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Originality of each house will be able to give embodied ideas for home with their own hands. After all, they will create comfort, harmony and warmth in the room. A special and beautiful interior is not only one properly observed style, excellent planning and expensive elements. First of all, the originality of the decor is in the individuality, which must be present even in small things.

The whole picture of the house and the overall impression of it is stored in memory thanks to each individual and elements combined together. It is unique things that reflect the preferences and tastes of their owner, they deserve special attention. This includes those accessories that were made by hand.

Interesting ideas interior design at home

DIY ideas for home

Often in people's homes you can see a variety of wicker pots and baskets, which are used for domestic purposes or simply are an element of the interior. Wicker things made of wicker, are quite expensive. You can make yourself the necessary thing, while using others - a more affordable and cheap material, such as newspaper vine.

In Holland, many make their own coffee tables from the usual brushwood, in Russia such crafts also begin to gain popularity. To do this, an empty box made of chipboard or wood from the ends should be glued with thin patches of wide branches of the tree, and the product should be covered with brushwood on top. Thick glass is suitable as a table top. That's all - a beautiful and original coffee table is ready!

Burnt light bulbs do not have to rush to throw, because of them you can make flower vases. To do this, simply cut off the top of the cartridge and remove the contents. In such vases small buds will look great.

Ceiling sockets, not only made of plaster, but also polystyrene foam can become an unusual decoration for walls. They need only be painted in a color suitable to the color of the interior and fastened to the walls.

Surely in every house there are deposits of unnecessary empty glass jars from various food items or other household items. They can be used not only for preserving vegetables and berries for the winter. In the hardware store, you can purchase special adjustable clamps, because in combination with them, ordinary banks can become a place for storing such items as spoons and forks, personal hygiene products in the bathroom. With their help, you can even try to make a lamp for the garden.

DIY ideas for home

Most ladies have different jewelry, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. And almost always the problem arises: how to store all these women's accessories? To do this, you can make from the usual metal wire tree or any other similar figure, so that you can hang ornaments on it.

Current trends: we approach the solution of the issue creatively

If you purchased an old house outside the city and, following the established tradition, you have already changed the wooden windows to plastic ones, then do not rush to get rid of the old window shutters. They can be used as decoration of a free wall in the house. To do this, they must be painted in a suitable color and attached to the wall. You can even make them open, and under them glue the wallpaper with obes landscapes.

Rusty old grater for vegetables can be converted into the original chandelier. To do this, in its very handle you need to make a hole for the wires, insert the cartridge with a light bulb inside, and then simply connect the wires.

Those people who have at least not a lot of free time, can make a vase of rope. By the way, you can do this with children, it will be very fun! For the manufacture of this piece of interior will need: colored thread, a gun with hot glue and, directly, the rope itself, not thick, for a small vase - 1 m. After you can proceed to the middle of the vase, while increasing the diameter of the coils. In order to give the product additional beauty, the rope needs to be decorated with a colored thread.

Original ideas for creating interior items

DIY ideas for home

In the creation of interesting and original interior items the main thing is fantasy, no need to limit it. After choosing the most interesting idea, you need to be patient and free time, then the thing will turn out to be truly unusual and beautiful!

For placement outside the apartment or inside it, you can make an unusual rug out of pebbles. By the way, in addition to the decorative role, it is also very practical to use! It can be placed in the bathroom, then it will bring additional benefits. For its manufacture will require river or sea pebbles and the base of the mesh material.

You just need to glue the pebbles over the base and that's it! By the way, the glue must be waterproof! Due to the fact that such a rug is made very quickly, in one day you can make several of them and give them to your relatives and friends.

For the nursery, you can make a shelf - the alphabet. Each cell of such a shelf needs to be assigned its own letter, so the kid is more likely to become familiar with the letter.

Design objects with your hands: a selection of photos

DIY ideas for home

DIY ideas for home

DIY ideas for home

DIY ideas for home

Video to help novice designers

To make the interior of the house unusual and unique is quite simple. For this it is important to try to see the beauty even in old, unnecessary or spoiled things. Most importantly - do not be afraid to experiment! Create and create new items for home decoration with your own hands!

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