How to weave gum animals on forks

What do we do long winter evenings? We spend time at the TV or dozing in a deep warm chair, covered with a rug. But there are many hobbies that can diversify a long evening. For example, to do weaving various animal figures from rubber bands without a machine. Interested? Then let's understand how to weave from animal gum on the forks.

How to weave gum animals on forks or on a hook?

How to weave gum animals?

Necessary materials:

  • 2 forks;
  • Crochet hook;
  • set of colored rubber bands.

Making owls on forks

For crafts we need gum of different colors.

Weaving technology:

  1. Mark the top fork with a rubber band in blue.
  2. Red gum, twisting in the form of eight, put on the top fork.
  3. On the extreme teeth we throw in two eights yellow elastic bands. This will be owl legs.How to weave an owl from gum on forks?
  4. We stretch between the opposite extreme teeth of the forks with 2 red elastic bands.
  5. Hook the yellow gum drag to the middle of the red.How to weave an owl from gum on forks: weaving technology
  6. Between the opposite middle teeth we stretch 2 white elastic bands.How to weave from owl rezinochek?
  7. Red horizontal gum crochet through the middle teeth.
  8. The next circle: put the red gum on the top fork horizontally. Between the opposite extreme teeth we stretch 2 red bands, and between the middle ones, 2 white elastic bands each.
  9. We crochet all the gum of the lower layer on the forks through the teeth in the middle. How to weave a rubber owl: scheme
  10. Repeat paragraph 8 and 9 2 more times. The resulting figure can be slightly stretched so that it does not interfere. We throw the white gum from the 3 right teeth of the upper fork to 2 teeth. The same is repeated on the bottom fork.How to weave from gum owl on forks: weaving scheme
  11. We put the red gum horizontally on the top fork. We stretch between the opposite extreme teeth and the second from the right by 2 red elastic bands.
  12. Throw in the middle of the horizontal and all the gum bottom layer. We carry out the same manipulation on the lower plug.
  13. The remaining red layers are thrown onto the middle teeth of the forks.
  14. Yellow elastic bands, beak, stretch between opposite middle teeth of forks.How to weave an elastic owl on forks: beak
  15. Between the middle opposite teeth we stretch 2 red rubber bands.
  16. We throw in the middle of all the gum, which are below the yellow, there are 6 of them.
  17. Red gum on both forks throw from middle teeth to the extreme.
  18. Repeat paragraph 8 and 9. At the same time, we remove the yellow gum from both forks.

    How to make an owl from gum forks?
  19. The front part of the owl is obtained from the bottom of the fork, and there will be eyes.
  20. Eyes do crochet. To do this, 2 black gum rings are twirled around the hook. We stretch the red gum between the pointer and the crochet, drag black gum onto it.How to weave from gum owl on forks: eyes
  21. We hook on the red gum with eyes on the extreme teeth of the fork, and its upper part is set to the middle ones.
  22. Between all the opposite teeth we stretch 2 red rubber bands.
  23. Gum with eyes throw in the middle, and black drag between the teeth.Rezinchek owl on forks
  24. On both forks we throw the bottom layer in the middle, and drag the remaining gum from the middle teeth to the extreme ones. Between the same teeth we stretch one red rubber band.
  25. Throw the entire bottom layer in the middle of both forks. As a result, on the extreme teeth left 1 red gum.Rezinochek owl
  26. Gum with the extreme teeth of the lower fork throws on the opposite upper teeth and throw in the middle of the bottom layer. Lightly pull on the figure to tighten the knots.How to weave a rubber owl on forks: tightening the knots
  27. Remove the craft from the forks and slightly pull in different directions, correct the eyes. Owl is ready.Owl from elastics on forks: how to weave?

Funny hamster

How to weave hamster gum on forks?

Weaving scheme:

  1. White gum stretch between the forks, twisting in the form of eight.
  2. Stretch between all the opposite teeth on 2 white gum.
  3. Pink gum spout, twist in four turns for 1 and 2 teeth on the right. From above on the extreme opposite teeth we stretch one more white elastic band.
  4. Pink gum crochet in the middle of the extreme white.
  5. Remove it from the bottom fork and overtighten it to the leftmost tooth of the top. Pull the pink gum into the gap between the middle teeth, and stretch the white one from the extreme to the middle.
  6. On the extreme teeth of the upper fork throw in one white elastic band.
  7. We stretch between each pair of opposite teeth on 2 orange elastic bands. Gum with extreme teeth throw in the middle.
  8. The opposite two extreme teeth are wrapped in four layers with black rubber bands. These are eyes.
  9. For every 2 teeth of the upper fork we put on 3 rubber bands, wrapping them in 4 layers.
  10. Between the opposite extreme teeth we stretch along the orange gum and move all the lower layers onto them.
  11. We throw on the outer teeth of the upper fork with one white rubber band (loose) and stretch one horizontally. We throw the entire bottom row together with the free rubber bands in the middle.
  12. We pass 3 rows only with orange rubber bands. In the 4th row between the three opposite teeth we stretch the white and one orange. White loose rubber bands are piled on top and bottom forks.
  13. Pull out the resulting figure of the muzzle and still go through two rows of white rubber bands in the same way. In the last row free we do not throw.
  14. Remove all the gum from the bottom of the fork and transfer to the opposite teeth of the top. We overtighten everything on the right extreme tooth.
  15. We stretch the white gum on the opposite tooth and move all the layers from the extreme tooth onto it.
  16. Remove the gum from the forks and loop on the hooks, fasten with a clasp. Straighten the muzzle.
  17. Front free loop throws on all the teeth of the upper fork. On the extreme pairs of opposite teeth, we stretch one white elastic band and wind up in the middle of the muzzle, pulling it to the left side, and then throwing down the lower layers.
  18. Having finished all the free loops, you get the rest of the hamster.

If you are interested in how to weave out of animal rubber bands without forks, then you can use a special machine or a slingshot.

We hope that today we were able to captivate you and this evening was not in vain. We met with the technique of weaving on the basis of ready-made schemes. You, having perfected skill and having shown imagination, can think up something new and original. Agree, there is a wide field for experiments. Good luck!

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