Japanese-style lamps

Having thought of repairs in the house, in the apartment or in a separate room, we go through a lot of options that are most appropriate to our taste and price. .

Japanese style in the interior

The Japanese are miniature people, and therefore in their culture they are prone to minimalist. This is what makes Japanese style different from other styles.

Materialsused in Japanese style are quite simple. It can be different kinds wood, glass (usually white or transparent) rice paper andthe cloth.The Japanese are a very technically advanced and practical people, so they came up with substitutes for these materials. These include:

  • tussah- hand-woven cotton and silk fibers,
  • calaf andbodice - pressed paper
  • lunoliteand lunopal - synthetic paper substitutes.

Geometric shapes and linesjapanese style extremely strict and simple.

Among the flowersprevail the black andwhite, andnatural wood color. It is these colors that dominate the design of rooms in the Japanese style. Read more about this in the article Japanese Style Furniture.

Lighting fixturesJapanese style

All the above-mentioned features of the Japanese style are expressed in one of the attributes of the Japanese style - lamps.

They are fairly simple and minimalist. They do not have an abundance of color transitions or crystal. The décor of the lamps, however, uses elements of traditional Japanese culture, expressed in the characteristic artistic manner of the Japanese.

Japanese-style lamps will be an excellent complement to any room in your home: the living room, bedroom, nursery, bathroom, and even the hallway.

All Japanese lamps shine with an even dim light, because they symbolize the glow of the moon, not the sun.

Japanese style ceiling lights

Recently, the Japanese have resorted to this type of lamps more and more often. Previously, they believed that they should not further illuminate the sky. In modern interior design, such lamps are common due to their not too bright, diffused, dimmed light.

Japanese style outdoor lamps

People who have a dacha or living in the private sector are probably worried about the exterior lighting of the building. The fact is that in summer guests often gather not at home, but on the street. We do not always disagree with the last rays of the sun, we often stay up late.

In this case, outdoor lights will come in handy. Japanese-style lamps will look great on the porch of your house. True, it is necessary to come to terms with the fact that they will inevitably attract night insects.

Lamps in the form of stones

Lamps in the form of stones are very characteristic of the Japanese style. They are popular because they are outdoor. Placing them on the floor in small quantities, you will create an incredible effect of relaxation. Such lamps remind of flashlights in Japanese gardens, help to recreate the atmosphere of comfort and harmony. This is especially inspired by those who practice meditation..

In addition, floor lamps are used to illuminate decorative interior items (statues, etc.).

And the most interesting thing is that Japanese lamp if desired, you can always do it yourself for yourself and as a gift to a friend.

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