How to weave on small and large machine lightweight figures

From bright little rezinochek you can weave beautiful, original things. As a rule, special interest is the pattern of weaving accessories: bracelets, rings, belts. However, a volume figure woven of rubber bands can also be used - to become an excellent souvenir, pendant or keyring. How to weave such things on the machine?

How to weave on the machine figurines of gum?

Gum Figurines

Gum Figurines

Types of weaving machines

Weaving of gum very quickly won a lot of fans around the world. This type of needlework began with the creation of bright bracelets with an original pattern. But gradually, small souvenir animal figures, charms, belts, toys, covers for gadgets, clothes, etc. began to be created from small silicone rezinochek. Of course, there are things that you need a certain level of craftsmanship to make, but you can also find quite affordable crafts.

If you are interested in how to weave figurines made of rubber bands on a machine, then first you need to understand the types of weaving machines.

  • "Monster Tail" (small) - a small machine, which is included in a large set of elastics with a hook. It is a plastic base with two rows of columns with a notch in the center. On such a stitch, it is convenient to weave thin or medium bracelets, laces or small figures (preferably of a regular geometric shape - round, square).

Types of machines for weaving - Monster Tail

  • Professional (large) - a plastic rectangle with 3 parallel rows of removable columns. Each such cylinder has a notch in the center. On a professional machine, it is convenient to weave large items with an intricate pattern, and for smaller ones, one row of columns can be removed.

Types of weaving machines - Professional (large)

  • Slingshot machine is also included in the kit for weaving. Designed to create simple patterns of bracelets.


How to make lightweight pieces of gum on the machine?

How to make lightweight pieces of gum on the machine?

It will not take long to make a charming flower ring. Simple operations will help you to cope with the task in 10 minutes.

For weaving need:

  • rezinochki (can be multi-colored - to your taste) - about 50 pcs .;
  • silicone hook for fastening;
  • machine.

In working on the ring, we will need 3 rows of columns, so the Monster Tail will not work - we need a professional machine. The ring, like any figures of rubber bands on a large machine, where all cylinders are involved, requires utmost care not to be mistaken in the order of the quilting.

Instructions for making:

  1. We take 5 rezinochek, put them on the cylinders of the middle row, alternating with the left and right.
  2. We put on 1 gum on 3 columns.
  3. From the last gum we count the third cylinder and put on 2 rubber bands perpendicular to them.
  4. The same is repeated from the other side. We get a square of rubber around the last one worn.
  5. From the square to the other side, we put on 5 rezinochek with the capture of 2 columns in the neighborhood.
  6. We put on the center 1 rezinochku on 3 rows and a few pieces on 2 corners with the capture of 3 columns.
  7. On the right we hook the bottom blank, throw it over the cylinder.
  8. This way we free the middle row of the machine, including the active bar.
  9. Throws rubber around the perimeter of the square.
  10. The entire perimeter of the 5 gum bottom of the blank on the left, too, throws in the center.
  11. For the remaining rubber we put on the hook - the ringlet is ready.

We learn to weave 3D figures

Volumetric figurines made of silicone rubber bands can take on the appearance of a pendant, brooch, key fob or a nice souvenir. For example, let's make a 3d minion figure - a good character from the cartoon "Despicable Me."

How to weave 3d minion figures of rubber bands on the machine?

To weave a minion will need:

  • about 100 blue elastics;
  • 100 yellow;
  • 10 pink;
  • 20 blacks;
  • 5 whites;
  • professional machine with cylinders turned recess to the right. On the middle row, 1 bar is pushed forward;
  • hook.

The work stages are as follows:

  1. On the first and the last columns of the row we put on 2 yellow elastics, twisted by the eight, bending around the second row.
  2. Another pair of rubber-loops worn on the upper ledge of the first and lower ledge of the third cylinder, again rounding the second column.
  3. We also do a couple of rows.
  4. We throw in not twisted gum in pairs on the columns, bypassing the second one, and begin to shower the lower gum into the middle.
  5. Once again we throw in a pair of rubber bands and, capturing 4 rubber bands in the notch, we throw them in the middle.
  6. We make eye minion. To do this, throw on the hook black gum, tightly twisting on the base.
  7. The resulting pupil is wrapped with a white rubber band.
  8. Take another white rubber band and stretch it through the eye.
  9. Now we strengthen the eye on the head figurines. To do this, carefully remove the rubber band from the protruding column and stretch the end of the white rubber band inside, return the rubber bands to the column.
  10. Knit a couple of rows with yellow rubber bands.
  11. Making a mouth. We twist a pink rubber band on the hook, stretch it in the face of our minion. To do this, again remove the rubber from the protruding cylinder, stretch your mouth inward, return the gum in place.
  12. Just a couple of layers of yellow rubber bands.
  13. Getting to the body. Throw blue blanks, weave three rows.
  14. We denote on the body the place where the hands will be. To do this, we twist a black gum on a hook, stretch a yellow gum through it - these 2 loops will be the length of the minion's hands.
  15. Now on each loop weave several yellow rubber bands, pulling the loops through them. The last gum should be black, it is drawn inside the handle.
  16. The yellow loops are fastened on the body of the figure as it was done with the eye and the mouth - by drawing it inside the weave.
  17. It's time to make a pocket. We hook black gum on a hook, stretch a yellow one through it and weave it in the base, throwing the loops on the first and third columns, and cling to the second black pocket.
  18. Knit several layers of blue rubber bands and proceed to the legs.
  19. The technology is similar to how the hands were made, only we put them in the left and right lower ledges.
  20. To make glasses, we wrap a black rubber band around the eye, and put a loop on the head.
  21. Remove the resulting figure on the hook. Must be 24 loops. Through them, skip the blue rubber band, tighten in 1 loop and hide it in the body of the minion.
  22. Hairdo left. 2-3 black gum stretch through the crown, loops leave. Mignon is ready.

Rubber Christmas tree on a small machine

"Monster Tail" - a small machine for weaving, which, as already mentioned, is included in the set of rubber bands for creativity. On it you can weave almost any figures, only for large products will have to make separate parts, which then need to be interconnected. But there are many interesting options that allow to weave small figures from rubber bands on a small machine. For example, herringbone.

Elochka gum on a small machine

For her need:

  • 44 green rubber;
  • 32 white rubber;
  • Monster Tail;
  • hook.

The stages of work are as follows.

  1. Make eights of 3 green rubber bands, throw in 10 circles in a circle.
  2. We throw in 10 white ones, we weave lower rubber bands - there should be 6 of them.
  3. Throw in 4 rows of 10 green rubber bands.
  4. We turn down on 8 columns.
  5. Throw in 3 rows of 8 columns.
  6. We turn down on 6 columns.
  7. We throw in 3 rows of 6.
  8. We reduce to 4 columns.
  9. Throw in 4 green, then 2 green at once for 4 cylinders and 1 green for 4 cylinders. The remaining loop is hidden inside. Herringbone ready.

Figures of rubber bands: photo

Figures of rubber bands: photo

Gum figures: girls

Rubber Bands: Bunny

Gummy figures: unicorn

Gum action figures: ninja turtles

Figurines of gum: chip and dale

Rubber figures: sponge bob

Gum Figurines

All that is needed to understand how to weave figurines from rubber bands on a machine is to carefully follow the instructions. After the principles of weaving are understood, and the stage of copying other people's ideas is passed, you should try to invent interesting articles made of silicone rubber bands yourself. Moreover, the weaving machine does not limit the flight of your imagination.

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