Interior nursery for girls. features of design and choice of

Sometimes it is very difficult to create an interior for a child’s room for a girl, because a little princess who has her own taste is growing up. Therefore, it can be difficult for parents: it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances, and the room itself should be not only beautiful, but also as comfortable as possible.

Design a room for a girl: how to choose a color solution?

Children's interior for girls

First of all, you need to decide on the color solution of the room. You need to start with the walls. Many girls simply adore the pink color, but it is better not to use it as a basic shade. The fact is that bright pink colors can quickly tire a child, while a girl can have other color preferences, which is worth asking her. The ideal option would be to opt for the calm tones of blue and green.

Regarding the color of the curtains, the best solution would be the delicate caramel and beige shades. A room made in the oriental style looks very interesting - using warm burgundy shades in the nursery creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

You can choose a bed set in combination with a touch of the walls or play on the contrast. In any case, a bright choice would be the linen of light colors.

Provided that the girl prefers pink shades, but the walls were painted in another color, then the bed set can be pink.

Children's interior for girls: photos and design features

Children's interior for girls

room design for girls

Interior child's for girls

Interior child's for girls

Interior child's for girls

Interior child's for girls

For each girl the furniture standing in her room matters. Psychologists say that boys prefer to play on the floor, and little ladies on the bed. Here they can comfortably communicate with their friends on the phone, make entries in their favorite diary, read, play with dolls. That is why it is best to choose not only a comfortable, but also a large bed.

Also in the interior of the room must be present wardrobe, table and chair. An equally important piece of furniture is a large wall mirror, thanks to which the room will visually grow. Also, a beautiful mirror gives the room a unique charm. That it will help to become a girl more accurate, because so she can constantly monitor their appearance.

Furniture for the nursery should not only be as comfortable as possible, but also environmentally friendly, made only from natural materials. Use of organic paint and varnish components is allowed.

Also, the selected furniture should implement and functional zoning, dividing the room into several zones - a dressing room, playroom, sleeping area. For example, there should be a dressing table near the mirror, on which the growing-up woman of fashion can place children's cosmetics or jewelry boxes with accessories.

Children's room: design options for girls 5 years

Children's interior for girls

When you create an interior for a girl of 5 years old, you should consider addictions, favorite colors and activities of the child. It is important to remember that 5 years is already a preschool age, therefore it is necessary to consider the possibility of upcoming preparation for school.

The room should not be too much furniture - a comfortable bed, chair, table, wardrobe, shelves for toys. The remaining space should be used as a play area, because at this age the child becomes interested in various educational games.

During this period, the baby is active, so the room should be colorful, bright, but at the same time as comfortable as possible. The design of the nursery, complemented by photo wallpapers, looks original and interesting.

The lighting of the room is also important, because it should be sufficiently light, while not only a large chandelier can be hung, but also several lamps should be placed near the bed and the table.

Creating the interior of the room, you need to think about a place for educational games that will help your child learn numbers and letters. For example, on the wall you can put a special board for drawing.

On the floor you can lay a carpet. It is advisable to stop the choice on a practical dark shade, since light colors will often get dirty, and soon the coating will lose its attractive appearance.

A closet, shelves, chest of drawers, drawers will be suitable for storing toys and children's clothes. When choosing furniture for the nursery, it is worth remembering that it will have to be constantly cleaned and put in order, so the material from which it is made must be suitable for these procedures. The ideal option would be natural wood, because it is not only resistant to wear, but also environmentally friendly.

At this age, the child begins to learn to be independent, so the interior of the room should be as comfortable as possible not for the parents, but for the little room owner - all the shelves should be within reach so that the girl can get any object herself.

Children's room for a girl of 10 years: how to do?

Children's interior for girls

Many children in 10 years already have their own view of the world, when choosing things and toys are guided by their own taste, therefore, the interior of the room must be appropriate.

Of course, you can use the services of a professional designer, but such interiors are not always successful and may not please the child. Therefore, it is better to do everything yourself, taking into account the wish of the future hostess of the room.

It is important that the created interior fully responds to the individuality of the girl, so you need to pay special attention to the choice of materials, and do not forget to consult with the child when you design the room.

Regarding the choice of wallpaper, it is best to give preference to light shades. If you wish, you can create an interesting and bright accent as follows - on a wall with delicate wallpaper of pastel tones, one part should be pasted with bright wallpaper with an interesting pattern. A great choice would be to use the photo wallpaper, which may be the very owner of the room.

Without fail, the room should be a workplace where the child can do homework, there can also be a computer. The working area should be well lit as most of the time will be spent here.

If the room has an insufficient amount of light, then you can use the original versions of artificial lighting. In addition, the light will appear in the nursery also as a decorative part, highlighting some of the details. Therefore, it is necessary to think over everything to the smallest details and take into account the basic rules of lighting.

Children's interior for girls

At this age, girls begin to invite girlfriends to her, so there should be a place in the room where children can have a get-together. A small sofa can be placed in the guest area, scatter large cushions on the floor, or put soft chairs.

Most often, parents opt for a functional interior, because it is convenient, simple and ergonomic, it has no elaborate and too bright design solutions. The main components are natural light and maximum room space. But this is not always correct, because the child will spend almost the entire day in the room, and there should be a place for creativity and self-expression here.

When making a room for a girl of any age, one must be guided not only by the practical side of the interior, but also by imagination. Be sure to give the room's owner the opportunity to assist in the design and selection of materials. Remember that the most important thing is for the child to feel comfortable, safe and comfortable indoors.

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