Hoya flower is a very light growing vine for beginning gardeners. In another way, this plant is called wax ivy. It is very elegant and suitable for any modern interior.

Appearance of room hoya

Hoya has strong climbing shoots that reach length of 4, 5 m and more. With such a length of the plant, of course, requires support. Young shoots of room hoi - fleshy, green or beige-green.

The leaves are located along the shoots, small. The leaves are green or motley (with cream, red border or completely red, etc.). Inflorescences are fragrant, umbellate, variously colored: white-red, yellow, etc. Hoya flowers - wax, stellate.

Types of homemade hoya

Hoya flower is grown as a climbing plant or as an ampelous plant.

  • The most common form - Hoya Meaty (Waxy Ivy) has many varieties. In this species, the leaves are shiny, up to 8 cm long, inflorescences of 20 flowers. Non-double light pink flowers with red middle. There are varieties of fleshy hoy with red leaves at a young age, with leaves that have a cream edging, with yellow spots in the middle of the leaves, etc.

  • Another type - Hoya Australian - is very similar to the previous type. The difference is only in the leaves. Hoya Australian leaves are almost round.
  • Khoya is a beautiful species of hoya. However, for growing in indoor conditions is a very difficult kind. The flowers of this species are white with a red center, collected in inflorescences of 10 pieces.
  • Hoya multicolor differs pale yellow flowers. It often can be found on sale. For growing at home, it is perfect.

Location in room hoya

Choose a cozy corner for a blossoming creeper from any of the rooms of your house. It is only important to properly attach it to the support. The plant can be made upright and put on the floor, or hanging down - put on the shelf, or come up with a complex support, so that the plant braids the window frame.

By the way, it is best to place the hoya flower next to the window, there will be the necessary amount of sunlight for it. Choose windows from the west, east and south sides of the house.

In the winter, take the plant to cooler rooms, such as a bedroom.

Hoya care at home

  • Lighting - bright sunlight. The plant will respond well to a small hit of direct ultraviolet rays. But do not burn the plant tissue!
  • The temperature is moderate. In winter, temperatures should be 14 ° C.
  • Air humidity is increased. Hoya requires regular spraying of the leaves. However, avoid spraying during flowering.
  • Water content during the whole growing season, in winter - moderate.
  • Propagated bedroom Hoya cuttings in the spring.

  • Hoya flower transplanted in spring as needed.
  • Do not touch the plant during budding.
  • Do not cut off the hoi inflorescences.
  • Do not replant room hoyu until it is absolutely necessary.

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If you create suitable flowers for Hoya, choose the correct, easy-to-grow type, then the plant will make you happy for a long time. And in spring, summer and autumn (depending on the individual development and climate), home-grown room hoya will refresh the interior of the rooms with beautiful fragrant inflorescences, very delicate and airy.

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