat the remaining threads and the edges of the holes.
  • Many scuffs and cuts do not always look beautiful. After you have made several cuts, try on jeans and see the result, maybe this will be quite enough.
  • To eliminate small threads, you can use a special machine or a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Ripped jeans do it yourself

DIY torn jeans: step by step instructions

To create beautiful and outrageous ripped jeans at home can be very quickly, quite simply and at no extra cost. If you prefer concise and modest outfits, then it is best to make holes in a small amount from the level of the short line to the knees. But the bold of the fair sex can make jeans ripped along the entire length.

Fashionable ripped boyfriend jeans with their hands

Required tools:

  • wooden board, bar or cardboard;
  • emery paper with large and small grains;
  • needles;
  • clerical knife or blade.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. It is best to model jeans on a flat surface, for example, on a table or an ironing board.
  2. Take one leg and mark on it with chalk or a special marker the places of the supposed holes. Try on and see how it will look from the side. If you enjoyed it, get to work.DIY torn jeans: step by step instructions
  3. Then insert a wooden block or thick cardboard, pre-folded in several layers, into the trouser leg of jeans and carefully straighten the fabric.
  4. Now take a scissors or a stationery knife and cut the marked holes. It is best to make holes, the length of which does not exceed 5 cm. With time, the threads will open and the holes will become even larger.DIY torn jeans: step by step instructions
  5. When cutting holes, make allowances for fringe or scuff.
  6. After that, with the help of a needle or a stationery knife, lightly walk around the edges of the hole and release the threads so that you get a small fringe.DIY torn jeans: step by step instructions
  7. Then take a sandpaper of any density and grit and lightly rub the edges of the holes. Denim at the edges will turn out not only frayed, but much lighter than the main tone. Some needlewomen use a stone pumice stone, an ordinary grater, or a fish cleaning device to create scuffs.

    DIY torn jeans: step by step instructions
  8. Handmade ripped jeans ready. Now you can wear them with shoes with a heel, blouse, jacket or tunic.

How to make a scuff on jeans?

What just do not invent skillful needlewomen! The representatives of the fair sex have come up with several options for how to make scuffs on jeans at home:

  • using a bleaching agent;
  • using oxidizing agents;
  • using pumice stone;
  • using emery paper.

If you want to make a scuff effect over the entire surface of jeans, then use the first two methods. However, it is necessary to work with bleaching and oxidizing agents extremely carefully so as not to spoil the fabric and not get burned. Most often experienced needlewomen use the last two methods. Let's look at them in more detail. The process of implementation will be the same with sandpaper and pumice.

How to make a scuff on jeans?

Necessary materials:

  • jeans;
  • emery paper or pumice stone;
  • wooden block;
  • pins.

Step-by-step process description:

How to make a scuff on jeans?

  1. Before you start creating scuffs, be sure to mark the places where you will do them. It is not recommended to rub the fabric on the knee folds and buttocks.
  2. Select the desired length of jeans and make three or four folds that lock with pins.
  3. Treat the folds with water. Strongly wet denim is not necessary.
  4. Next, take the sandpaper or stone-pumice stone and begin to rub. Scuffing should be done horizontally. Periodically look at the level of wear, perform all actions carefully so that no holes are formed.
  5. This is how you can easily make a trendy and modern outfit from old jeans.

Ripped jeans with lace

Recently, ripped jeans with lace inserts have become a very topical and fashionable outfit. Such clothes can be combined with almost any basic things of your wardrobe. Depending on the cut of jeans, they can be worn with shoes with high heels or wedges, as well as with a sophisticated blouse or top. Make ripped jeans with lace at home is quite simple. You will need a little patience and skills in the field of sewing.

Ripped jeans with lace

Necessary materials:

  • jeans;
  • scissors or office knife;
  • pumice stone or sandpaper;
  • cut lace fabric or guipure;
  • needles;
  • thread.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. As in the above methods of modeling torn jeans, before you begin to cut, be sure to mark the locations of holes and scuffs.
  2. Using sandpaper, stone-pumice stone, grater for vegetables or device for cleaning fish make scuffs and holes.
  3. The above step-by-step methods will help you to do this very quickly and effortlessly.
  4. Cut out the hole to the size of the selected lace fabric and slightly trim it with a fringe.
  5. Next, turn the denim trouser inside out and attach the lace fabric face down.
  6. Basting and see the result.
  7. Lace fabric can be sewn on machine stitching or by hand.
  8. These are the original ripped jeans with lace inserts you should get.

Ripped white jeans with his hands

Jeans ripped with sneakers do it yourself

Jeans torn do it yourself hands

Ripped jeans with their own hands

As you can see, you can create a unique and very beautiful wardrobe item with your own hands. Ripped jeans are a number of fashionable clothes for several years in a row. Agree that to make ripped jeans on your own is quite simple and you will not need special skills in sewing and cutting. Ripped jeans are considered the basic thing in the wardrobe and can be combined with various outfits and shoes. Be original and irresistible!

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