How to withdraw hogweed

Hogweed is not just a weed. Some of its species are now used as ornamental plants. Also at one time it was used as food. Vegetable soups were boiled from young leaves, and sugar and alcohol were obtained from the roots. Hogweed is able to quickly capture large land areas, which makes fighting it extremely difficult.

The danger of a plant is that it is poisonous. Harshweet flowers and juice can cause a painful reaction of the body. Pollen triggers allergies. Herbal juice, falling on the skin, leaves chemical burns. Under the influence of sunlight, they become thermal - blisters appear. Burns occur from touching any aboveground part of the plant.

How to remove the hogweed from the site?

How to bring the hogweed?

During the weeding, you need to carefully inspect the site: whether the hogweed seeds have blown, whether they have sprouted. It is better to spend more time, but in a timely manner get rid of young shoots. They are easy to recognize: light green, large leaves. How to remove the hogweed from the site? Mechanical removal may help. The stems of adult plants should be trimmed. Young shoots are usually dug up at least 3 times during the summer season. Of course, the hogweed will not disappear immediately, it will take time to get it out.

How to deal with cow parsnip?

In order to prevent the weed from spreading, you can cut its buds. Green ovaries are cut at the central umbrella and those umbrellas that are located in close proximity. The rest of the ovary is pruned completely with the inflorescence. It must be remembered that with this method of killing the weed, the skin should be as protected as possible. Use gloves, cover exposed areas. Otherwise, you can burn yourself with poisonous juice.

Another way is to burn the plant. It is used before the start of ripening. Inflorescences are doused with flammable liquid and set on fire. Again, it is necessary to be cautious - when burning, the hogweed releases harmful esters.

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How to get rid of cow parsnip?

There is an opinion that in order to get rid of hogweed it is enough to mow it before the seeds ripen. Unfortunately, this method sometimes does not work - so weed tenacious. Seeds have wings and are easily carried by the wind. Therefore, many ways of dealing with cow parsnip are associated with attempts to keep the seeds from ripening. Ovary pruned or burned. If the seeds are still ripe, you need to try to dig a weed. Shoots need to be burned and after that for some time to inspect the habitats of hogweed. On it may appear new shoots. They must be destroyed.

The history of the spread of Hogweed is interesting because once this harmful weed was specially planted on land. Its seeds were specially brought from the Urals and Central Asia to grow as an ornamental plant. Hogweed attracted by its flowers and stem sizes. But we must remember that this plant is dangerous for people. Due to the spread of seeds in the wind, it can grow in any territory. When trying to get rid of the shoots weed leaves burns on the skin.

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