How to whiten white things

White things are appropriate in any wardrobe, they are ideal for every person, refreshing the appearance, adding accuracy and respectability to it. Such clothes, unfortunately, have the only drawback - they quickly get dirty. That is why housewives often wonder: how to whiten white things?

How to whiten things at home?

How to whiten white things?

There are many ways to whiten things.

  • Boiling. With the help of boiling, you can whiten not only white but also light linen. For optimal effect, 1 liter of water should be added to 10 liters of water. l ammonia. Boil clothes should be in an enamelled bucket over low heat for about half an hour.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. Whiten your sweat-yellowed blouse using 3% hydrogen peroxide. To bleach, fill the pelvis with about 2 liters of water. Better not to use containers made of copper or metal, it can provoke a chemical reaction that will damage the fabric. The temperature of the water for whitening a white blouse should be about 30-40 degrees. To enhance its effect, it is desirable to slowly heat to 70 degrees. Into the water of the desired temperature pour 1 tsp. hydrogen peroxide. If the blouse is very yellow and has stained spots, add 1 tsp to this water. soda ash. Stir the water and dip the thing in it, periodically roll it for even whitening. This should be done for no more than 15 minutes. After that, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the blouse in plenty of warm water.
  • Chlorine bleach. Bleaching agents that contain chlorine are aggressive, but quite effective. Do not use them to clean items from delicate fabrics, such as silk or chiffon. Also, do not get carried away with multiple bleaching of these substances, for example, bed linen. All this leads to the destruction of tissue. But with the removal of stains from white jeans or a thick tablecloth such bleachers cope perfectly.
  • Oxygen bleach. In recent years, many prefer oxygen bleaching. Despite their high cost, they have several advantages. Oxygen bleaches do not cause allergies and irritations on the skin, which makes them suitable for washing children's clothes. They also do not spoil the fabric structure. Consumers are attracted by the versatility of such bleach, which they use for colored things.
  • Optical bleach. A novelty on the bleach market is optical media. They make things snow-white thanks to particles settled on the fabric, visually highlighting it. Some imported powders also contain optical brighteners; they do not bleach the fabric, but cover it with a special substance. Be extremely careful with the use of optical brighteners on motley fabrics, the color of such things can become lighter.

The best ways to whiten stuffed things

How to whiten white things?

If you have clothes in the wardrobe with a combination fabric (colored and white at the same time), add a little salt in the water in which you will wash. Things will retain color and not fade.

From improvised means, the liquid ammonia proved to be excellent. Prepare a hot aqueous solution of the drug and soak in it a faded thing. Wait for about half an hour and evaluate the color of the product - the paint should completely move away. White faded things are also well washed with the addition of salt, whiteness or hydrogen peroxide - all this is poured into hot water and soaked for 4 hours.

If you have faded dense denim like denim, it will be very difficult to return the original color. Try a method with ammonia, then a means for washing randomly colored things. If all these activities do not lead to the desired result, you will have to repaint your clothes. Choose paint for textiles of dark shades - black, brown.

Features of using whiteness

How to whiten white things?

Whiteness is a very strong chlorine-containing agent, therefore it is necessary to apply it to dense fabrics, for example, from flax or cotton.

In the water prepared for washing with detergent pour bleach, and for 3 liters of water you need to add just 1 tbsp. l whiteness Thoroughly stir the resulting solution, lower the laundry and leave it for 20 minutes. Do not soak longer to avoid damaging the fabric. In addition, do not let whiteness directly on the thing. Caress linen after using aggressive cleaning agents with plenty of water.

The perfect whiteness of white things has always characterized a woman as an excellent hostess! At present, it is quite simple to maintain your image, a huge amount of bleaching agents of a new generation has appeared in the stores. If you are a supporter of traditional methods, you can use proven folk recipes.

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