How to weave gum snowflake on a slingshot

For several years now, the educational toy rainbow loom has confidently maintained the position of the most common type of needlework. Every day, lumigurus craftsmen - weaving silicone rubbers - offer master classes for new and new products. And the closer the new year, the more options appear, how to weave a snowflake out of rubber bands.

Hobby, received world fame, was originally a hobby of one family. A caring father from Michigan, Chong Chun, figured out how to tie together small silicone gum, so that his little daughters could make rainbow-colored bracelets and rings. However, soon rainbow loom captured the whole country, and then the world. And now there is hardly a teenager who does not have a bright cute bracelet or a funny knick-knack of irises.

Work basics

Snowflake gum weave

Ease of working with rubber bands allows you to create beautiful and intricate accessories. But in addition, from the irises you can make a variety of toys, souvenirs and even clothing items. On the eve of various holidays, the children are happy to weave symbols of these celebrations. And, of course, the new year is the most successful reason for applying knowledge of how to weave bracelets out of rubber bands, make a snowflake or any other toys.

You can create a cute winter symbol as a decoration for a Christmas tree or a room in several ways: on a slingshot, on a hook or on a machine. At the same time the result will be special each time. Consider each variant in detail.

How to weave gum snowflake on a slingshot?

Those who have different lumigurum techniques will easily weave a snowflake on a slingshot.

How to weave gum snowflake on a slingshot?


  1. Fold in 3 turns 1 iris and put it on the right slingshot column.
  2. Then we put on one not twisted rubber on both columns.
  3. Shrink the first twisted to the center.
  4. Put on triple twisted iris on the left column.
  5. On the right and left columns we stretch one rubber band.
  6. Throw triple iris in the center.
  7. The upper rubber band from the right column is transferred to the left column.
  8. Lower rezinochku from the left column to the right.
  9. Repeat steps 1-6.
  10. Now we drop the whole blank on one side - this is a ray of snowflakes.
  11. We make 6 such rays, repeating steps 1-10.
  12. We put on one elastic band on both columns and bring all the rays on it.
  13. The lowermost loop is dropped into the center.
  14. We hook the remaining loop and hook it into the center of the product until it is completely hidden.

If you make a lot of such snowflakes and strung them on one thread, you get the original festoon.

Making a snowflake with a hook

For beginners in working with elastic bands, a snowflake will be more convenient and faster to weave on a hook (you can take it from a set, or you can use an ordinary knitting thickness of 0.5).

How to weave a snowflake on a hook?


  1. On the hook reel gum in 4 turns.
  2. We put 2 rubber bands on the middle finger of the left hand and, pulling them off with a hook, pass them into the twisted iris.
  3. We remove loops from a finger and pass a hook in them.
  4. Repeat steps 1–3 2 times to get 3 identical elements.
  5. We put 2 elastics on a finger and drop all 3 blanks on them.
  6. We hook loops from a finger.
  7. To make the beam longer, put on 2 more rubber bands on the finger and fasten the workpiece on them.
  8. Repeat the previous step again.
  9. Remove the finished beam and weave another 5 blanks.
  10. We pass a hook into the remaining loops of all the rays.
  11. We throw double rubber on the finger and tighten all the loops on it; in the remaining loop pass through the hook.
  12. Now we fasten loops from double rubber bands for 1 single.
  13. On the hook there are 2 loops from a single elastic band. Pull one over the other.
  14. Hiding the resulting loop inside the product. Snowflake ready.

Weave a snowflake from the irises on the machine

If you want to weave a snowflake on the machine, then this will require only 6 columns.

Weave a snowflake from the irises on the machine


  1. On the hook we put on the rubber, twisted in 4 turns.
  2. On the middle finger we catch 1 gum and hook into a twisted iris.
  3. The resulting 2 loops stretch by 3 columns each.
  4. We put on 1 elastic band twisted in the form of the eight on the extreme posts.
  5. We reset the lower loops in the center.
  6. Repeat 2 previous steps.
  7. We stretch the top loops on 3 columns.
  8. On the middle pair of columns we put on the eight and tighten the lower loops on it.
  9. We throw a loop from the right row to the left and remove it - 1 ray of snowflakes is ready.
  10. According to this model, we create 5 more rays.
  11. On 2 remaining loops on each beam we put on a hook, we tighten them on 1 general rubber band.
  12. We get one loop in another and we fasten.
  13. The remaining tail is hidden inside the snowflakes. Bauble is ready.

The most fun and unique are always handmade jewelry. No exception and toys for the Christmas tree. This is the situation in which knowing how to make a snowflake out of rubber bands will be useful to the full! Moreover, such original items can decorate the room or use it as a key fob.

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