How to weave gum animals without a machine

An unprecedented popularity recently acquired such a hobby as weaving patterns, bracelets, figures and other handicrafts from small colored rubber bands. If you are just learning this weaving technique, then you just need a small or professional machine. Of course, using separated cells in rows is easier to string and twist gum. But experienced needlewomen improved the technique of weaving and their skills and may well do without a machine.

Let's talk about how to weave from animal gum without a machine, and also look at a few simple master classes.

How to weave out the gum of animals without a machine: the main ways

How to weave gum animals without a machine

If you are just engaged in this kind of applied art, then you just need to learn the basic knowledge associated with the technique of weaving various patterns and figures. If you do not understand the schematic image of weaving, then watch the easiest videos for beginners on how to weave from animal gum.

Experienced needlewomen are happy to share their skills and make up training workshops. Of course, in order to quickly understand and master the technique of creating masterpieces of rubber bands, it is easiest to watch the training video and visually disassemble all the elements of weaving in stages.

If you do not have a machine or you want to master other ways of weaving figures from rubber bands, then you will definitely need to know what kind of tools are used by experienced needlewomen. There are several ways to weave animal figures from rubber bands without using a machine:

  • on fingers;
  • using a hook;
  • on the plug;
  • on a plastic slingshot;
  • on pencils or plastic sticks.

Let's look at the most common methods of weaving animals from rubber bands without using a special machine.

Master classes from experienced needlewomen

You can weave a variety of animal figures from rubber bands without a machine. Experienced needlewomen use mostly forks, simple pencils, a special slingshot with grooves and a hook.

We spin a funny spider on a slingshot

Let's learn the technique of weaving a spider. You can use the woven spider as a key fob or pendant for a mobile phone or tablet. For its weaving, you can take black rubber bands or multi-colored, if you want the figure to be bright and original.

Necessary materials:

  • plastic slingshot with grooves;
  • gum of any color;
  • hook.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Turn the slingshot so that the grooves are directed towards you. On one branch of the slingshot, twist the gum in four turns.
  2. To connect both columns, take the double folded gum and put it on the slingshot.How to weave gum animals on a slingshot?
  3. Then take the hook and tie two knots to the gum. You need to make three such elements of weaving.How to weave gum animals on a slingshot?
  4. Take the stitched loops and move them to the center of the slingshot.
  5. On one side put the loops of rubber bands on the opposite peg, then remove the bottom row, and tighten the knot tightly.How to weave a spider from rubber bands on a slingshot?
  6. Nodules you have to fasten the legs of a spider. To make the figure believable, the loops formed should be carefully cut with scissors.
  7. Here is such an extraordinary spider you should get. For the upper loops it can be hung on a bunch of keys in the form of a key fob.How to weave a spider from rubber bands on a slingshot?

How to weave a snake out of gum?

Many beginning needlewomen think that weaving a snake from rubber bands is quite simple. Indeed, most of the training workshops begin with the weaving of snake figurines. But believe me, to create this masterpiece you will need certain basic skills and a little patience. For weaving a snake, you can use simple pencils or plastic sticks. Experienced needlewomen can weave a snake on the fingers.

Necessary materials:

  • hook;
  • two pencils;
  • gum of any color.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Place the pencils parallel to each other.
  2. Put the twisted eight in the form of two rubber bands on both pencils.
  3. On top of the twisted elastic bands, string two straight elastic bands of any color and carefully remove the bottom row.
  4. Subsequent gum wear smoothly without twisting. In each row, the bottom three loops must be worn over the pencil.How to weave a snake from gum?
  5. If you want to get an original and bright snake figure, then each new row start with different color bands.
  6. The length of the snake, that is, its torso, you define yourself. When weaving a snake of the desired length, carefully remove the remaining rubber bands from the pencils and move them to a special or crochet hook.How to weave a snake from gum?
  7. On the hook, weave a snake's head. To do this, stretch all the loops on two rubber bands three times. Similarly, weave three rows.
  8. Remove the remaining loops on a separate gum and form a nodule.How to weave a snake from gum?
  9. This is the original snake gum you should have. You can use it as a toy, pendant or key fob.How to weave a snake from gum?

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Take seven rubber bands of any color to start weaving, preferably monochromatic.
  2. Wrap one gum on the hook and carefully remove it through the other.
  3. So knit seven rubber bands. You should have a peculiar little ring consisting of six loops.Gum owl
  4. In the second row, use 12 rubber bands. Weave two elastic bands in each loop by analogy of the first row. Enter the hook so that the loop of the first row is stretched through the gum.Gum owl
  5. In the third row, you must knit 18 loops of rubber bands. Then continue to increase the volume of the owl's body, weaving one rubber band in the first column, and two in the second. To get the bottom of the figures, you must have woven 24 elastic bands.Amigurumi gum owl
  6. Continue on the above scheme to weave the body of the owl to the desired size, and then lay inside the filler.
  7. Beak need to weave out of gum of a different color. Wrap one gum on the hook and remove two. Next, stretch two more pieces and put on the second end of the elastic from the first pair of weaving.
  8. On the hook you should have four pairs of loops of rubber bands. The last gum should be tightened and tied in a knot. In a circular pattern weave eyes on a hook.Amigurumi gum owl
  9. Gently with the hook and S-shaped clips attach the eyes and spout. You should have such a wonderful owl in 3D format.Amigurumi gum owl

Original koala key ring on table forks

If you want to make an original key chain or decoration for your schoolchild's writing instrument, then by all means get engaged in weaving koalas from rubber bands.

Necessary materials:

  • hook;
  • two table forks;
  • Silicone gum - about 100 pcs.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Using adhesive tape, fasten the forks so that the teeth are turned in opposite directions.
  2. Take two elastic bands and connect the central teeth, two more pieces on the diagonal of the extreme teeth.
  3. Twist the elastic bands in the form of a figure eight and string them on the side teeth, connecting two forks.How to weave a koala of gum
  4. On the same teeth put on two more elastic bands without twisting. The resulting lower row with the hook move to the center. Repeat this algorithm three times.
  5. String on the side teeth of the gum and remove the bottom row. Perform this action twice, and then carefully remove the loops of gum from the side teeth.How to weave a koala of gum
  6. String on the central teeth of the forks gum, and remove the resulting loops.
  7. Form the eyes, wrapping the rubber bands around the hook, remove them and thread them on the outer teeth.
  8. String the elastic bands, simultaneously connecting two central and one lateral loop.
  9. The bottom rows need to be removed. Just like the eyes, weave a nose.
  10. Braid two rows to form a neck, then remove the side rubber bands.
  11. Then weave paws. String on the side teeth of the gum, twisted eight, and then a pair of straight rubber bands. Bottom rows carefully remove.How to weave a koala of gum
  12. So knit a couple more rows and remove all the loops, completing the weaving. To do this, remove all loops on a separate gum and tie a knot.How to weave a koala of gum

Weaving of rubber bands is a very useful and interesting activity. Create wickerwork masterpieces with children and share your creative ideas with friends.

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