Is it possible to give a cat valerian

Everyone who lives in the house cat, at least once, but watched him in inadequate condition after exposure to valerian. This is especially true of boys of secondary school age - those who like to make fun of animals. Everyone knows that valerian extract is a remedy useful to people. But is it possible to give the cat valerian?

Preparations from the rhizomes of valerian drug

Is it possible to give a cat valerian to calm

Valeryana - a perennial herb. In the world contains more than two hundred of its species. Distribution area - Europe, north Asia, North and South America. Preference in growth it gives the mountain slopes, edges in the forest, places along the banks of rivers and swamps.

For quite a long time, people have been using this plant for medicinal purposes in the form of infusions, decoctions, extracts, tablets and powders. The main purpose of valerian - sedative effect, which is caused by the presence of essential oil and alkaloids. Preparations from the root of the plant are used throughout the world as a therapeutic agent in the presence of pathologies such as:

  • nervous overexcitement;
  • insomnia;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • spasms of heart vessels;
  • spasms in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • epilepsy;
  • asthma;
  • migraine.

In general, valerian - a medicine that must be in the first-aid kit of each family.

Show "Under Valerian"

It is this compulsiveness that schoolchildren use, giving medicine to pets of the cat family. What happens if you give the cat valerian? The answer to the question can be personally seen on the Internet, scoring a phrase in a search engine and clicking on one of the dropped links. For the lazy we will describe.

As soon as the cat catches the persistent aroma of the tincture, metamorphosis begins to occur with him: from a peaceful dormant, he turns into a screaming lump of anxiety, rushing around the room in search of the desired means. Having found what he was looking for, the cat begins to rub against his face, periodically rolling on the floor, accompanying all actions with an intensified purring.

After the cat has a chance to try valerian, a period of hyperactivity begins: it rushes uncontrollably, yells, and can show aggressiveness. Next, the animal falls asleep. Whether his head hurts when he wakes is unknown.

Is it possible to give a cat valerian?

Is it possible to give the cat valerian tablets

An interesting fact is that valerian has a calming effect on people, but on cats who love it until drooling, it is quite the opposite. The secret of such love lies in actinidine contained in valerian and attracting representatives of the cat family. This is a derivative of pyridine - a substance found in the essential oil of the plant. It is believed that actinidin mimics the pheromones contained in the urine of an adult mature animal, and thus causes a violent reaction on his part.

Experts say that giving the cat an alcoholic tincture of rhizomes of valerian, released to treat a person, is dangerous for the health of the animal. Some components of valerian have a negative effect on the liver and kidneys when they enter the cat. The alcoholic part of the drug later also brings significant problems with the internal organs of the animal, namely liver disease, renal failure, the development of gastric pathologies.

Is it possible to give the cat valerian tablets? Most likely, it is not worth it, because the pill contains, in addition to natural elements, chemical components that will not benefit the animal.

But the dried natural Valerian harm does not. Often, dried plant roots are placed in new cat toys. They are also treated with a spray containing grass aroma. This is done to attract the attention of the pet. For example, you can scatter the dried grassy part or spray the spray in a place where you want your pet to sharpen claws, as well as in cases when it is necessary to increase its activity.

In the eighteenth century, the quality of the medicinal product was determined by the intensity of the cat's reaction to valerian root. It should be noted that not all cats are adherents of valerian. Some animals are indifferent to it and even try to avoid it.

Exceptions to the rules

Veterinarians in the treatment of diseases in cats can prescribe them valerian

Veterinarians in the treatment of diseases in cats can prescribe them valerian. In this way, the following pathologies are treated:

  • nervous diseases;
  • heart disease;
  • diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Is it possible to give a valerian cat to calm? It is better not to, because you do not know what consequences this may have for his health. In the case of occurrence of the disease in a pet treatment procedures must be performed after consultation with the veterinary doctor and adhere to his appointments. Pet must be loved and cared for. In this case, your furry friend will be happy and without valerian doping.

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