Japanese style furniture

One of the most relevant styles used in the interiors of Russians, is Japanese. Perhaps, the orientation to this country is caused by the fact that Russia is often called the "most eastern" of all the western countries, and Japan, in turn, is considered the "most western" among the eastern ones. Exactly at the junction of the East and the West, this unique style, unique in its romance and lightness, is born.

Japanese Style Doors

The interior features in Japanese style are directly related to the weather and climatic conditions of the country of the Rising Sun. The dwelling is decorated and decorated so that the breeze has the opportunity to penetrate the house and wander in it. This is due to hot and humid summers. For the same reason, familiar sliding doors, made of wood and paper. Such designs are very convenient for ventilation. If desired, the door can be completely removed, allowing you to make one of the two rooms larger.

Floor in japanese interior

In all living rooms need to lay wicker mats, which are called tatami. They are made of wood and straw, interlacing the wooden frame with reed mats. Immediately after the manufacture of tatami has a greenish color, but later, drying out, it becomes brown-red. But in the kitchen and corridors the floor should be done wooden and do not lay on him absolutely nothing.

Sleeping and dining in Japanese style

The Japanese are very practical. Therefore, they prefer to sleep on mattresses, called futons. Waking up, they remove the bed in large closets. One Japanese room can perform the function of a bedroom, a living room, and a dining room. Speaking of tables. In this country, they have their own characteristics. Japanese the table is low and with a built-in heater. A blanket is placed under the tabletop, under which a person can hide his legs and warm them. Japanese sit on flat pillows.

Japanese style decor

Your interior will become even more Japanese, if you add some special ones, specific elements of decor.

  • Before entering, usually paper lanterns are hung, which have the shape of an ellipse. These lanterns should be red, yellow or white and carry images of hieroglyphs.
  • Do not forgetbonsai. Blooming plum or miniature pine will remind the owners of immortality.
  • Prosperity and love in your home will bring statues of pagan gods. They can be placed in a dedicated niche or on hanging shelves. It all depends on what area of ​​the apartment or room you decide to devote to the Japanese cult.

  • Wallspremises in Japan are usually not decorated with anything. However, to give your interior a puschny national flavor, you can arrange paper fans, various engravings and paintings on the walls.
  • When choosing colors for the floor and walls, stop at a calm and muted tones. Curtains Better to choose soft, diffusing daylight. In the daytime such decoration of windows will create the perfect atmosphere. In order not to lose that most notorious idyll in the evening, light up numerous fixtures.

Before you design the interior in the Japanese style, throw out all the things you do not need from the room, everything you can live without. Leave a minimum of furniture, but only so that you do not lose the feeling of comfort for yourself. In your room there should be a maximum of space for movement.

Japanese style in furniture and some elements of design will turn your home into a harmonious, cozy, evocative calm place with a unique national flavor. Using Japanese themes in the interior, you may change not only your home, but also your thoughts, which is also important for achieving inner harmony.

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