Imunofan for dogs

The body's resistance to external stimuli, and, consequently, its longevity and health is determined by the immune system. There are many disputes between leading immunologists and veterinarians regarding the harm and benefits of using immunomodulatory drugs. The focus was on the Russian-made drug Imunofan.

Today we will try to draw conclusions about its effectiveness based on the feedback from immunologists about the Imunofan preparation, as well as from the well-known studies of veterinary scientists.

Imunofan - how did it all begin?

Imunofan - how did it all begin?

Imunofan is a third-generation drug based on synthetic hormones of immunity. It was synthesized in 1993, and in 1996 was approved for medical use. Since then, it has been studied in detail and put into practice as a pathogenetic treatment. With the advent of the drug, they were interested in both immunologists and veterinarians. There were written dissertations and reports on the use of Imunofan for the treatment of people and in animal husbandry. But the most important study was conducted by the developers of this drug.

Use in dog breeding

Imunofan is also used to treat animals (dogs, cats, calves and birds). Infectious diseases are recognized as the most dangerous risk factors for dogs. Because if the immune system is weak, it does not fight with them, and severe pathologies arise. To prevent such consequences using pathogenetic and immunocorrective therapy.

The results of research on a group of dogs of different breeds were the following:

  1. If the drug is used simultaneously with vaccination, a more stable and positive immunity is formed due to the fact that it increases the circulation of active antibodies.
  2. It is very effective in the treatment of (plague, enteritis, hepatitis) with a combination of drugs for the treatment of symptoms.
  3. The drug increases the genetic performance of puppies, if it was applied to the mother and father. It also reduces the percentage of stillbirth and increases the viability of puppies. This is possible because of the effects on the genetic stability of the cells.
  4. Imunofan increases protection against tumors in the initial stages.
  5. The active ingredient does not cause allergies and has no side effects, if it is used in the recommended dosage.

In connection with these findings, veterinarians prescribe Imunofan to dogs for:

  • correction of immunodeficiencies;
  • vaccination;
  • during stressful situations (transportation, change of food, owner, weighing)
  • in the prevention and treatment of intestinal and respiratory diseases caused by viruses and bacteria;
  • with intrauterine bacterial viral infections;
  • for breeding of viable young growth and extension of tribal abilities.

Immunostimulant - double-edged sword

Immunostimulant - double-edged sword

Despite all the achievements in the development of Imunofana, nevertheless, veterinarians advise using the tool under strict restrictions. Since the effect of a single immunostimulating agent is not fully understood. And many warn that it can stimulate both positive processes in the dog’s body and undesirable ones. Everything is good in moderation. Remember this!

If you have decided in favor of such drugs, but are looking for analogues of Imunofan, then you need to know: there is no similar medicine with the same active ingredient. The following drugs have only a similar effect:

  • Anaferon
  • Immunal
  • IRS 19
  • Arbidol
  • Timogen
  • Wobenzym et al

As you can see, with all the desire to abandon this drug is unlikely to succeed, but this is not particularly necessary, since Imunofan copes with its tasks.

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