Indoor flowers by zodiac signs

Houseplants are not only pleasing to the eye, but also able to improve the overall psychological climate in the house. To do this, you just need to choose the right flowers that will help to do this. When choosing indoor flowers for your home, we focus primarily on their appearance, ease of care and fashion. But for indoor flowers to bring only benefit, clearing the energy space of the house, they need to be selected, focusing on the signs of the zodiac of all family members.

Potted flowers for Aries

Aries fit flowers that have leaves and flowers of burgundy, orange, pink and fiery red. They should be quite high. These plants are azalea Japanese and Indian with pink and red flowers, fluffy kolery, royal begonia and garden geraniums. The royal begonia comes with bright red leaves.

Room flowers for the zodiac sign Taurus

Low-growing, robust and blooming pot flowers will provide calves with comfort, coziness and a sense of stability. They are also responsible for the acquisition of a secure life. These colors include begonia, gloxinia fine, peperonia ampelous, Kalanchoe Blosfeld, sickle-shaped and silver jerky, the so-called money tree, Persian cyclamen.

Kalanchoe has different shades - yellow, red, pink, orange, white and purple. This plant has the inner beauty and strength inherent in Taurus and will help them fulfill their innermost desires.

Potted flowers for the Gemini sign

In order for representatives of the Gemini mark to achieve quickness of mind and ease in their studies, they need in the house indoor flowers with lush foliage and curly shoots. It can be ivy, ferns, feathery palms, dates, asparagusa and chlorophytum crested. These plants will help clean the energy of the house. They are best located near the place where you work. Tradescantia can protect the house from the envy of those who come to you.

What indoor flowers to choose Raku?

That in the house of Cancer were constant companions joy and happiness, will need indoor flowers needing good watering, with juicy, fleshy leaves and stems. Their feature is the collection of compact bushes, which form a close family. They will help improve relationships between family members, the atmosphere in the house and mental state. Potted flowers of crayfish are hybrid fuchsia, felt Kalanchoe, bushy peperonia, tree aloe.

Potted flowers Lviv

To Leo lucky in creativity and love, he should pay attention to the bright-blooming potted flowers. These flowers are quite demanding for care and maintenance. For them are required the sun's rays and good lighting. This camellia is a Japanese, jasmine-shaped gardenia, bashful mimosa, rose of Chinese, balsam, calla, geranium. Japanese camellia, which has bright large buds, is considered to be the flower of Leo, but it is very capricious.

Room Flowers for Virgo Zodiac Sign

For Virgos suitable flowers with flexible stems, like a vine. Flowers suitable for Virgos are responsible for controlling emotions, controlling the flow of thoughts, helping the work of the intellect. Also flowers of Virgo are cissus, Japanese fatsia, ivy, roitsissus (birch). Spindapsus is quite unpretentious and can adapt to a variety of conditions. As it grows, the liana can be directed in any direction, filling the void of the room. It helps to cleanse the energy and takes all the negatives and troubles with its roots.

Potted Flowers for Libra

Flowers are distinguished by sophistication and subtle beauty. Scales should choose flowers with medium-sized, attractively painted and beautiful leaves. They are able to develop a sense of harmony and build relationships.

Flowers suitable for Libra are chrysanthemum, Japanese fatsia, hibiscus, large-leaved hydrangea, croton, Indian azalea, hybrid heliotrope, cineraria, lily.

The large-leaved hydrangea has graceful flowers. She loves coolness and moisture. Hortensia can get rid of all negative thoughts and neutralize bad mood.

What indoor flowers to choose for Scorpio?

The plants of Scorpio are the dragon tree (dracaena dragon), monstera deliciosiosis, common oleander, tiger faucaria, monstera weave (crocodile), snake skin (three-striped sansevieria). Flower dracaena dragon - very beautiful. It helps to clean the energy from negative clots and saves from samoedism.

Potted Archer Flowers

For Sagittarius suitable tall plants with sprouting sprouting up. They are bright and noticeable. This is a sacred ficus, citrus, lemon, royal strelitzia, Tourasti's tetrastigma, reed palms (bamboo). These flowers help to clean the house, helping to improve the financial condition.

Potted Capricorn Flowers

For Capricorns suitable flowers with a sturdy stem, thorns and prickles. They grow slowly and are quite high. A desert cactus, coniferous plants, elephant yucca, fan palms, rubber-bearing ficus, fragrant and deremsky dracaena will suit. The elephant yucca has a strong stalk.

Potted flowers for Aquarius

Flowers of Aquarius are original and always have a highlight. Aquarius will suit Coleus, indoor maple, dracaena, colorful reo, stromant and finest paunsettia (spurge). Dracaena is able to help with the deposition of salts.

Potted Flowers Fish

Flowers Pisces are fragrant and have beautiful flowers. They are airy and light. This is a palm fishtail, fragrant geraniums, amiculata rubber plants, orchid and aquarium plants.

The useful energy of indoor flowers is enough for the whole house, so they do not need to be placed in all rooms. Every day they are able to take care of the physical and mental state of all those living in the house.

House flowers, picked up by the signs of the zodiac, will support the energy of the house and delight for many years. They not only give health, but also help to fulfill the most secret desires of different signs of the zodiac. It remains only to purchase "your" indoor flower.

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