Interior of a stylish living room

Modern building materials allow quite quietly to rebuild the interior at their discretion, even without affecting the main load-bearing walls. The large selection of goods offered in hardware stores makes it somewhat easier to find specific items.

kitchen and living room

It should be realized that the rapid pace of today's life has laid a definite imprint on the style of the meal. Each family has already established its own traditions of eating habits. In combining the living room with the kitchen there are a lot of positive points.

What are the advantages of living room when combined with the kitchen?

  • The ease of serving dishes is appreciated by many housewives who are tired of alternately running between different doors in wanting to quickly deliver hot food to the table or pour compote into decanters.
  • The main "protagonist", as a rule, is the table. In the presence of imagination it is very easy to transform the overall impression of the furniture. For example, a tablecloth with embroidered napkins, a certain lighting can play a crucial role in creating a cozy place for a meal. If desired, with a flick of the wrist, the table can turn into a guest decor option if you successfully place flowers on it in pots, figurines or photo frames with beautiful pictures.

Interior of a stylish living room combined with kitchen

  • If there is a good exhaust from the kitchen, a minimum of various odors get into the living room. In addition, due to the adjacent rooms, the possibility of easy communication with guests sitting on the sofa in the living room remains. Or joint family watching movies, slides, without distraction from the process of table setting.
  • As a rule, the common space imposes some imprint on the general atmosphere: in case of unwillingness to wash the dishes, restore order, the door to the kitchen could have been simply closed (for guests). Provided that "everything in sight" has to control the timely cleaning of all unnecessary items of utensils. Due to this, there is an organization in other matters.

When you do not want to think much about the interior, then the interior of the living room combined with the kitchen can be quite executed in the same design style. But is it worth it? Much more interesting and more comfortable after all with the conditional division of the zone of work and rest.

How can we distinguish the difference of areas in the interior of the living room combined with the kitchen?

highlight the difference of areas in the interior

  1. Different colors can be complemented by a difference of structures. For example, in the cooking zone it is quite possible to use a smooth tile, a painted wall or washable original wallpaper. For the living room, as well as possible, embossed wallpapers, volumetric details, heavy curtains (or, on the contrary - very airy and light) will do.
  2. Using the game of light uniquely highlights the desired interior. You can choose a successful combination of lamps, wall lamps and lamps, emphasizing the aesthetic perception of various parts of the room.
  3. The presence of scenery. The stylish living room can stand out with different paintings, beautiful photographs, statuettes, pillows in the chair and on the couch. Chairs from the living room can be put on removable covers, giving a special charm to ordinary household items. Kitchen stools and chairs can be made in country style, decorated with twisted rope or printed pattern. The kitchen welcomes the presence of decorations related to nature: flower ikebans, wicker patterns of branches, a vase with fruit, and so on.
  4. Very often used is the separation of a zone by a dispensing table, a small bar or a low partition with houseplants. In any case, much depends on the capabilities of the space and the imagination of the owner.

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Before you change anything in the interior, carefully consider all the details, ranging from the color of the floor and completing the intended design of the decor elements. With a great desire, even in the closest rooms, you can create a cozy warm atmosphere of a family hearth.

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