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The Internet is simply replete with messages about a new miracle tool for cleaning different types of dirt from different types of surfaces. Allegedly, it is not necessary to additionally apply cleaning solutions and household chemicals. Innovative development is a melamine sponge. So what are the reviews about the dangers and benefits of melamine sponge?

Melamine is a synthetic material used in the manufacture of plastics, finishing materials, and dishes.

Melamine is poorly soluble. With small doses, it is eventually completely eliminated from the body. But its accumulation in the body is fraught with serious disorders, for example, urolithiasis.

Products based on melamine, not intended for human consumption, have a place to be on the market. For some of them very high demand. Today, consumers are actively buying melamine sponges for cleaning various surfaces. What is the instruction on the use of melamine sponge?

How to use a melamine sponge?

The material is slightly higher in price than standard foam sponges

The material is slightly higher in price than standard foam sponges. Sponge very quickly comes into disrepair, so it is more profitable to buy a batch.

Melamine sponge is a small dense rectangle, which after contact with water becomes soft and pliable. It is enough to rub the spot of pollution several times, and everything is ready. Most often the product is used for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, various contaminated surfaces in the house. This is a good way to effortlessly scrub the art of your children from the surfaces of doors, walls, window sills, and more.

The finely porous structure of the sponge provides certain material properties. After reaction with water, it becomes a kind of cleaning agent, like a magnet, absorbing all the dirt into itself. Possessing a high cleansing ability, it is indispensable in the fight against difficult to remove stains of dirt.

During operation, the sponge decreases in size, it may crumble. One piece can be used until it is completely erased. True, it will come pretty quickly, so that the cleaning of large surfaces or complex stains is unlikely to end with a single sponge.

Melamine sponge: instructions for use

Melamine sponge: instructions for use

  1. The material has virtually no external adverse effects on the body: does not cause irritation on the skin, tearing eyes. Despite this, it is still recommended to perform cleaning with gloves.
  2. It is not recommended to use a melamine sponge for washing dishes and surfaces in contact with food. During operation, the smallest particles of material can linger on these surfaces. And this is the right way to get into our body.
  3. Melamine sponges should be kept away from children and pets.
  4. Before starting work, the sponge needs to be dipped in water, and then squeezed. Squeeze not in the cam, but flattened gently between the palms.
  5. Do not use household chemicals, what can be a reaction with melamine.
  6. Rub with a little effort. Note that the sponge may scratch the polished and mirror surfaces, so before work, spend a test drive on a small area.
  7. To prevent the sponge from wearing out longer, it is recommended to rub it with a corner, rather than the entire surface.
  8. Periodically sponge should be rinsed to wash away the dirt removed from the surface from it.
  9. At the end of the treated surface should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water to protect themselves from melamine residues.

Reviews on the dangers and benefits of melamine sponge

and in a matter of minutes I deleted the pictures of my daughter left by the alcohol marker on the refrigerator door

Margarita, 30 years old: "In a matter of minutes, I deleted the pictures of my daughter left by the alcohol marker on the refrigerator door. Regular washcloth and detergent failed to cope with the task."

Irina, 46 years old: "Soap stains on the bathroom and the sink were easily removed, but the melamine sponge didn’t swell with rust. It took a more intensive cleaning agent."

Alena, 35 years old: "I advise you to buy a sponge made in Germany, not China. I heard about the Chinese that there is a high level of formaldehyde in it, which is harmful. It is not advisable to wash the dishes with it, especially the nursery."

A modern, efficient device for cleaning dirt from surfaces - a melamine sponge - really works. In order to make its use as harmless as possible, operational safety measures should be strictly observed. We should not exclude the toxic effects of synthetic materials on our body, especially the child’s body.

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