Is it possible to keep a fern at home

It has long been proven that flowers can affect the energy in the house. The fern has long been considered a plant with magical properties. What only legends about him does not go! They say that the flower fern can tell the location of treasures, and the seeds give good luck and make a person invisible. Probably, because of these beliefs, many people have a question: is it possible to keep a fern at home?

Fern house: signs

There are many will take into account whether it is possible to grow a fern at home. Some of them indicate a positive effect of the plant on humans and the situation in the room. Others, on the contrary, foreshadow all kinds of misfortunes. Of course, it is better to believe in the good! Therefore, you should not abandon the cultivation of fern. Especially, given the unpretentious nature of the plant: it can be grown in any apartment. He carries the shadow well.

Can I keep a fern at home?

  • It is believed that the appearance in the room fern, literally, corrects people. The short-tempered and aggressive sides of the character begin to soften. The person becomes more restrained and friendly. The same wonderful effect of the plant has on the atmosphere in the room. Want peace and peace at home? Plant a fern!
  • The plant is advised to start if people of different temperaments live in the apartment. Room fern promotes harmony and good relations. Thanks to him, people start getting along better. Often the fern is called the flower of the "golden mean". It is believed that it balances the internal and external, reveals the hidden potential of man.
  • Other good signs associated with fern, promise good luck in business. They say that the plant helps to attract fortune to those who are interested in various games. The fern is considered a plant that affects material well-being. By many omens, he attracts money into the house and protects the owner from impulsive spending. By the way, there are cases of sudden enrichment that are directly attributed to the appearance of a fern in the apartment.
  • The next sign is associated with the ancient legends of the fern. The most terrible of them says that an invisible hand plucks a flower blooming on the night of Ivan Kupala. That is why a person does not have time to reach him. Brave, who went for a flower, scare the spirits and other vermin. Most likely, this legend is connected with the current one and see the protective role of the plant. According to one of the beliefs, a fern at home discourages evil spirits, protects from witchcraft and black magic, does not allow to impose damage. It is believed that the withering flower - a sign of trouble set aside from the house. From these points of view, fern can be considered as a plant that eliminates negative emotions and brings good luck and harmony to your home. Of course, there is another side to the coin. Many argue that the fern should not be planted at home.

Why you can not keep a fern at home?

Many are afraid to grow a fern at home, I consider it an energy vampire. They say that for normal growth he needs a lot of energy. So he takes her from the surrounding space. Negative abilities of a fern can be neutralized. To do this, put the pot with a flower in an energetically unfavorable place. He likes the location not far from the TV.

Others are afraid of the fern because of the possible mystical abilities of plants. These properties were attributed to him by our ancestors for a long time. Growing in the shade of forests and thickets fern has always been considered a mysterious flower. It was believed that to bring him from the forest to the house to trouble and failure.

Can I keep a fern at home?

Besides, according to some signs, the cultivation of any type of fern at home promises illness and fatigue.

By the way, perhaps the answer to the question of why the house cannot be kept a fern can be found due to the structure of the plant. Bad health that occurs in people in the room where it grows can be explained by two reasons. First, an allergy can start from a fern, because spores are collected on the underside of the leaves. Secondly, in the mornings a headache can hurt. This is due to the fact that at night the plant actively absorbs oxygen, while releasing carbon dioxide.

Taking into account both bad and good signs, it is worthwhile to closely monitor your well-being when a fern appears in the house. It happens that it suits one people and is contraindicated to others.

Growing a fern is related to many signs. An ancient plant that appeared on our planet many centuries ago, grows well at home. Many people consider the fern as a flower, bringing not only peace and tranquility into the house, but also material well-being. Others, on the contrary, are wary of it, considering it to be an absorber of energy and a plant that brings unhappiness. What is your opinion - the choice is yours!

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